Best Hydraulic Wheel Dollies

Best Hydraulic Wheel Dollies. It allows you to move automobiles around by lifting the wheels off the ground.

They differ from wheel chocks because wheel chocks only prevent a car from moving forward or backward, whereas hydraulic wheel dollies offer a more complete solution for preventing your car from rolling by lifting it up.

A hydraulic wheel dolly is a piece of garage equipment that goes under the wheel of your car to protect it from rolling away while you’re working on it or parking it in your garage.

Using a trolley jack, you’re able to lift up the front end of your vehicle off of its landing gear and then lower that section onto the wheel dolly instead.

6 Best Hydraulic Wheel Dollies

1. Sunex 1500-Pound Wheel Dolly

best hydraulic wheel dollies

Vehicle-moving dollies, like the Sunex 7708, will help with all of this! The 7708 is a reliable, portable vehicle-moving dollies that can be used in singles, pairs, 3s, or 4s and can move vehicles in any direction.

It comes equipped with long aluminum rollers and a sturdy Ratcheting mechanism to maneuver heavy loads. The casters have locking brakes to provide maximum traction.

They also utilize safety casters so if your load shifts the wheels won’t move although they will still spin which may serve to assist you.

This particular vehicle-moving dolly has 42″ x 27″ x 8″ dimensions and weighs 22 lbs.

The oversized l-shaped foot pedal has a side edge that prevents the user from jamming their toes on the wheel. Sturdy ratcheting construction is maintenance-free, unlike other hydraulic options.

Convenient carrying handle for easy transport and for locking into place for secure positioning on the floor which meets ASME-paid 2014 standards. There are convenient carrying handles at the top of the unit for transport if needed.

2. OTC Tools 1580 Stinger Roller Dolly

otc tools 1580 stinger roller dolly

The No. 1580 Easy Roller Dolly from OTC makes it easy to move a disabled vehicle around a shop or garage with ease thanks to its simple and efficient design.

Easy Rollers can lift vehicles weighing up to 6,000 pounds simply by positioning them at each wheel and activating the lift mechanisms with the foot pedals.

Individuals can easily move their cars throughout the flat surfaces of their garages or shops within minutes.

While they are in motion, the four heavy-duty phenolic casters protect the floor and house from any potential damage that might otherwise occur as a result of overcompensating for a lack of mobility within this scenario.

The Easy Roller also fits tread widths up to 12 inches wide, providing added versatility and convenience when looking for solutions designed with their own needs in mind. 1 Pack – sold individually, not as a pair.

Whether you are into simple repairs or need to do some complex drivability work, these award-winning tools universally solve problems faster and at a better value than other brands of products.

OTC provides top solutions for modern automotive service challenges. OTC tools are created with you, the technician, in mind, and are designed to suit all of your toolbox requirements.

3. Stark Set of (2) Truck Car Wheel Dolly

stark set of (2) truck car wheel dolly

Stark Set of (2) Wheel dollies is immensely helpful when you need to move a car around with its wheels off the ground.

This set of two telescopic tie downs is fit for tires up to 12 inches wide, so it could be used in common for most cars and light vans.

Just put it in the trunk and use it at any time or place whenever you want to move a vehicle. For easy handling, these wheel dollies are an all-in-one solution that is the perfect choice.

They allow your hands to remain free while using them, especially if you’re using them while wearing gloves or if they’ve just been cleaned from brake dust.

Not only will this Wheel Dolly save your arms from being overworked, but also your back from being strained as well. Furthermore, the work efficiency would be increased by landing the object on its wheels rather than its tail.

Wheel dolly could be applied at any position for the universal wheels. These wheels make transportation easier. Made from high-quality steel, this wheel dolly could easily hold wheels or vehicles & is not easy to be out of shape.

This wheel dolly can support a weight of up to 1,250 pounds and is a simple but effective way to transfer a disabled vehicle around a shop area, allowing wheels and cars to move freely.

