Best inov 8 shoes for crossfit

Best inov 8 shoes for CrossFit. Cross-fit is one of the most enjoyable and interesting workouts accessible. Each workout is about as challenging and different as the next with something new rolling around every day to keep you on your toes.

There are high skill-level expectations that come with Cross-fit which helps build character and fitness, but not too many complicated jargon or team structure requirements involved so pretty much anyone can jump right in.

Classes are typically supportive and friendly, consisting of a great group environment and camaraderie that stands out among other Cross-fit gyms like Fit Farm nearby.

If you’re ready to try out a class, make sure you have already done some extensive research because buying the wrong pair of shoes could lead to serious injury.

6 Best Inov 8 Shoes For Crossfit

1. Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 235 V2 Cross-Trainer Shoebest inov 8 shoes for crossfit

Met-cradle technology provides powerful support to keep the foot locked into place and provide a snug fit that moves with the athlete giving them ultimate stability during lateral and medial motion.

The zero drop heel lock construction put more positive pressure against the heel thus making it easier to balance, stand firmly, and accomplish exercises such as squats without a risk of slipping or falling.

New streamlined welded overlay construction creates a significantly lighter shoe with tons of flexibility and an unmatched level of support from this high-density Power Heel Technology that is also featured in all other shoes in the brand’s line.

Nov-8 Women’s F-Lite is a training shoe that is going to give you the extra punch you need for rope climbs and box jumps. This shoe has a RopeTec grip, which means it will stick to the ropes during your climb, and the upper part of this shoe is made of Polyester fabric while elastic nylon overlays secure the traction.

This shoe also has anti-microbial mesh lining, so you can rest assured that they’ll be able to handle a lot of use over time. An updated version of one of their best selling models, this shoe has been designed specifically with weightlifting and cross training in mind.

It’s lightweight, flexible, but most importantly it feels great on your feet. Make sure that if you’re serious about getting fit and staying in shape by doing CrossFit or other types of MMA training in the gym that these are first on your list for shoes. Just slip them on and do what needs to get done.

2. Inov-8 Unisex-Adult F-lite G 230 V2inov 8 unisex adult f lite g 230 v2

The F-Lite 230 CrossTraining shoes are a great option for men and women who are looking to amp up their performance at the gym.

of what makes them so fantastic is their 3mm heel-to-toe drop, which allows you to place your entire foot flat on the floor for better stability as you gain more speed and momentum when doing CrossFit exercises.

Another great (and pretty awesome) thing about these babies. Their synthetic upper promotes airflow, making them incredibly comfortable during most CrossFit routines.

The Velcro closure helps ensure a secure fit that’s both snug and stable, yet still allows you room to perform WOD activities accurately.

As modern-day sports and fitness enthusiasts, they’re always striving to improve the performance, so we’re always researching how science can help us stay one step ahead of the competition.

For this project in particular, the shoes feature a geographer rubber out sole that’s scientifically proven to be 50% stronger, 50% more elastic and 50% harder wearing than regular non-graphene rubber out soles.

Designed to move with your foot while you train or play, allowing you to adapt react and grip perfectly to the surface. A great all-purpose athletic shoe that can be used for gym training weightlifting and cross-training if you were around. The shoes come up a 3 on the fit scale (1 narrow – 5 wide).

3. Inov-8 Men’s FastLift 370 BOA Cross-Traininginov 8 men's fastlift 370 boa cross training

Inov-8 FastLift 370 Men’s Cross-Training Shoes are made with a microfiber and synthetic sole. These men’s cross training shoes utilize the innovative boa closure system that allows for a customized fit.

Allowing any athlete to move effortlessly in their surroundings, these sturdy shoes feature a stretch free boa closure system along with a stable footing thanks to their 16.5-millimeter heel height.

With an unrivaled stability rating, these lightweight structured cross-training shoes offer ample power transfer thanks to their breathable mesh upper.

So whether you’re running through obstacles or lifting heavy weights, these shoes will always be there to keep you moving. Inov-8 Men’s Fast-lift 370 BOA Cross-Training shoes are the type of shoe you want to own if you’re a serious competitor in obstacle races or mud runs.

