Best Handheld Cheese Grater

Best Handheld Cheese Grater. Using a hand grater to grate cheese has numerous advantages over using pre-grated cheese.

Hand graters are far less expensive than pre-shredded varieties, take up less space in the kitchen, and are also much easier to operate.

If money isn’t an issue, you may acquire a food processor or even a dishwasher with a “cheese shredding” option.

However, utilizing this equipment causes significant wear and tear on your kitchen appliances. Besides, there are still lots of reasons for most of us to favor a portable grater over these larger choices.

Check out the list below for the top manual cheese graters on the market today, ranging from vintage rubber-handled versions to innovative colorful goods ideal for small kitchens!

8 Best Handheld Cheese Grater

1. K BASIX Hand Grater Stainless Steel 

k basix hand grater stainless steel 

It’s a heavy-duty piece of equipment with durable, high-quality, rust-proof genuine stainless steel blades. It simplifies the process of grating cheese.

It can be used for much more than just cheese, and there are many fresh veggies that you may grate through it to suit your taste.

The actual size of the holes is 2mm, which we believe is fine and neither too huge nor too little.

It boasts an ergonomic design with a clever rubber grip handle, sleek lines on the sides, and no bevels for optimal comfort while usage.

It also has a handle hole so that you may hang the equipment within your kitchen drawer if you’re short on room. The K BASIX Hand Grater is a popular culinary tool for the home chef who values convenience and power.

This product has an easy grasp for a solid hold, which helps the user maintain control of this grating device.

These little cheese graters are made of stainless steel and have sturdy features and high-quality construction elements that allow them to withstand severe use without bending or breaking down.

The teeth are also powerful enough to shred solid vegetables such as carrots and other hard cheeses, horseradish, chocolate, and fruit, so you have lots of alternatives when putting these graters to use.

2. OXO Good Grips Etched Medium Grater

oxo good grips etched medium grater

This is an etching grater, which means it’s not a pressed one. We discuss these types of graters in more detail later on in our guide.

The paddle of this product is made of rust-proof stainless steel, and it has what is deemed as medium-sized holes, although we would actually class them as fairly fine cheeses or root vegetables like carrots and potatoes, or for zesting your favorite fruits like oranges or lemons.

It has a non-slip foot, which helps to keep it in place when you’re using it with ease. Plus, the handle is also elastic coated so that you can grasp the paddle more easily when operating the machine.

And once you’re done using it, neither the grate nor handle will be slippery making it even easier to grip. Alongside being dishwasher friendly, this item is also entirely easy to clean too!

OXO Good Grips Etched Medium Grater is an innovative and versatile grater for cheeses, nuts, coconut, and even chocolate.

The fine holes and etched stainless steel surface provide better kneading of foods as well as effective shredding. The firm footing on a non-slip base ensures safer use if you decide to cut up whatever ingredient you’re working with.

Finally, the built-in cover handles all your grating needs without having to worry about safety, cleanliness or additional storage space since all pieces are dishwasher safe!

3. Food Grater for Kitchen, Hand-held Stainless Steel Zeste

food grater for kitchen, hand held stainless steel zeste

This cheese grater has been really well thought out. It’s made of premium quality stainless steel and is designed to deal easily with both soft and hard kinds of cheese it’s even ideal for making quick work of large blocks of cheddar!

The stand-out feature of this product is that the grating blade has an ever so slightly arched contour, allowing for 36 razor-sharp blades to slice your cheese until it melts away seamlessly.

The grating blade sits securely in a durable frame that has a non-slip silicone foot and a comfortable rubber grip handle.

There’s even a handy hole in the handle which comes supplied with a little protective cover so as not to get dust, dirt, or bacteria in the way of your new handiwork.

This special grater is designed for hard and soft cheeses, potatoes, zucchini, onions, cabbage, butter, and apples.

It has 36 razor-sharp cutting blades along its arching grating surface that are ideal for more delicate tasks – such as shaving off curls of Parmesan for instance.

Never worry about accidentally slicing your finger on its sharp blades because a simple slide of its protective cover will protect them when not in use.

4. 2 in 1 Zester Grater from Allwin-Houseware 

2 in 1 zester grater from allwin houseware 

This comes in handy if you have a cheese lover in your house and/or you need to grate something that is fairly hard.

it’s therefore perfect for people who don’t exactly have the strength or patience to use other wet graters, especially when using them over a bowl of water.

The holes are super fine so you can grate large portions at once! And because the handle has been carved out of wood, it’s better for storing than similar products where handles are made of entirely metal.

The Zester Hand Grater is a popular culinary tool for the home chef who values convenience and power. This product has an easy grasp for a solid hold, which helps the user maintain control of this grating device.

These little cheese graters are made of stainless steel and have sturdy features and high-quality construction elements that allow them to withstand severe use without bending or breaking down.

The teeth are also powerful enough to shred solid vegetables such as carrots and other hard cheeses, horseradish, chocolate, and fruit, so you have lots of alternatives when putting these graters to use.

