Best Hitch Lock

Best Hitch Lock. Hitch locks prevent thieves from stealing. Trailer hitches and receivers are usually locked together until they are unlocked with a key.

They won’t be able to unhitch the trailer without removing the lock, and they won’t be able to lift the receiver without removing the lock.

In terms of keeping your belongings secure, there are many different types of hitch accessories available.

There are a variety of shapes, colors, materials, sizes, and shapes out there, but their function remains the same: to keep your things from being stolen.

6 Best Hitch Lock

1. CURT 23518 Black Trailer Hitch Lock

best hitch lock

Make your trailer hitch more secure by locking it up with a CURT lock. This hitch lock is designed to go inside the receiver tube of your trailer’s ball mount so as to keep it firmly connected to the mount and your vehicle.

This receiver tube hole is where a hitch pin passes through in order to attach the ball mount to your car, truck or SUV in a safe and effective manner.

While a good quality CURT hitch pin does provide a snug fit for keeping things tied down without fail you could say that a good quality CURT hitch lock goes one step further in making sure everything remains secure even under the most rigorous conditions.

The CURT anti-theft hitch lock keeps your trailer connected to your vehicle and prevents anyone from stealing your goods. The barbell design features a 1″ diameter, with a 2″ tube size, 5/8 pin diameter for compatibility with most hitch sizes.

This product is made of steel, conforms to federal motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSS), and is protected by a limited lifetime warranty.

In addition, it is designed for use on trailers over 3500 lbs., It requires no special tools to install and can be done in minutes. The CURT trailer hitch has a weight capacity of 2,000 pounds.

It comes with a watertight dust cap which will keep away the elements and prevent corrosion. This Class 3 hitch also includes a hitch lock and coupler lock, which can provide security both at the vehicle-side and trailer-side end of your towing setup.

2. METOWARE Trailer Hitch Receiver

metoware trailer hitch receiver

It’s a trailer hitch lock that is made of metal which means it is more durable. Two keys are provided ensuring easy detachment and fit.

There is a 5/8″ diameter as well as a 3-1/2″ length to the lock. A class III-IV hitch lock will fit receivers from 2″ to 2-1/2″ in diameter, big towing trucks, and cars.

The core of the lock is made with zinc alloy tubular material that comes with a layer of premium anti-theft coating.

It can withstand impacts even when subjected to significant external forces such as vandalism or theft attempts.

Additionally, the lock comes with a waterproof seal that covers the keyhole, preventing water from entering the locking pin.

If you’re like us, you probably worry about leaving your precious valuables out in a boat or locked up outside, so we’ve made sure to include everything you’ll need to be able to rest easy when it comes to protecting your belongings from rain and snow.

The locks are made out of steel and feature a black protective anti-scratch-resistant coating for improved aesthetic value.

We’re confident that our product is not comparable when it comes to durability and quality – other brands cannot reach up to our standards of excellence. Best Hitch Lock.

3. TowWorks 79631 Keyed Unique 5/8″

towworks 79631 keyed unique 58

Extra-Long 5/8″ diameter locking pin with maximum active length 3-1/4″, fits most 2″ x 2″ and 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ receivers, TowWorks 79631 Keyed Unique 5/8″ Trailer Hitch Lock.

Because of its lasting surface treatment, which comprises zinc plating on the inside and electrophoresis on the outside, this has outstanding anti-rust properties.

This hitch lock is fantastic since you can use it as is or remove it to use the keyed unique hitch lock separately.

It’s useful if you need to make a fast modification to your hitches without having to remove the whole lock. Rubber rings are designed to keep rattles down and prevent pin shifts while in use.

This pin includes 6 rubber O-rings: 4 small O-Rings that measure 7/8″ x 1/8″ ; 2 large O-Rings that measure 25/32″ x 3/32″.

You’ll want to make sure the tube of your receiver meets the specifications of these rings by ensuring they’re the right size or a fit: 2 tubular keys can be used to lock and unlock the system,.

Making it easier for you to get inside your home every day; Push-lock technology adds another layer of protection against unwanted intruders.

The internal locking mechanism is protected from corrosion by a water-resistant rubber dust cover.

The pin that connects the pin box to the hitch is manufactured from a single solid piece of hardened steel on a CNC lathe and is chrome plated to accommodate class III and IV hitches with 2″ x 2″ or 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ receivers.

