Best Hand Held Spreader

Best Hand Held Spreader. A handheld spreader is a mechanical device that is designed to evenly distribute fertilizer or other substances. It consists of a frame, handle, and an impeller for moving its contents outward.

A mechanical crank serves as the central control lever which turns the rotor when required to better move its inventory of substance matter around.

Without manual intervention, it can be used on lawns and gardens with ease, especially if one needs to reach far-off places such as rooftop gardens where tractors or tow-behind spreaders would not be feasible.

You should place it at least fifty feet away from the targeted area so that you do not risk accidentally spreading any excess material to yourself or your surroundings while in use. You can place it on flat ground, grassy areas even in crop fields.

Best Hand Held Spreader

1. Earthway 2750 Hand Held Spreader

​Earthway 2750 spreader is a handy machine that offers a simple and best hand held spreadereasy-to-use design for its users. This product offers great value for money and is designed with your comfort in mind.

With this spreader, widely distributed seeds can be taken care of as it also features an adjustable chute to allow a controlled flow of seeds. As a result, the process becomes easier than ever before.

Spreader features a durable gearbox fully equipped with reliable components that stabilize the composting process. Straight edges are provided making it easier to distribute seeds without having them clump together so you are left with evenly distributed soil after the job is done.

This hand held seed spreader comes with the option of holding up to 25 pounds of seed so you can maintain a well manicured lawn. A red, zippered bag is included that can fit the spreader, extra bags and even gloves when storing it. Included with this purchase is an adjustable strap that allows for maximum comfort while using the spreader.

An adjustable shoulder strap that can easily be removed enables you to more comfortably operate the device while doing your chores around the yard.

2. PRECISION Handheld Broadcast Spreaderprecision handheld broadcast spreader

This handheld spreader from Precision Products is certainly one of the most durable by its construct and design. It has a tapered stainless steel head which creates one of the best seed dispersal patterns possible, even when dealing with larger seeds or corn.

The large funnel-like opening allows for easy refills that won’t spill over. On top of this, it’s ergonomic as well as having an anti-slip handle to make handling much easier by providing more control over the hopper while performing your task at hand.

It also comes with an inbuilt scoop to be more accessible with your own discretion! Overall, this garden spreader provides great value for money and must be considered when browsing through other various models.

This spreader basket has 6 pounds of fertilizer or three pounds of grass seed. The unit uses a manual hand crank gear to distribute fertilizer or salt melt over an area six feet to 12 feet long.

One can adjust the spread pattern of the spreader to have more control while working. It is ideal for those looking for an inexpensive hand-crank manual spreader that is multipurpose and convenient.

3. Yard Tuff YTF-25SS Shoulder Spreaderyard tuff ytf 25ss shoulder spreader

There are many different types of spreaders out there, but Yard Tuff’s 25-pound spreader is both durable and reliable. Its also adjustable so you can handle a large amount of materials in one go with ease, comfort and precision.

The metallic gear in the engine makes it easy to operate while increasing the lifespan of your vehicle. Each bag can hold up to 25 pounds of landscape material, which is much heavier than other bags on the market at this price point.

A popular unit amongst landscaping companies is the Yard Tuff 25-pound spreader because it is lightweight yet durable enough to be used every day by multiple workers.

Included on the adjustable shoulder strap are secure save-a-dots for keys and other essential items. The flow of your spreader can be easily adjusted to accommodate any needs you have for it.

Additionally, the user manual provided helps you understand how to assemble your unit, so that you can use it as quickly as possible.

And lastly, Yard Tuff provides a Spread Chart that will help you figure out how many ounces of treatment your lawn or garden will need depending on the area you want to cover.

4. Scotts Wizz Hand-Held Spreaderscotts wizz hand held spreader

Scotts Wizz Hand-Held Spreader has become a convenient tool for gardeners both for small spaces and large areas.

Whether you grow vegetables, grasses, trees or flowers inside your garden Scotts Wizz Hand Held Spreader delivers quick solutions in separate colors, scents and sizes all at affordable prices.

