Best Heated Car Blanket

Best Heated Car Blanket. Temperatures during the winter months can get extremely cold. And when you’re driving in a convertible or other type of sports car, your Windshield effectively acts as a natural “blanket” that doesn’t offer very much protection from the elements.

This may seem like a minor inconvenience but could be extremely dangerous as even a small amount of frostbite/hypothermia can have major impacts on your health for years to come. That’s why you need one of these heated car blankets.

They are designed to cut down the amount of moisture and heat from escaping from your vehicle so that you don’t have to worry about arriving at your destination all half-frozen and frozen over.

With numerous options from which to choose, picking out the perfect one can seem like quite the challenge. In this article top favorites  along with expert tips for choosing one that is not only highly efficient but also looks good.

8 Best Heated Car Blanket

1. RoadPro BlackCanyon Outfitters roadpro blackcanyon outfitters 

The Roadpro series of heated car blankets are 100 percent polar fleece and plug into a cigarette lighter socket. These blankets are available in 58-inch and 84-inch lengths with a 42.5-inch width, so you have the choice to pick what will fit better for your body type and seating arrangements.

The blanket comes in a zippered storage bag and includes an eight foot power cord with an LED indicator. It has a 4.6 low amp draw (55 watts) but can reach a maximum operating temperature of 110 degrees F to 115 degrees F (47 to 46 C).

The Roadpro starts working as soon as it is plugged into any device with access to power, even when it is turned off, the blanket feels nice and warm. The fleece covering on this heated fleece blanket is tough but soft. It is ideal for the harshest winters.

There is a zippered carrying bag included. This item includes an 8-foot 12-volt power cord that plugs into your cigarette lighter socket. When it’s plugged in and working, an LED indicator lets you know.

The low 4.6 amp draw – 55 watts – draws less current, allowing more power for other vehicle needs. This blanket should not be machine washed and should only be hand washed with gentle soap.

2. Stalwart Heated Car Blanket stalwart heated car blanket 

12-Volt electric blankets are a lot like having the comfort of home while on the road with their eight foot long cords that plug into car and truck cigarette lighters, but unlike those blankets they can easily be folded up and stored in a carry case to go wherever you do – even if it’s to someone else’s car.

The Stalwart is totally 100% polyester while many similar products only use as much as 80%. It also features our patented 5-point comfort system, so when you’re driving at night this thing keep you warm without overheating anything.

This blanket is lightweight, too, which is something a lot of people don’t consider. One particularly good function of this product – when not plugged in it does not get hot to the touch. That alone makes it safer for many different situations.

This blanket has never over heated anyone, either. ​ The blanket can be turned on and off with a timer and you can set it to shut down automatically after various time intervals.

It is not, however, machine washable so it will have to be hand-washed with warm water and soap. Finally, the blanket boasts five levels of heat settings but even at its maximum level of heating the blanket struggles to reach high temperatures for your most comfortable sleep experience.

3. Car Cozy 2 – 12-Volt Heated car cozy 2 12 volt heated 

If you’re searching for a soft blanket that’ll be able to keep both the driver and front seat passenger warm on those cold winter journeys, the Car Cozy 12-Volt Heated Travel Blanket is just what you need.

This generously-sized blanket measures 58 x 42 inches and offers ample warmth as it’s made from plush polar fleece material.

It works straight out of the box thanks to its preinstalled 12-volt plug, but if you want to use it at home with your existing household power socket then be sure to use an adaptor as well (which can be bought separately).

As mentioned in the description above, this heated travel blanket also features a convenient 7-foot power cord that gives both passengers a lot of room to snuggle up together while keeping them nice and warm.

A great thing about the Car Cozy 2™ is that you don’t have to be worried about freezing. It has multi heat settings, which means it can go from 78 to 108 for maximum comfort for your body.

This differs from some of the other products out there that have a temperature range of only 58-86! The temperature range offered by this product is perfect, because when you’re using this blanket, you’ll be able to drive in colder weather without freezing yourself and your passengers.

4. AJP Distributors 12V Car Truck Heatedajp distributors 12v car truck heated

Car blankets aren’t usually customizable, but that’s not the case with the AJP Distributors 12V Heated Car Blanket. Whether it’s for a car, truck, or another vehicle type, this soft blanket provides extra warmth from your vehicle’s 12-volt outlet without going overboard.

You can choose from three different heat settings depending on what you’re looking for To install, simply plug in using your car’s cigarette lighter or power outlet. It measures 59 x 43 inches but folds down to 41 x 8 inches for easy storage and carrying.

Use it as a layover blanket on trips or keep it in your trunk to stay warm during cold spells. Although the blanket states that it’s made from material that includes wool and flannel, it’s important to note that the blanket is in fact made from polar fleece in a polyester blend.

This fabric is soft and cozy, but also quite breathable like fleece fabric. It’s not quite like real wool or flannel which is something we feel you should know when making this purchase.

It makes for a perfect winter accessory if you’re cold or looking for a blanket to take with you on your travels or while you’re driving in your car.

