Best handgun laser

Best handgun laser. Laser sights are unlike any other type of sight. Actually, they emit a laser dot onto their designated target. With the right adjustment, a laser can ensure you hit your target accurately every time.

If you’re looking to perfect your aim while using a pistol under low light conditions or if you can’t find an ideal position from which to establish a suitable sight, acquiring some quality laser sighting equipment would be a smart move indeed.

Laser sights are certainly worth the investment for anyone looking for their next gen carry gun.

6 Best Handgun Laser

1. Tacticon Laser Sightbest handgun laser

Tactical combat lasers have revolutionized the way that military personnel and law enforcement agencies at home and abroad look at mobile, versatile tools for quick-drawing visible lasers.

But these combat laser manufacturers haven’t just stopped there. The TACICON Laser Sight, as one of the best cheap laser sights on the market today offers an adjustable design.

A wide range of power output choices that fits into even the slimmest Pica tinny or Weaver rails features 3 AG3 or LR41 batteries, and a body made from hard-wearing materials.

If you want something dependable for nigh time use then the TACTICON is your choice.  This site can be mounted on any firearm that has a rail or weaver mount.

A Pica tinny rail segment is connected to the top of it, but you can remove this if they’d like to save space and weight.

It has long-range targeting capabilities and it is water resistant for shooters who may be shooting in bad weather.

They provide two sets of batteries with each order to help keep the operator focused on their training when the beam is needed most.

2. Pinty Compact Tactical Red Laserpinty compact tactical red laser

This tactical laser sight is the perfect choice for any long gun enthusiast. Its compact design adds minimal bulk without sacrificing power.

It’s adjustable for windage and elevation; made out of rugged, lightweight aluminum alloy for ultra-durability. It features a matte finish that’s easy to conceal, making it ideal for stealth applications that require quick target acquisition.

The 1913 rail riser mounts securely on all Pica tinny rails, integrating perfectly with your favorite accessories. The Pinty Compact Tactical Red Laser is great for the avid air-soft and paintball player to the hunting enthusiast.

Whether you’re taking a break from your usual weekend hobby or just love having convenient access in your concealed carry, this compact sight is fitting for all that love tactical advantages.

Included with this compact sight are three LR44 batteries and enough space on the side for a quick reference image of how to help change them.

It features a knob bed cover that helps with battery installation, and easy access adjusting buttons help making power tweaks quick and easy.

As if all this isn’t enough of an advantage being provided to it, its rail mounted attachments help make mounting this unit to your Picatinny/Weaver rails no problem at all thanks to its built-in bolts and included tools.

3. Streamlight 69270 TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Mountstreamlight 69270 tlr 6 tactical pistol mount

Designed to be classic, the Micro-shot impresses by its sleek and lightweight design. The Micro Shot features a LED illumination and red laser beam, which is ideal for target shooting because of the long-range targeting capability that it provides.

Because of its versatile design, the Micro-shot mounts on any gun with a trigger guard, making it an ideal weapon mounted light.

Besides this, the 2 mounting adapters allow for customizing your weapon or switching from one to another easily.

The fact that the batteries can be replaced while still attached to your firearm makes it convenient with no need for re-sighting in your laser after changing out batteries.

It uses as many as four CR2032 Lithium cell batteries too – allowing for longer periods of usage when compared to other models packed with AAA or AA Lithium Batteries.

A laser sight helps increase a shooter’s accuracy by allowing them to focus their eye on the red dot (instead of the front sights or even muzzle flash).

The likelihood of an instinctive shot hits during combat, outside combat, hunting and competition situations increases dramatically when the shooter trains with a laser equipped firearm. This new attribute almost instantly results in better hit ratios under pressure.

4. Crimson Trace CMR-206 Rail Mastercrimson trace cmr 206 rail master

The Crimson Trace CMR-206 is a green high-powered laser sight that has enough strength to sting your eyes if you’re not prepared for it.

The laser comes with four inserts that allow the weapon to be used on different pistols and rifles as opposed to just one specific type.

This is an extremely easy product to use, boasting similar features as well as being user adjustable in terms of windage and elevation.

This weapon is available in green with a peak output power of 5mW at around 515-532 nm, which is Class 3R by the FDA guidelines and ITAR 27 CFR.

Green laser sights for guns offer excellent visibility. They run on single 1/3N lithium batteries, which gives them a runtime of around two hours.

For guns that have rails, A great universal sight will be able to fit if the pistol has at least a minimum of 1-1/16” from its recoil lug.

One can also make adjustments in their windage and elevation settings according to what’s comfortable for them to adjust so they don’t have to squat in an awkward position just to make an adjustment as most laser sights do not offer this kind of flexibility when it comes down to positioning himself or herself while making adjustments.

5. HiLight P3GL 500 lm Strobe Pistol Flashlighthilight p3gl 500 lm strobe pistol flashlight

This version of the P3XL 300-Lumen Pistol Light/Green Laser Combo comes with a rechargeable USB cable and cord which allows you to charge it while at work, school, or any other place that has an available outlet.

The green laser sight is 100% accurate and measures only at 3 inches which makes it ideal for aiming your pistol shots precisely and quickly. It comes in black or fixed-mount configuration.

A HiLight P3GL 500 lm Strobe Pistol Flashlight is a weapon flashlight and green laser sight combo. This attachment has 3 modes of steady light, strobe, and green laser so that you can decide to use the flashlight, laser or both at the same time.

Its ambidextrous side switch brings convenience to left-handed and right-handed shooters who don’t have to twist their hands around awkwardly because the controls are on each side.

This pistol flashlight is constructed with military-grade material making it durable for tough environments but as tough as it is, its still lightweight weighing in at 5 oz.

Which makes carrying it an advantage rather than something that will weigh you down. Use this device if you’re searching for a new spotlight flashlight.

6. Viridian C5L Universal Best handgun laserviridian c5l universal green laser

The Viridian C5L is a universal green tactical laser sight weapon light system that can be used on any handgun with rails or rifles.

It comes standard with a 100 lumen flashlight as well as a 140 lumen strobe/dazzler. With an adjustable digital brightness, this laser offers additional versatility you may not expect from something in its class.

The C5L delivers 2-mile visibility during the nighttime and 100yds during daylight hours. This unit also features several user-defined settings to customize it for your own personal comfort and preferences.

The Viridian C5L green laser sight and tactical light is a handgun accessory that works in the dark, in close combat situations and even during the daytime.

Its instant on technology means that there is no need to manually activate it, so you can focus all your attention on the threat in front of you.

The C5L is visible from distances of 100 yards away during daylight hours – making it ideal for dangerous situations except when there’s bright sunlight.

If you are looking for night-vision aids for shooting the Viridian C5L provides excellent night illumination and visibility thanks to its pulsing/tac laser mode leaving no shortage of choices whether or not you’re hunting by day or night.


Best handgun laser. The gun laser is a great accessory for any handgun. It is easy to install and improves the accuracy of the shooter. The gun laser can show exactly where the bullet will hit on the target. It also has a small design that can easily fit on the gun and will not get in the way of the user.

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