You can choose the right spreading pattern depending on the area you want to spread it, set it to either solid or granular and adjust the spread distance between two sensors, making Scotts Wizz Hand Held Spreader suitable for any size of your yard from flowerbeds to sports fields.

Scotts Wizz has taken away the monotony of manually cranking a handle to broadcast spread thanks to their innovative and technologically advanced design.

This is a multi-purpose spreader that offers up an Edge Guard feature designed to keep the spread from falling onto any unwanted areas.This product also has unique characteristics that make it suited for modern use. Its Handy Lock function, for example, allows you to programme different parameters for your lawn care routine.

The Scott’s InSeed Technology feature helps distribute the proper quantity of fertiliser on a regular basis, ensuring that your lawn remains fertile and beautiful.

With 23 unique settings available, this unit is ideal for preparing fields before seeding and spreading fertilizer or weed killers.

5. Chapin 84150A 1.5-Liter All Season Polychapin 84150a 1.5 liter all season poly

The Chapin 84150A is a robust spreader that uses a manual crank-based rotary action to distribute fertilizer to your garden.

It’s lightweight construction means it can be carried or transported in one hand with ease, so even when you have the responsibility of your garden to tend to you can still dedicate time to the process.

Its design provides versatility to use most types of granular manure while its 5-liter hopper ensures enough productivity for small gardening situations.

Given its pervasiveness and portability, this particular spreader from Chapin is an excellent choice.  The 84150A has a lever seed-adjusting system which you can use to spread most types of seeds without the need of switching between its settings too often. This garden is compatible with fertilizer, seeds and ice-melt.

The design is easy to operate, yet it works with the stamina of a pro. It’s not very heavy so you can bring it out just about anywhere you want because this little green-thumb couldn’t get easier to maintain – even while you’re on the go!

6. Gardena Hand-Held Spreadergardena hand held spreader

The Gardena handheld spreader is designed to make your lawn-mowing hobby easier than ever before. It ensures efficient distribution of material, whether it’s salt, fertilizer, seed or weed killer.

The ergonomic handle dissipates pressure even in built-up areas and the break-proof plastic makes it a durable choice for experienced gardeners.

This handheld spreader comes with four levels to choose from so you can precisely adjust the amount of product on each individual lawn so you don’t have to mow every time you want to top up.

The Gardena handheld spreader is ideal for treating a small lawn. One filling covers an area of up to 100 meters 2 and has a range of up to 4 meters with varying spreading materials at crank speeds.

This particular spreader can be taken with you during travels because it’s compact and convenient. It only weighs 1.3 pounds and measures 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches in the dimensions, so you can definitely take it anywhere you go or keep it tucked in your backpack without taking up too much space!

6. Plantmates 76300 Best Hand Held Spreaderplantmates 76300 broadcast handheld spreader

The 76300 by Plantmates is a handheld spreader that has been specially designed to get the job done faster.

Its unique handleflow technology is going to make sure that you can get more precise and wider coverage for your lawn without worrying about wasting fertilizer.

Additionally, this leaf vacuum comes with a carrying case to keep it secure from the elements during transport or when stored away.

The bag is weather-resistant so you can use it in the summer without worrying about rain damage or in winter without worrying about snow. It holds up to 25 lbs of leaves and light debris and most people find it useful for yards up to 1/4 acres in size.

The ergonomic design of the handle balanced with its lighter weight makes this model easy to carry around and use quickly whenever needed! The 76300 by Plantmates is a powerful handheld broadcast spreader, made from canvas and fiber that will aid you with your task of spreading fertilizer in rose gardens or groomed lawns.

The very first thing you will notice about it, is the adjustable shoulder strap which makes carrying it around to fertilize a garden extremely easy.


Best Hand Held Spreader. To use the spreader, the user needs to simply open it, remove the shield which secures the mechanical crank, and turn it to the right or left depending on whether you want to divert the substance to the left or right. A ring of gauge wheels is located at the back of the device, which helps to evenly distribute the load of substance matter.

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