Best Hardshell Jacket

Best Hardshell Jacket. A weather enthusiast should have one of the best waterproof jackets available.

If you enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, rock climbing or skiing then owning a good rain jacket will make your experiences much more enjoyable and memorable.

Good rain jackets are irreplaceable in the outdoors because they keep you dry in case the weather turns quickly when you’re having fun or exploring new territory.

It allows you to remain out on the water, mountain or trail longer without worrying that your clothes will get wet and cold.

Your gear is your protection. But hardshell jackets are different than normal raincoats, which aren’t up to the task of keeping you safe against harsh wind and water for example.

A sturdy hardshell jacket will protect against those elements so when you pick yours out just make sure it is durable and waterproof because you don’t want to undermine your safety on a backcountry excursion by having gear that’d buckle under pressure.

There are many hardshell jackets to choose from so determining what’s best for you can be challenging since there are several factors coming into play like style, weight, breathability, etc.

8 Best Hardshell Jacket

 1. PreCip Eco Jacket

precip eco jacket

This Marmot Precept Eco jacket will help you gear up for any adventure confidently.

The standard fit of this Marmot Men’s hydrate jacket is easy and perfect for any activity with Norpro technology.

Constructed with nano-art that offers superior breathable, water-proof protection to seal out moisture, this fully-taped down construction that provides added durability throughout the body area while allowing the wearer to move freely while having a full range of motion.

This jacket features a hood that can be stowed away in a collar that zips up high along with adjustable, long sleeves that tapered right before the wrists can be sealed in place using adjustable hook and loop fasteners.

Lastly, it also has a full zip closure coupled with an internal draft flap on the chin guard along with a dry-climate lined through its entire inner body area inside.

The design process behind this jacket is innovative. 100% recycled nylon was used in the construction of this hooded, lightweight fleece that features hooded zippered pockets and a self-facing to keep out drafts and cold weather.

There is a self-facing that can be easily adjusted to keep out chilly winds and the zip hand pockets are sewn onto elastic cuffs so they don’t snag on anything while you’re moving quickly.

The drop tail hem can be adjusted and tucked into the pocket so it stays neatly in place without flapping around or getting wet due to precipitation.

This jacket features artificial quilting along with three decorative zips which give it a premium look.

You’ll find high-quality fastening snaps placed at the wrists for a snug fit as well as easy access thumb loops for an added layer of security when things get crazy during your time outside enjoying the fresh air.

2. Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket Men’s

arc'teryx beta ar jacket men's

The Arc’teryx Beta AR is one of the most prolific outerwear pieces in their modern lineup.

This jacket’s light and functional design have made it a go-to piece for outdoorsmen and women who need to be free of cumbersome ropes.

Harnesses, and other equipment that could potentially catch on something during an excursion in a wilderness/mountain environment.

With its all-conditions functionality, this jacket provides comfort despite challenging environmental disturbances like wind, precipitation, and temperature fluctuations so that the people who use it can stay hydrated without having to worry about their body temperature spiking or dipping drastically.

Its helmet compatibility and convenient drop front system help users deal with sudden changes in the weather and adapt accordingly.

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3. Outdoor Research Men’s 242926

outdoor research men's 242926

Outdoor Research is a brand that I often consider among the best. In fact, the reviews of the best hardshell jacket, it openly recommended it as the Editor’s Choice.

Considering this information, I wouldn’t have been surprised had they continued to bring out quality gear which would eventually make its way down to me.

What makes this jacket unique is that it features napoleon pockets which indeed double up nicely as stuff sacks and therefore give you an option as to how you want to carry your jacket – a flawlessly executed feature by OR.

The pit-zips make for excellent ventilation on a shell jacket such as this one. In fact, if you were to compare two jackets with each other and needed only one without having space for both – it believes pit zips would be the preference every time.

Hardshell jackets are a bit like good shoes. They keep you from getting dirty, wet, and occasionally injured during the cold parts of the year.

There’s not too much to them in terms of performance. These jackets offer protection against wind, water, and even light snow (depending on how warm your jacket is).

The Foray jacket by Haglofs has a number of features that make it different from other hard shells an adjustable cuff length hem makes it easy to fit any body type.

4. Arc’teryx Zeta AR Jacket Men’s

arc'teryx zeta ar jacket men's

The Arc’teryx Zeta AR Jacket is the perfect outdoor adventure jacket for those who want to head into the wilds with just one garment in tow.

It’s a combination of a hard shell made from a 70D fabric and Gore-Tex so you’re fully protected from the elements, from rain and wind to snow and sun.

It weighs 15oz – lightweight enough so you hardly notice it when it’s in your backpack, but durable enough that you won’t have to replace it any time soon.

Whether you’re trekking up snowy mountain passes or down rocky trails, this jacket will see you through. And with its foldaway hood that turns inside out into itself, it really has got your back.

Arc’teryx Zeta AR Jacket Men’s offers a perfect mix of style and functionality. The price is reflective on the many handy features that come with it, designed to give you plenty of protection in cold weather.