Because they were designed with comfort and durability in mind, you can trust that they’ll provide the traction you need when your training involves running or climbing over obstacles or ledges that are full of slippery mud.

And because of their excellent width and design, shin splints will not be a problem as long as you wear these shoes during your workouts.

4. Inov-8 Mens Terraultra G 270 Trail Running Shoesinov 8 mens terraultra g 270 trail running shoes

Inov-8 is a running shoe manufacturer whose line of products has just been restocked in your local sporting goods store.

Their latest models are now available for purchase, and they boast a new 3D weaving process that gives the shoes both flexibility and durability in the mid-soles.

This shoe can come in handy for trail runs or marathons especially because its out-sole has an amazing grip for hikes on any terrain.

The unique design of the sole also features traction to help you perform well during obstacle races such as mud runs, despite covering more distance than most obstacle courses require.

This is the perfect shoe for exercise or just walking around town. These shoes are athletic footwear, built with a rubber sole designed specifically for grip on the sole of your foot.

This shoe’s material is made of lightweight fabric that is extremely durable . Inov-8 mens trail running shoes will keep both your feet and your shoes in peak condition for whatever activities you participate in.

Inov-8 is a noteworthy brand for their grasp, traction technology focus and it’s dedication to design products meant specifically for athletes to interact with the environment.

5. Inov-8 Men’s F-lite 260 Knit Cross-Trainer-Shoesinov 8 men's f lite 260 knit cross trainer shoes

The Inov-8 Men’s F-lite is the perfect training shoe for athletes who want to work out anywhere.

The warm, knit fabric makes for a comfortable fit plus its flexibility allows you to move freely and don’t worry about having a lot of support during weight lifting thanks to the external heel cage wrapping around the rear of the shoe.

Featuring up-to-date rubber technology that provides outstanding traction in any environment, you’ll never have any trouble working on box jumps or bur-pees.

The welded toe bumper is perfect for also protecting you during your rope climbs and additional rope guards secure your shoes as well so you can go at full speed without feeling scared that they’ll come unglued.

The F-LITE 260 KNIT is a lightweight and supportive training shoe that any dedicated individual can use. Around the foot, you will feel flexible mesh, allowing your feet to get the breath they deserve while also adapting to their natural position.

Additionally, they’ve added cushioning throughout the mid sole and out sole for extra comfort as you perform or train.

Carefully designed with Rope-Tec technology and Power flow cushioning throughout, this particular F-LITE 260 KNIT man’s shoe is meant for people who are always on their feet wherever there are workouts involved.

6. Inov-8 Mens Best inov 8 shoes for crossfitinov 8 mens roclite g 286 gtx

The Inov-8 Mens Roclite out sole is ultra-thin and 6mm in height. Due to these features the footwear offers exceptional grip across all terrain and weather conditions which can be a lifesaver during extreme conditions.

This also vastly improves the resiliency of the soles to withstand all sorts of wear and tear so that, with proper care, you can enjoy your boots for longer without having to dump them early.

One factor that contributes to this longevity is the great support of Inov-8 Mens Roclite material applied to the lightweight hiking boots which allows you to stay agile and light on your feet across even the roughest or hardest terrains you may end up traversing.

If you’re an hiker and you wear boots that are made for hiking, then that’s a perfect match! The durable Inov-8 Roclite G 286 GTX is a matching pair of lightweight but very powerful boots that can really help you go the distance.

If warmth and comfort are top priorities for your gear needs- look no further. This pair of boots provides high quality compression which allows oxygen to be more readily transferred through cell membranes, making it easier to breathe. Shoe Zone also carry other footwear including New Balance trainers, Timberland boots and many more.


Best inov 8 shoes for crossfit. Inov 8 recently introduced the F-Lite 195 which is a lightweight, flexible, neutral running shoe that caters to the needs of athletes who are doing medium to high impact cardio such as running, cross-fit, climbing, and other similar activities.

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