Best Iphone 7 Headphone Adapter

Best Iphone 7 Headphone Adapter. Bluetooth headphones are a vital part of the technology ecosystem today.

The majority of devices now use Bluetooth connections to transmit audio and this presents an excellent opportunity for Apple users to take advantage of whatever they want without having to plug in any wires or fumble with traditional headphone jacks.

However, Apple has got rid of the headphone jack on recent models after introducing the Lightning connector back in 2012.

Naturally, this change really didn’t go down well with customers and many wanted Apple to return to using the traditional 3.5mm standard that you can find on most other headphones, earphones, and hands-free headsets at present.

Fortunately, there is a simple way around this situation by using external adapters that come with lightning ports as well as 3.5mm ports so if you have any older accessories, then you’ll still be able to use them when you upgrade your device later on.

Yes they know it sounds strange indeed but that’s just how it is right now.

6 Best iPhone 7 Headphone Adapter

1. UGREEN Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter Apple 

ugreen lightning to 3.5mm adapter apple 

This Lightning to 3.5mm headphone adapter works with iPhones and Apple products including the 13/13 Pro /13 Pro Max/12/12 Pro.

As well as the iPod Touch 6th Generation, iPad 9 /iPad Pro, iPad Air 1/2/3 4, iPad mini 2/3/4.

Having this adapter in your equipment allows you to use your existing 3.5mm headphones with these devices so that you can enjoy high-quality sound during playback or when making calls.

This is great for music lovers who want to use their favorite earphones but don’t want to disrupt anyone around them with too much noise.

Apple is not only focused on listening to music — they also want their customers to be able to control their devices wirelessly if they so wish.

From the very first iPod, up until today with Apple carplay, Apple has always wanted to ensure that their customers never have to fiddle with wires in order to hear some good music.

The UGREEN Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter provides this functionality and more! Unlike other lightning connectors on the market.

It has been carefully made out of a Hi-Q aluminum alloy case and nylon braided cable material which ensures fast charging and stable sound transmission at the same time.

This product further has a stylish design that is lightweight, portable, and compatible with most electronics and mobile phone brands like Samsung Galaxy S6/S4, iPhone 7/6S Plus and all kinds of tablets using lightning connectors such as iPad Mini, Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 Inch.

2. Tera Grand – Apple MFi Certified Lightning 

tera grand apple mfi certified lightning 

Tera Grand – Apple MFi is approved by Apple and includes a genuine Lightning connector, assuring functionality with all of your phones now and for the coming.

It includes a pro-quality digital audio conversion chip that delivers crystal clear sound. Your purchase also supports up to 24-bit 48KHz lossless output.

Designed for audiophiles, sometimes you’ll even find it being used as a demo device because of its great sound quality.

Built with an ultra soft, flexible, and durable PVC shell that provides additional protection and extra comfort with a premium shine, making it perfect for everyday use or even promotional giveaways at music festivals and exhibitions.

The 3.5 mm jack allows you to use wired headphones and earphones, which can improve the sound quality.

Now users can listen to music with more bass while on the go or using your phone’s built-in speaker feature infinitely stronger volume than previous versions of this device.

The 3.5 mm jack allows users to utilize external speakers through the auxiliary port and a 3.5 mm audio cable, giving them more options when it comes to listening to music out loud without having to fully immerse themselves in another environment thanks to their iPhone.

Belkin is the first company to create a charging adapter for iPhone models using lightning ports for audio and charge.

Belkin’s high-grade design, compatibility, and efficient technological advances make it easy to maximize potential with your listening experience and overall use of the phone.

This accessory lets you listen to music, watch videos, use audio navigation features, or take calls with a high-quality mic while also charging at maximum speed so that you never lose power.

The Male to Male plug provides clear and crisp sound quality while supporting 3.5-millimeter remote control capabilities enabled by MFi-certified headphones.

Belkin has taken great care in designing accessories that support the work of Mac users.

They’ve made it a priority to use precise and meticulous methods in developing products that ensure users can connect, sync and charge whenever the need arises.

Some of their more popular chargers include: The 3.5-millimeter Audio plus Charge RockStar is meant for iPhone 5/6/7 devices.

The Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar is made for iPhone 7/8 devices; The Dual USB Car Charger allows two devices to be charged at once with two separate 2.4A charging options.

