Best Husqvarna Weed Eater

Best Husqvarna Weed Eater. Weed eaters are an essential tool for any yard and garden. They make quick work of clearing up otherwise thick and lengthy stands of unwanted vegetation like grass, weeds, unwanted brush and so on by simply clipping off the top portion.

The upside to this is that they are among the most efficient and cheapest ways to remove unwanted foliage, but the downside is that there are many different types out there that all do similar things but in their own unique way and each one comes with its own comparative advantages and disadvantages no matter which one you purchase.

To help you decide if a Husqvarna weed eater is right for you, we’ve taken some extra time to review of their best-selling/most well-known weed eaters below and provide some insight into what makes them stand out from all the rest.

Best Husqvarna Weed Eater

1. Husqvarna 128LD 17″ Cutting Path Detachablebest husqvarna weed eater

The Husqvarna 128LD Detachable Gas String Trimmer. It comes with a 22cc 2-cycle engine featuring plenty of power to tear through most weeds and grass particularly quickly. It’s 17-inch cutting radius allows you to get the job done at a quicker rate more efficiently.

As a gas trimmer, you will need to mix your own gas since it comes with a small bottle for this purpose and directions on how to do it properly.

The L in its name stands for line rather than low which is why you simply tap the head against the grass to make more string come out as needed when working.

The line is designed to be replaced rather easily when necessary allowing you to get up and running even faster. It allows you to monitor fuel levels as you work providing peace of mind knowing exactly how much time you have left before needing a refill before your machine cuts out on you abruptly because there was no more fuel left in its tank.

This string trimmer is a mid-range model, making it suitable for most homeowners. It’s ideal if you’re looking to trim up your hedges or clear away excess branches.

The string trimmer comes equipped with a 44cc commercial-grade motor that delivers zero-emission power and can easily handle multiple uses along with sharpening mechanisms to allow you to make precise cuts.

Weighing just 10.8 pounds, the 128LD is easy to transport and comes with a 5-year limited warranty for peace of mind if something were to go wrong so that you aren’t left looking for alternatives when you need them most.

2. Husqvarna 129C 17″ Cutting Path Gashusqvarna 129c 17 cutting path gas

The Husqvarna 129C Gas String Trimmer is one of the most economical weed eaters you can get for your money. It doesn’t come with as much power as a gas trimmer, but it helps homeowners who are doing yard work on their lawn without needing to do a heavy duty job right off the bat.

The trimmer has an ergonomic design and it is easier to use than the traditional straight wooden handle. If you prefer comfort while working outside, this lightweight string trimmer may be the perfect machine for you! You also have to mix oil into your fuel tank, because this runs on gas.

This uses the same tap ‘n go system as most Husqvarna trimmers we reviewed, so you’ll be able to dock it and monitor levels of both liquid and gas ease through the translucent tank.

It’s simple enough to replace trimmer line when needed; many of Husqvarna’s trimmers are just like this one in terms of how easy or difficult replacing line is without a hassle either way.

3. Husqvarna 324L 4-Cycle 18″ Cutting Path Gashusqvarna 324l 4 cycle 18 cutting path gas

If you need a device to help you get through even the toughest of overgrowth, look no further than the Husqvarna 324L Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer.

The engine has power that provides 4 full-time hours of work (while other machines we’ve reviewed have provided less time but at a cheaper price).

For those who require power, Husqvarna is one of the brands they can consider. This machine might be expensive but this brand is considered standard by many homeowners.

Unlike other Husqvarna gas trimmers, this model doesn’t require you to mix fuel because it operates on unleaded gasoline.

This is a benefit some users may not care much about, but it will be a significant benefit for those who don’t want to spend the extra time mixing their fuel. The line on this highly-rated Husqvarna weed eater is easy to change when it comes time for a new cutting line.

You can release more of the cutting line by bumping the head on the ground as needed. 324L is the right tool for you when you need professional grade power in an easy-to-use package.

The strong, braided string line will not let you down while giving you confidence that it won’t snap & limit your use of this 324L product. A high visibility cutting shield helps protect you from flying rocks and debris, allowing for greater visibility of your cutting area for optimal performance.

4. Husqvarna 115iL Battery String Trimmerhusqvarna 115il battery string trimmer

This trimmer comes in two versions. One is battery and one is gas powered. The bad thing about it being battery is that you don’t get the same power as a gas tool would offer you.

On the good side, though, no gas and fumes to worry about Make sure to charge the battery daily to keep it ready for use when you need it most! This Brushless Electric Motor is really decent and designed to maximize runtime.

The Telescoping Shaft allows users to adjust the length of this trimmer according to their ergonomic needs and requirements no doubt making your cutting time more comfortable than ever before.

However, you might not want this feature if you prefer a curved shaft instead depending on what height works best for you! The Husqvarna 115iL battery trimmer has a maximum cutting radius of 14-inch.

This option is quite small. It allows you to trim a lot more landscape because it’s so light but will take longer than other options in its class. The Husqvarna 115iL weighs 11.8 pounds, which is quite a bit lighter than others in its price range, by the way.

This option only has some general features without anything special included as part of it that’s available from competitors in the same price range as well.

The low-vibration brushless motor offers great performance, producing no emissions and a little noise. On the bright side, the intuitive keypad offers safe start-ups and it’s pretty fast since it has an automatic choke when cold starting the machine up again after storing it for a long period of time or from not using an electric trimmer for a while in general that really saves you some precious time there!

5. Husqvarna 967175201 Best Husqvarna Weed Eaterhusqvarna 967175201 straight shaft gas

The Husqvarna 967175201 Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer does have its drawbacks. The engine does take a bit to get started, and the machine does run slowly.

Sat in the overhead for about 5 minutes with any kind of use before you can start cutting your lawn properly without the blades stalling out on even thin weeds.

And regardless of whether or not we had been using our trimmer for more than five minutes, it got very hot at the position near our elbow which could potentially cause burns if you accidentally touched it while running your trimmer.

However they were quick to replace it as part of their customer satisfaction policy so I was very pleased with them! With this string trimmer, there is no curve or flexible shaft available, which can make the machine somewhat uncomfortable to maneuver.

Additionally, the string in this model runs out rather quickly. If you are looking for a premium product at a reasonable price, you can look elsewhere, as you likely won’t find what you are seeking in this model.

The Husqvarna 322L String Trimmer is a super value for the money that offers commercial trimmer features but in the form of an easy to use machine. Its Tap ‘N Go trimmer line technology allows you to achieve optimal performance while keeping your work process simple.


Best Husqvarna Weed Eater. We hope our string trimmer reviews pointed you to the perfect Husqvarna weed eater. Purchasing a string trimmer can be complicated, and that’s why we provided a guide to help with comparison shopping. Our pick for the best Husqvarna weed eater overall.

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