This product is not compatible with electrical outlets in international countries. To use this product, an electrical adapter or voltage converter may be required for international use where applicable and may be found at most hardware stores.

5. Microplane Professional Series Grater

microplane professional series grater

This extra-coarse grater is a handy tool to have in the kitchen and a great all-around handheld device which can be used for grating both hard and soft kinds of cheese efficiently.

The food processor has razor-sharp 35 blades over its arching grating surface to grate cheese quickly and easily.

It also has a comfortable handle made from stainless steel, which allows for easy handling during use.

The convenient base loop will allow you to hang it up in your kitchen for storage once you are done using it, or you can pop it in the dishwasher when you are done with it.

A black protective cover slides snug over the grator to keep the device protected when not being used and this will ensure that your food processor remains free from damage whilst out of use – making it safe enough to put straight into your dishwasher after use too!

This grater is important for a variety of tasks such as shredding cheese, grating carrots and even creating your own seasoning blends.

The extra-coarse design can take down items like Parmesan cheese with ease but also helps to grate softer cheeses like Mozzarella for homemade pizzas.

Additionally, the Microplane durability and ease of use mean you can grate hard vegetables such as potatoes in mere seconds.

Grate it all without worrying about clogging the blades which allow you to continue turning ingredients into a pile of flavorful toppings.

6. DI ORO Stainless Steel Handheld Cheese Grater

di oro stainless steel handheld cheese grater

This device has a stability bar and a pro-grade handle, making it even simpler to grasp while grating away at the cheese blocks that your guests like at parties.

Unlike most other manufacturers, this grater’s stainless steel structure makes it extremely sturdy and dependable. And all of its features make it simple to clean simply toss it in the dishwasher and you’re done!

DIORO has been producing efficient kitchen goods for many years, and this product is completely excellent in terms of ease and quality.

Grating cheese becomes straightforward, and the effectiveness of this portable grater elevates it to a new level.

There are several features that could have made this an even better product than it already is, so while we appreciate what it offers, there always seems to be something missing for us as customers, such as the lack of a way to collect the drop-shreds from the grates other than simply dropping them on the tray.

The Di Oro Cheese Grater is expertly designed and crafted with food-grade stainless steel, to out-perform the competition at a competitive price that stands the test of time, thus enabling every home cook in love or cooking to enhance their ideal culinary experience.

7. Hoki Found Cheese Grater Shredder Stainless Steel 

hoki found cheese grater shredder stainless steel 

The Hoki Found Cheese Grater Shredder Stainless Steel with Razor-Sharp Blades provides smoother grating or zesting. It’s not just for cheese, but it can also be an excellent alternative for grating vegetables, fruits, and other grateable products.

It comes with a broad and spacious grating surface to accommodate large cheese or citrus fruits. PBA-free and dishwasher safe, you will have no hard time cleaning this product Both handles are designed ergonomically to provide added comfort, stability, and control when using the product.

This product is perfect for a busy family. because it takes out all the unnecessary preparation time of grating all kinds of vegetables, herbs and spices one usually need.

The Hoki Found Cheese Grater Shredder Stainless Steel is a high-quality kitchen gadget that consistently produces excellent results. It may be used to grate or shred any meal while also saving counter space due to its small design.

The extra-comfortable grip handle is made of soft, non-slip TPR, which helps to keep things safe by maintaining stability on the spinning blade.

This chic cheese grater thins out little quantities of cheese in one motion and minimizes sticky residue build-up, so you’ll never have to worry about cleaning up messes!

8. Zulay Kitchen Professional Cheese Grater Stainless Steel 

zulay kitchen professional cheese grater stainless steel 

This cheese grater has a 75% 5-star customer rating with quality features one to expect from such as equipment found only on much more expensive models.

For example, the blades are rust-proof as is the material of which it’s made.

It’s super durable and simple to use cutting fun with its razor-sharp blades that literally make light work of slicing through hard sharp cheeses.

They talk about easier, more effective control while using this cheese grater because of the enlarged handle and wider base it really makes all the difference when you’re dealing with something slippery like blocks of cheddar.

The holes are pretty much perfect in shape and size meaning you won’t have too much cheese going everywhere if your block is still thick.

And if you need a finer grate for desiccated coconut, then this slotted kitchen utensil will perform that task just as well but won’t clog up too easily either thanks to its relatively fine-sized holes.

It’s long-lasting and simple to clean. It’s available in either traditional black or bright orange, so you won’t confuse it with the rest of your silverware and believe you have more.

This long-lasting grater is composed of high-quality materials that can resist a lot of strain and will not bow under effort.

When using this grater for its original function, you won’t have to worry about your hands getting scraped because it has soft spherical pads on the inside.



Best Handheld Cheese Grater. The hand grater is still a very popular choice for many people, and with good reason.

If you’re considering using a hand grater, we hope this blog has given you some useful information about the top brands of hand graters on the market today.

We hope to see you back again soon for another blog topic, but until then, check out our latest blog post, entitled How to Use a Hand Grater.

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