Best handgun light

Best handgun light. A flashlight-mounted gun can significantly improve your ability to detect potential dangers or relevant information regarding the situation at hand.

Law enforcement, military personnel, and avid night shooters know how important it is for one to be able to assess an environment without having to adjust themselves or be alerted that someone’s around their territory.

A flashlight mounted on a pistol gives users an upper hand when it comes down to assessing what’s going on without making too much-unwarranted noise and thus enabling the user of this powerful tool the chance to flee if necessary; maybe even against multiple opponents so as not let them realize reinforcements are coming in shortly thereafter.

8 Best Handgun Light

1. Streamlight 69424 TLR-7A Flex 500-Lumenbest handgun light

The TLR-7A has a low or high placement thumbs safeguard, which was designed with users in mind. Depending on your tastes, you can pick how easy or tough it is to use.

The limited switch reduces catching, and the safety off’ feature ensures that you won’t lose any battery life due to an accidental discharge.

It also has a rail grip clamp system that securely attaches/detaches quickly and safely without tools for a gun mount that will never let you down when you need it most.

Its simple installation allows for this laser sight to be adapted quickly and easily to full-sized and compact guns alike (the actual model sold here is exclusive so please don’t buy elsewhere), while the ambidextrous features available will give both right-handed and left-handed users exactly what they need without a hitch.

To activate a flash, double-tap any switch within 1/4 second. The TLR-7 A comes with an unique reversible on/off rear switch that can be set to Low or High depending on your choice.

A rail clamp attaches and detaches quickly without the danger of being in front of the muzzle while a broad range of handguns are compatible with this product.

2. Crimson Trace CMR-208 Universal Railcrimson trace cmr 208 universal rail

The CMR-208 Universal military light from Crimson provides excellent brightness for your firearms. Specifically designed as a tactical weapon light.

This adjustable-angle flashlight is suited to fit most pistols and long guns equipped with an Universal Rail or At least 1″ from the ejection grip to the trigger guard on a Weaver-style accessory rail.

Some compatible firearm models include: Springfield Armory and Walther. Affordably priced for most budgets; you get exceptional power with high quality construction in a universal fit illuminated gun mount that won’t interfere with normal operation of your firearm under any situation.

The Crimson Trace CMR-208 Universal Rail is a flashlight that mounts on any flat surface measuring 1.5 inches in width or more. When you press the button lightly, the light will come on for as long as pressure is not applied.

To keep it on, firmly apply pressure to the button. You can mount this rail attachment to most pistols of your choosing with a Pica tinny accessory rail and it’s easy to attach as well allowing you to quickly deploy it at any moment’s notice when you need light from your weapon effectively blinding an attacker.

3. Helotex G2 CREE LED Tactical EDC Flashlighthelotex g2 cree led tactical edc flashlight

The Gun Shack Helotex g2 has double power level, allowing it to operating systems on a single AA or cr123 battery. The DC Cree XR-E Q4 LED emits an incredible 130 Lumen, which is similar to Head lamps found at other stores (but this one is smaller and lighter weight).

The rear of the unit sports a tactile switch button that allows you to easily turn on and off the flashlight, as well as control various light modes including High, Low, Strobe.

A quick tap on the switch button will allow you to toggle between the 3 light modes while they’re still turned off. The lighting will return to High the following time it is switched on after being turned off for 1 second, irrespective of the prior mode.

The HE02/0000-SPB/AA is a flashlight constructed to be as durable as possible and it achieves this with its construction technique of anodized aluminum.

The O-ring seals help to ensure that the light will remain water-resistant even if it’s in use during particularly bad weather conditions.

The ultra-bright light remains the same throughout all uses, but there is now a faster way to get through nighttime outdoor or indoor excursions.

Previously there was only one brightness function, but now you can switch between two different modes so that you can quickly adjust the lighting depending upon your needs at any given moment.

4. Okutani Olight PL-Pro Valkyrieokutani olight pl pro valkyrie

The PL PRO Valkyrie (PL PRO) is a high-performance weapon light in the shape of a C4 LED for advanced judgment rifle. With a maximum output of 2000 lumens and a throw distance of 280 meters, this light produces a lot of brightness.

The sticky control touch switch (not included in the package) can be linked to the magnetically charger, providing the PL PRO more rifle-friendly.

Three output modes: momentary on, constant on and strobe light silent ambidextrous ON/OFF switch for self defense. The PL PRO weighs only 450 grams without pressure switch and battery.

This product has three batteries to power it all day long, further enhancing ease of use.  This efficient output level makes the PL PRO as effective as it is comfortable to handle.