4. Herlich Trailer Hitch Lock Pin, 5/8-inch

herlich trailer hitch lock pin, 58 inch

The Herlich Hitch Lock is made of solid hardened steel and can be used to protect your trailer hitch and any cargo you may have attached.

We recommend that you verify the dimensions of your Class III or Class IV receiver in order to make sure this lock will work for your application.

With a diameter pin measuring 5/8 inches, our product fits most hitches with 2-inch and 2 ½ inch receivers.

If you are looking into purchasing the Herlich Hitch Lock, we recommend double-checking all of your hitch’s dimensions before you buy.

The keyhole is protected with a weatherproof rubber slide cap that prevents water, dirt, mud, and gunk from entering, which prevents rusting of the inner lock.

This hitch lock comes with two keys for your convenience. One should always be kept in a discreet location for emergency use, or given to a friend.

No matter when you need quick access to your trailer or cargo being towed behind your car this lock will provide odorless protection.

The 6 O-rings also provided ensure these hitch locks remain quiet on any road as well as prevent cross vibrations from compounding during driving.

5. Funmit Heavy Duty Hitch Bent Receiver 

funmit heavy duty hitch bent receiver 

5/8inch diameter trailer hitch lock with a pin that measures 3.5 inches in length. Before purchasing this.

Tow hook lock, please confirm the size and length you would like as the five / eight-inch size is the diameter of a 5/8 inch shaft-hole or tube.

The receiver hook locking pin is made of steel and coated with Electrophoretic Black Paint for an improved finish and effective corrosion resistance to protect against rust.

It has also been tested by our trusted manufacturer to withstand more than 10,000 pounds worth of pulling pressure.

By using stronger padlock shank materials, the upgraded zinc alloy tubular Lock Cylinder provides more protection against advanced theft methods such as sawing through parts of a vehicle instead of bypassing a locking mechanism.

The cap on our waterproof and dustproof keyhole cover keeps water out and keeps items from wearing it out.

The Hook Lock is a keyless push lock that simply requires you to pull the lock head to confirm it works after hearing the “click” sound. Upon turning the key to open it, the latch will automatically come out.

The 5/8″ diameter 3-1/2″ long pin of the extended Towing Hitch Lock fits practically any 2 inch or 2.5-inch hitch receiver with a 5/8″ hole trailer RV hook receivers and is also suited for towing ropes or hook pallets.

6. METOWARE Black Trailer Hitch Lock

best hitch lock

METOWARE hitch pin lock is composed of high-quality steel, it provides excellent protection for your vehicle’s hitch receiver.

If the lid is not secured, our 2-inch diameter cylinder allows you to remove it repeatedly. The hitch pin has a diameter of 5/8 inch and an effective pin length of 2 1/2 inches.

This guarantees that it fits into 2-inch class V receiver tubes without difficulty.

All standard length products have been independently tested for security and durability to guarantee that they meet or exceed all industry requirements for performance, strength, quality, and value.

Hitch locks must be waterproof and dustproof. Our locking hitch pin is more robust than others, having two cast-iron keys, each with a protective cover against drops.

Each key fits into a zinc alloy lock core, which protects the lock from harm if the cast iron keys shatter or snap off.

In combination with the above-mentioned components, the four rubber O-rings that attach to the trailer hitch base assist reduce rattling sounds when towing your vehicle – whether it’s a snowmobile, boat, or camper. Best Hitch Lock.


Can you tow with a hitch lock?

Yes, a hitch lock can be used since it is strong and reliable. We don’t have an official weight or torque rating for the hitch lock, but it has performed admirably in our testing.

It’s performed admirably during trailer and boat transfer on all road conditions we’ve seen. If you want further assistance, you should consider contacting us.

How do hitch locks work?

Receiver hitch locks are meant to slot into your towing vehicle’s receiver across. When the trailer hitch is connected, they slip into a specific hole and lock in place.

The pin being installed inside prevents it from pulling out or moving while driving. It provides you peace of mind, especially if you travel long distances with large trailers.

How to remove a trailer hitch lock?


Best Hitch Lock. It’s critical that your hitch has the proper lock. A hitch lock is designed to withstand the force of a hammer, screwdriver, or any other weapon used by a thief to pry open your hitch.

Hardened steel locks with a locking pin that runs through the receiver and hitch locks are the finest. Consider using a hitch lock that employs a key rather than a pin since it is more resistant to cutting and prying.

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