4. 2 Pack Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone 

2 pack lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter,

The Lightning Connector features a high-performance chip that ensures proper transmission and stability while using your device so you can enjoy your things without having to face any kind of issues.

This is why the Lightning Connector is now used by iPhone 5 and later devices, so as to ensure that users keep up with their expensive products forever and also to help them if their devices have any problems.

This connector comes with a 3.5 mm audio plug for ensuring continued comfort even during the long hours of usage.

In addition to this, the 3.5mm Audio Plug can be easily connected to your iPhone Device which makes it easier for one to make or receive calls, play online games and listen to music all day long .so that you can utilize your iPhone and this connector to a maximum of its capabilities.

When you are connecting lightning your iPhone, you need to plug the connector with the aluminum shell which is sand-blasted and oxidized.

This is why it gives you a better grip of sound and makes wear resistance. It will definitely give a high code rate with less noise of the sound and more fidelity

. And this will make your earphone music, movie gaming, video etc; consistent because there won’t be an interruption for your entertainment listening experience.

This product comes in two pieces together which you can connect to each other whenever you want according to your convenience.

They also provide an additional facility for a gift voucher for this product as an appreciation for our customer’s love of our product.

5. Esbeecables 2 Pack [Apple MFi Certified] 

esbeecables 2 pack [apple mfi certified] 

Apple MFI Certified iPhone Headphone Adapter. This Esbeecables iPhone 3.5 mm headphone adapter is the perfect accessory for you to listen to music with your earphones or headphones and watch movies on your Apple device without the hassle of connecting your earphones/headphones directly to your Apple device’s lightning port.

It works just like a lightning to 3.5 mm audio cable so it really helps out users who want to use their existing headphones with their new iPhone 7, 8, XR, XS, and all iPad Pro models without an aux jack without needing an adapter connected from the headphone/earphone jack.

One can also plug in a headset that has been previously paired along with any of the newer iPhones by using this adapter.

You’ll be able immediately to hear sound through both ears once this adapter has been plugged in while watching a video or listening to music or podcasts and never need to worry about charging issues due to this small but powerful adapter converting audio signals on the go.

Apple MFi Certified Lightning to 3.5 mm Reversible Plugs Compatible with iPhones and iPads – Two Pack. No App is required, just need to plug it into your iPhone and enjoy music anywhere.

Compatible with home, car stereo devices, or any other audio device with 3.5mm jack input/output like Bluetooth speaker and more.

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations as they’re poorly manufactured with inferior quality that may damage your phone’s port and/or even pose a safety hazard due to overheating of the charging port.

Lifetime technical support is provided directly via our email address protected by 128-bit encrypted delivery for your fast help anytime 24/7.

6. JSAUX Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter

jsaux lightning to 3.5mm adapter

The JSAUX Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter has been certified to work with the Apple MFi system and is compatible with most of the devices in the IOS range.

This adapter makes it possible for you to use any earphones with a lightning connector, rather than just apple ones.

The JSAUX 3.5mm audio jack conversion Cable converts an iPhone’s or iPad’s Lightning Connector into a traditional 3.5 mm audio jack connection so that you can easily connect your device to any standard headphones, speakers, or other audio accessories that do not support Apple interfaces.

Enhancing your listening experience on iPhones and iPads and ensuring compatibility with all kinds of headphone brands like Beats, Bose, Sennheiser, and Sony, this converter will also let you listen to music anytime anywhere without cables.

Lightning Dongle Converter Adapter: If you want value looks as much as sound quality, you’ll want a Lightning dongle converter adapter to make your music sparkle.

Because both are important to us at JSAUX. Every design is carefully studied, and tests are carried out to guarantee that you have the greatest possible user experience.

It lets you control volume, skip music (previous/next / pause), answer calls, and use Siri as usual with your Earbuds/headphones/earphones. Guaranteed to function without causing any errors.

In rigorous laboratory tests, the Strain Relief design was able to withstand 15000+ bends. The cable is more durable thanks to its premium aluminum casing. The type c cable is made of premium nylon braided for added durability and tangle resistance.


In order to make the right decision, we must first define what a headphone adapter is. A headphone adapter is an audio converter that enables you to connect headphones (or a headphone amplifier) with a jack smaller than the one on your speakers/amp.

In this article, we have reviewed the best Lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter out there in the market today and have given some recommendations for who can most benefit from buying this particular accessory.

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