They design this so you can easily mount it onto your firearm with a quick attach and release mounting system. Even more convenient are the ambidextrous push-forward/side-press activation switch along with our lockout mode that prevents accidental discharge – allowing you to illuminate your target without worry for unnecessary mishaps.

They include a magnetic charging port with compatible remote pressure switch functionality for better ease of use on rifles – allowing you to keep both hands where they belong. When upgraded for more versatility and suitable for rifles, the PL PRO redefines what a desirable weapon light can do.

5. Olight PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie 600 Lumensolight pl mini 2 valkyrie 600 lumens

Olight PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie is quite an inventively designed flashlight. There are a lot of features that make this light stand above other flashlights in its range.

For one it has an intelligent charging capability and a host of safety features like our signature magnetic charging port. It also has an over charge and over discharge protection which guards against damage from the battery when left unattended for long periods of time, which is sure to come in handy for those times where you need to step away from the house for several hours at a stretch.

The light can easily be recharged via AC adapter or DC 12V car charger and it also comes with 18650 batteries so you can use AAA batteries during emergencies if needed, as well as a range of colored filters available on the market today including green, red and orange.

The PL-MINI 2 is the best tactical flashlight choice for people who are interested in concealed carry because it has a magnetic charging port that is easy to access.

You don’t need to take off the flashlight and plug it into a port; it’s just an easier way to quickly charge your device. You can have this product on your gun at all times so you will never experience a moment when you need to turn on your light but it isn’t fully charged.

6. DEFENDTEK Rechargeable Gun Flashlightdefendtek rechargeable gun flashlight

DefendTek is one of the most popular brands in the safety and security industry for several reasons. They specialize in making high-quality products at an affordable price.

This option provides great value due to its quality and price tag, but it also gets bonus points for having a 300 lumen brightness rating that’s enough power to blind a would-be attacker temporarily while at the same time minimizing recoil effects on accuracy, unlike other more powerful models.

As far as battery life goes, this DefendTek model offers up to 4 hours of use before needing to be recharged, making it one of the longer lasting pistol lights out there.

The DefendTek pistol light is powerful and durable enough to withstand the abuse that comes with everyday fieldwork. With a water-resistance rating of IPX6, you can use this device all day in any condition, including rain or snow thanks to its anti-corrosion-made construction of anodized aircraft aluminum.

Its two modes steady and strobe are easy to use, and individually activate the pinpoint or disorienting function your focused target. Featuring an easy quick-release mounting system and tactical bezel, this DefendTek light is extremely versatile for both your bodyguards and security personal needs.

7. Tacticon BattleTorch V1 Flashlight Guntacticon battletorch v1 flashlight gun

You can turn the power fastened to your handgun while it charges thanks to the magnetic recharge function, so you don’t lose zero.

The Super Eagle LED Flashlight shines with a maximum of 440 Lumens on high setting. There are 3 different modes that this flashlight offers: 1) Flashlight On 2) Strobe On 3) Flashlight Off.

If you own pistols, this versatile light is compatible with any firearm that has a minimum rail size of 28 mm. Please do keep in mind though: Rifles, Shotguns, and Handguns will require different sized rails as they have different sized Picatinny Rails or Weaver Rails.

Sleek, compact and lightweight design looks good with all firearms and will easily accommodate most universal holsters.

The TactiCON BattleTorch V1 was one of the first pistol lights made by Tacticon because they have a reputation for being high-quality and durable.

This particular model is favored among users who are looking for something that can stand up to everyday use as it is taken out time after time without fail.

8. SureFire X400 Best handgun lightbest handgun light 2022

The SureFire X400 Ultra WeaponLight is a tactical light that can light up an alleyway and do more than just shine brightly. The super bright 600 lumens of white light helps the user to accurately aim at the outline of the enemy.

With the 635nm red laser, users can quickly target their enemy when they otherwise would be completely in the dark about where exactly to shoot.

This thing has many uses, whether it be as a compact close quarters combat light or as part of a larger weapons platform. The X400 Ultra offers powerful illumination and features a dual-output mode.

When set to its high level, the primary light produces tactical-level brightness for 1.75 hours on a pair of AAA batteries.

Adjust-ability is important because it allows the product to be aimed precisely at one’s target, which is why they opted for Nylok screws when constructing the laser sight.

This guarantees that your target will remain within the beam as you advance through any combat environment. Activation can be done in either momentary or constant fashion via an ambidextrous switch located below its body, allowing easy access whether you are left or right-handed.


Best handgun light. Pistol lights can be an excellent accessory for your firearm as some pistols come with rails that allow you to mount them cozily. One of the best things about pistol lights is that they are very versatile in nature and can be used both during the day and at night or in any low-light conditions.

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