4. Dragway 1500 lb Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

dragway 1500 lb hydraulic wheel dolly

Dragway Tools Hydraulic wheel dolly set and storage stand. Four (4) large, 1,500 lbs. capacity, dog bone-shaped storage stands are designed to allow one person to easily move around any size of the car, trailer, or boat intended for use on land.

The four (4) Dragway Tools 12-inch steel best hydraulic wheel dollies in this kit are also unique in that they can be all used at once to pivot a three-ton vehicle quickly and easily.

Just two of them may be used freely without the use of the other two to make moving something lighter easier when doing it by yourself.

This storage rack will conveniently secure and store four (4) wheel dollies. It securely holds both hydraulic- and ratchet-style dollies up to 14 in. between the frame and the bottom of the wheels.

The three-inch wheels allow for easy maneuvering while its locking NYLOCK nuts keep hardware tight so your dolly stand won’t become loose over time.

This product comes with a six-and-a-half-inch clearance height to the top of our castor and five inches from the ground to the top of the roller, making it a great tool for anyone who works with car dollies on a regular basis.

5. KABOCHO 1500lb 12 inch Hydraulic 

kabocho 1500lb 12 inch hydraulic 

If you’re looking for a way to make life easier, we think these hydraulic vehicle positioning dolly car wheel lift jacks are going to be of interest to you.

They’re compact and practical but that’s only the beginning – they can be used in a variety of ways.

We love that they have a double pawl bi-directional ratchet so it’s easy foot pedal lifting and provides you with safety as well.

This product is made of sturdy steel material that will help ensure its ability to last while firm but also lightweight enough to move with ease.

This item is not suitable for motor vehicles. With a little help from this hydraulic automobile wheel lift, which is designed to be operated with your foot, you can easily elevate your vehicle into the air.

The wheel lift’s structure fits any tire size between 12″ in diameter and 53″ long, keeping tires safe and secure. On all sides, this figure measures 21″ broad and 6″ tall. It weighs around 18 lbs.

6. SUNROAD 2PCS Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

best hydraulic wheel dollies

SUNROAD Hydraulic vehicle positioning dolly car wheel lift jack is a great choice for moving your vehicle around the garage or shop.

Its replacement for the standard floor jacks which have the advantage of it is much quicker and easier to use.

It has a double pawl bi-directional ratchet that lifts tires between rollers, an amazing feature that will make sure you are able to position your car without any problems.

The foot pedal lifting design provides added convenience because you won’t need a hand on every step.

Double pail multi-angle ratcheting unit allows for a wide variety of applications; fits front/rear tires widths up to 5 inches, 7-inch tall side arms can fit almost any vehicle.

This hydraulic wheel dolly allows you to position your vehicle in an easy fashion. It has a 1500 lb maximum lift weight and measures 21″ x 21″ x 6″.

This wheel dolly features swivel casters that rotate 270 degrees, allowing you to get your vehicle into a variety of positions at the touch of a button.

Weighing only 37 lbs, this hydraulics wheel dolly will make positioning your vehicle a cinch. Best Hydraulic Wheel Dollies.


What should I look for in a car dolly?

When purchasing a tow dolly for your vehicle, it’s critical to consider how effectively the vehicle dolly is made to handle turns.

Tow dollies with mounted front wheels that pivot on kingpins are normally regarded as the best sort of tow dollies to buy since they reduce the risk of your automobile colliding with your trailer when turning.

Does a tow dolly put miles on your car?

A car tow dolly prevents Ghost miles from accruing on your towed car’s odometer since your front wheels are on the dolly. With this distinction, there isn’t much to consider.

It’s as easy as flat towing or utilizing a tow dolly for a car. Furthermore, unlike flat towing, a tow dolly does all of the work for you by keeping your automobile secure from damage or theft.

Easiest Way to Move Your Car


Best Hydraulic Wheel Dollies. A hydraulic wheel dolly is an essential piece of equipment for a home garage.

It’s a piece of garage equipment that goes under the wheel of your car to protect it from rolling away while you’re working on it or parking it in your garage.

It’s easy to use, and it can help to prevent damage to your car. You should take a look at these wheel dollies if you’re interested in protecting your car in your garage.

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