Best Heated Car Seat Covers

Best Heated Car Seat Covers. Heated car seats are not only great for those cold rides in the wintertime, but they can actually be beneficial when you feel an ice-cold car seat is giving you trouble.

A lot of people tend to experience back pain after riding in a vehicle for long periods of time due to the tension cold seats can bring about through a person’s body. Thankfully there are resources such as heated car seat covers available on the market today.

If you own a vehicle that doesn’t come with heated seats and can’t afford to get one of your own, now you can buy your very own heated car seat cover, which provides close to the same comfort as actual heated seats.

3 Best Heated Car Seat Covers

1. HealthMate IN9438-2 12V Velour Winter healthmate in9438 2 12v velour winter 

The velour seat cushion from Healthmate is soft, warm, and comfortable. There aren’t many manufacturers of heated coverings, but if it were our car, we’d go for Healthmate (manufactured by California-based, family-owned automotive accessory firm Wagan).

They make a variety of heating gadgets, some of which are featured on our list, and the IN9238-01 Soft Velour Heated Seat Cushion is reasonably priced.

The Healthmate Soft Velour Heated Seat Cushion uses a maximum of 40 watts and has two heat settings: 114°F/45.5°C and 116°F/45.5°C, which isn’t as hot as some drivers prefer.

Wagan uses high-quality wiring that is protected by a heat-resistant silicon covering.  This Luxury car seat cover comes with a 4-foot long cord that should be able to reach almost anywhere in your car and plugs into your 12V outlet.

It works well as both a backrest and seat cover, made of polyester microfiber and is designed with electro conductive heaters which can also help support the curing process of your leather seats.

The Overheating Protection feature comes equipped with a plug adaptor fuse, adding an extra layer of protection against damaging yourself or your car in the event an electrical surge were to occur.

2. Zone Tech Car Travel Seat Cover zone tech car travel seat cover 

The Zone Tech 2-Pack heated car seat cover is a great deal for anyone who doesn’t want to spend the money on separate seat covers and wants to be able to warm up both their driver and passenger seats without having to buy two different devices.

The Zone Tech 2-Pack also comes at a nice affordable price, which makes it seem like a very affordable luxury purchase. ​The Zone Tech heated car seat cover also has some extra features that might make it even better for your needs than other comparable models.

For example, instead of having to get out of your seat every time you want some extra heat during your drive, you can just adjust the temperature quickly right from your driver’s seat thanks to the handy digital controller.

It’s fast and convenient, too, so no more freezing during those winter commutes. The Zone Tech heated cover is a welcome addition that converts any of your outdoor, indoor or traveling chairs into a comfy and cozy place to sit.

It features vinyl upholstery for strength and durability so you don’t have to worry about it wearing out easily. The automatic timer has been built in to prevent overheating and wasting electricity, which is great if you happen to forget it at some point but not what you want in really cold weather, or when you’re the type of person who likes the temperature cranked high.

3. Wagan IN9989 12V Best Heated Car Seat Coverswagan in9989 12v infra heat massage

Relax for a few minutes with this Infra-heat massage pillow. It features infrared heating elements, magnetic treatment, and massage to help you totally relax after a long day.

Heatwave therapy, dual wave massage, and combination wave/ vibration massage are the three modalities available.

You can choose your mode, turn on the heating element, and activate the optional shoulder massager with the use of a remote control.

Without fiddling with any separate dials, you can easily switch between different warming temperatures. The Wagan 12v infra-massage cushion works with both AC and DC outlets, so it may be used in your house or automobile.

Wagan has created the ideal cushion that simultaneously gives warmth, massage, and lumbar support. It’s perfect for alleviating stress and tension in your shoulders, back, and thighs because it combines warmth and massage.

Five motors with five levels of intensity massage the upper body, torso, and thighs, increasing blood circulation and energizing them. A removable headrest face mask with LED display is also included, allowing heat to reach deep tissues and soothe tense muscles. As a result, your neck muscles will quickly be free of stiffness.


Best Heated Car Seat Covers. A heated vehicle seat cover can make all the difference when the weather drops and you don’t want to be frozen any longer than absolutely necessary while driving.

Our Wagan Warmer Seat Cushion with Intelligent Temperature Controller, one of several fantastic vehicle seat heating solutions, has many advantages when temperatures are particularly low or if you simply endure discomfort when exposed to lower temps.

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