The back length is longer for warmth, there are zippers for proper ventilation, two large side pockets provide ample storage space, and the soft C-knit backer feels good against the skin.

While it’s an ideal piece for inclement weather or just as casual wear thanks to its versatility, it does have one notable drawback, the hood isn’t insulated enough to fit over a helmet – though if you don’t wear helmets often this isn’t a problem at all.

5. Arc’teryx Zeta LT Jacket Men’s

arc'teryx zeta lt jacket men's

Arc’teryx is an up and coming brand. They make big claims but always turn out high-quality gear.

You might pay a lot for their products but if you want to stand apart from the rest.

They’re one of the few brands that are worth it! There are so many options when it comes to the perfect Arc’teryx jacket to suit your needs depending on where you plan on using your jacket.

Their Storm Hood is one of the best designs out there, and it’s sought after by many diehard fans who know how useful this feature can be on a rainy day or in an extreme environment.

In my opinion, this jacket is sleek looking and as you can tell. If style is your thing, you will love the slim fit of this jacket.

Designed for climbing this garment is geared toward people who need to see nothing but the gear upon their harness that they’re carrying.

The Arc’teryx Zeta LT has been specifically designed with mountaineering in mind because it has all the features an avid climber would look for when choosing a climbing rig.

6. Helly-Hansen Men’s Dubliner Waterproof

helly hansen men's dubliner waterproof

Between you and the elements is HELLY TECH, a waterproof and breathable outer layer.

HELLY TECH’s fibers are protected from moisture in two ways: they are coated with a durable water repellent, known as DWR.

That allows liquid to beat up on the surface instead of penetrating into the fabric.

And then there is a membrane that serves as a barrier that keeps moisture outside while allowing sweat vapor to pass through keeping you dry from the outside as well as comfortable inside.

It’s important when choosing rainwear to find something that’s waterproof, windproof, and breathable so that once it safeguards your body from the elements it will also keep your body from feeling trapped or even suffocating inside.

Nature lovers who enjoy sports such as running, cycling, wakeboarding, swimming, and hiking will find the outfits to just be ideal friends.

They are extremely sturdy and quite possibly the best waterproof garments available on the market today.

Their unique designs and constructions have been reviewed by professionals who have given these fabrics their stamp of approval so outdoorsmen need not worry about if they will live up to their claims of being waterproof or not.

7. RAB Muztag GTX Jacket – Men’s

rab muztag gtx jacket men's

The Muztag GTX Jacket has been specially designed for climbers facing harsh, hostile weather conditions.

It combines a tough and durable GORE-TEX Pro heavy-duty fabric with a highly breathable GORE-TEX Active panel that offers great protection from both cold weather and rain.

This fully-featured waterproof specialist jacket also features an active fit, zoned fabric, and articulated design to promote ease of movement without restrictions – ideal for when you’re scaling challenging ground.

In long, arduous walk-ins it is important to keep the body cooled down especially if you are exerting yourself the whole way.

The 2 Way Pit Zip feature allows easy venting as these chest vents come with a soft flap to ensure they remain closed when not in use so as not to cause discomfort when worn.

This GTX Gore-Tex parka is made with a lightweight design, but don’t let this fool you into thinking that this is a weak and flimsy coat.

On the contrary, it was made to be strong and tough and will keep you warm even in harsh weather conditions. Climbers will love what this coat can do for them.

The Rab Muztag is the ultimate, heavy-duty mountaineering all-in-one waterproof shell. Its built-in ventilation and excellent weatherproofing will keep you warm in extreme temperatures while withstanding subfreezing winds and torrential downpours.

But don’t be fooled into thinking this is a rough shell, with plenty of pockets, both inside and out, you won’t need any extra stashes to keep your gear secure on your climb.

8. Westcomb Men’s Apoc Jacket

westcomb men's apoc jacket

Westcomb Apoc is one of the best breathable hard shells on the market. Polartec’s Neo Shell laminate and modern, highly water-resistant fabric make it waterproof yet permeable to air through essentially a membrane technology.

The material was also designed with flexibility in mind so as not to inhibit movement when doing physical tasks that require freedom of movement.

This means you can take on adverse weather, such as high winds, hail, or snow without getting your blood boiling in your veins. Keep calm and go about your tap

This jacket has a lot of good qualities to go over such as being waterproof, windproof, and the high-quality watertight zippers account for a truly great jacket overall.

The jacket comes with pit zips that enable one to regulate body temperature perfectly plus it’s got a few convenient storage compartments like two large outside pockets and an internal media pocket that keeps your valuables dry regardless of the weather conditions.

However, the sizing is rather inconsistent when it comes down to fit your body type so it tends to be either too small or too big.

Best Hardshell Jacket



Best Hardshell Jacket. When it comes to purchasing a new hardshell jacket, you should look at the benefits of a Gore-Tex vs non-Gore-Tex jacket. Gore-Tex is a waterproof and breathable material that is commonly used in jackets, including your hardshell.

Waterproof hardshell jackets are typically more expensive than non-Gore-Tex jackets, but they will keep you dry and warm when you are out in the elements.

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