This electric heated automobile blanket made of fleece feels soft and comfortable when wrapped up in it, doesn’t fade easily, comes at an affordable price, and is 100% safe with no harmful materials contained in its composition.

5. Tec Faith Electric Car Blankettec faith electric car blanket

The Tech Faith 12-Volt Car Heated Blanket is a great option if you want to warm up fast and strong with consistent and effective heat.

This heated blanket features 12 volts that’s designed to work with car outlets, and you can put it to work while you’re on the road, tailgating, on an RV trip or at a drive-in on chilly evenings.

The heated car blanket comes with a number of safety grills and comfort-inducing features. The blanket measures 59 inches by 43 inches. This is perfect because if you’re looking to share your blanket with someone else (or even two people) you can.

The 96-inch power cord guarantees that you won’t get tangled up in the cord while using it, this way you’ll be able to move around freely and easily. The fleece material is lightweight but it keeps in heat well so whether you are sitting still or driving slowly along a windy highway, your body will stay warm.

There is a little but very important catch to this car blanket – it doesn’t come with settings or thermometer so you can’t set a specific temperature level.

Basically what happens, when you plug it in, the inner lining will start heating up and there’s nothing you can do about it since the blanket gets warm rather quickly.

Even though that may sound like bad news, it’s actually quite the contrary due to one simple fact: The car blanket automatically shuts itself off once your desired body temperature has been reached.

6. Zone Tech Sherpa Fleece Travel Blanketzone tech sherpa fleece travel blanket

If the best thing you can possibly wish for on a chilly night is to travel like you’re at home, then all you need to do is get your hands on the Warm Gear Sherpa Fleece 12-Volt Heated Blanket by Zone Tech. Built with premium materials, this blanket is durable and totally reliable when it comes to keeping up with people’s ever changing needs.

It even has two different textures: one side fluffy and plush while the other smooth and soft. In fact, this blanket is made of polyester material that comfortably conforms to warming human bodies as well as vehicles’ 12-volt outlets.

This blanket works great in any season as it measures 60 inches wide by 50 inches long. To make it even more convenient for its users, an attached remote control is typically sold along with this blanket.

So don’t hesitate another minute if you want a year-round heated blanket! Zone Tech travel blankets are a must-have for many people in a variety of situations.

Walking dogs, attending outdoor sporting events, or simply picnicking in the park, Zone Tech blankets bring the comfort of home to your travels. Zone Tech travel blankets have become indispensable parts of our lives and are now available for sale online to help us in various situations.

7. Motor Trend 12V Heated Blanket for Carmotor trend 12v heated blanket for car

The Motor Trend 12V Heated Car Blanket is a unique travel blanket that comes in handy while driving. The car warming device is designed for your vehicle’s 12-volt outlet and warms up quickly, fitting most people.

You can instantly heat yourself or any passengers nearby whenever you need it, regardless of where your car is parked at the time. With its convenience and portability, this blanket is full-size but small enough to carry anywhere.

Keep one in your bag or car trunk to ensure you’re always prepared when venturing out on a chilly night or travelling long distances. The fleece material has been upgraded with the addition of this velvety fabric and it’s so soft to the touch.

However, the material is designed in such a way that it keeps the blanket warm even after you unplug it. This means you can enjoy all of the luxury of an electric blanket while sitting nearly anywhere in your vehicle.

The 78-inch long cable is perfect for reaching even the backseats of most vehicles and because it’s up to 3 times thicker than older designs, this heated car blanket provides generous full body coverage. After using it, simply fold up or roll up and store your heated blanket for later use.

8. iHealthComfort Best Heated Car Blanketihealthcomfort warm travel car blanket

This heated blanket is best for chilly situations like road trips, camping, or sleeping in the back of a van. It comes with three heat settings (high, medium, and low) and can reach temperatures quickly. It’s made to withstand a lot of wear and tear from frequent use.

Even with its powerful motor, it just asks for a simple vehicle power adapter you can find at any auto parts shop so it doesn’t suck up your car battery’s energy when it isn’t in use.

This heated car blanket also includes an auto-off timer that keeps track of how long you’ve been using it for so there are less chances for the power to get sucked out of your vehicle or cause damage to the battery in other ways that could lead to safety problems related to its build quality.

You’ll be able to keep yourself cool while still being cozy warm whenever you wrap up in this stylish blanket once winter starts getting colder.

This heated car blanket will quickly raise the temperature in your car on those cold winter mornings so that you’re not stuck shivering at the bus stop or carpooling in a frozen van driverless.

This electric car heated blanket fits most vehicles cars (even trucks) with 12V electrical outlets and has two socket adapters to ensure proper installation.

12 Volt Car Travel Heating Blanket. Opening and Review


Best Heated Car Blanket. We hope you got everything you needed out of our article about the best heated car blankets on the market today. We know that it can be hard to find the perfect blanket for your vehicle, but we are more than confident that you can find the perfect one when you read our article and follow our advice.

Just remember to be sure to check out our reviews and testimonials as they will help you to get a better idea of the pros and cons of each product before you make a final decision. Thanks for reading and good luck.

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