Best Iphone Photo Storage Device

Best Iphone Photo Storage Device. It’s an indisputable fact that not everybody loves the cloud. Though the rest of us can’t imagine life without it, some people just don’t like the thought of their words and photos existing in a virtual space that’s potentially vulnerable to hackers and data breaches.

There are obvious benefits to backing up your most precious data onto a secure server in internet space as you’ll never lose them and they will always be safe from accidental deletion, but fortunately there are other convenient ways for non-cloud users to safeguard their important documents on physical media.

The Photo Storage Device is one of the best looking iPhone drives currently available its brushed aluminium casing looks great and it has a capacity for 64GB, enough for most average users but we recommend dropping down to 32GB or even 16GB if you’re shooting video on an iPhone 6S or newer model because this includes 4K resolution at a much higher frame rate than earlier models.

6 Best Iphone Photo Storage Device

1. SanDisk 32GB iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone 

sandisk 32gb ixpand flash drive for iphone 

The SanDisk 32 GB iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone is the perfect size to transport your videos and files while remaining inconspicuous.

It lets you stream music and videos on any iPhone or iPad as long as it’s connected to a Wi-Fi network.

This flash drive is the solution you need if you want something that will let you access all of your media whenever you choose without consuming storage space on your phone or tablet.

You can make a purchase quickly and easily by picking the right amount of space for what suits your needs – 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, etc.

The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive offers an amazing and seamless way to manage your mobile data.

This flash drive is iPhone compatible and comes with an iOS app that automatically transfers over your photo library, all you have to do is plug in the USB end.

It’s easy to use, so there’s no need for a lot of technology-savvy, just pop it into your USB slot and download the free iXpand Sync app (available on Android and iOS) through Apple Store or Google Play. This 32GB flash drive boasts transfer speeds up to 100 megabytes per second.

The flexible connector allows you to fold the USB out of the way so it doesn’t snag or stick straight out from your phone – meaning it’ll protect any frayed cables from breaking easily.

You will love its compatibility with various Apple devices such as iPhone 5/6/7, 6 Plus/6S Plus/7 Plus/SE, iPad Mini 4/Pro 12.9, and iPad Pro 9.7.

2. STTARLUK USB Flash Drive 512GB

sttarluk usb flash drive 512gb

This STTARLUK USB Flash Drive can hold files that are greater than 512 GB. In addition to storing data, it can be attached to a keychain or other accessories and is the size of a lipstick.

With an aluminum alloy body, this flash drive is lightweight and has double connectors, which means you can connect it to your Android phone or iPhone.

This flash drive is unique due to its security features such as password protection and touch ID, so you don’t have to worry about someone accessing your hard drive if you happen to misplace it. It also comes with an LED indicator so you know when it’s on.

You will receive a USB Flash Drive with 1TB memory that lets you store 500-1000s of photos and videos inside.

If you happen to purchase another USB drive for backup purposes in case your first one gets damaged or is lost.

All you have to do is plug the new flash drive into any device that has direct access to the Internet whether it’s a desktop device or laptop or tablet and waits for the respective files stored on the previous flash drive to be moved over automatically.

So if worst comes to worst and your first USB drive gets broken or stolen, you won’t have to worry about missing those precious memories because they’ll still be where they were last time; in their respective place but now on a different USB drive.

3. Hyper – HDHC HyperCube USB Backup Device 

hyper hdhc hypercube usb backup device 

The Hypercube from HYPER is a handy little device that will automatically backup your photos and videos in real-time while simultaneously charging your iPhone or Android device using the 2 female USB Type-A ports and one micro SD card slot.

The Hypercube also comes with a second female USB Type-A port which you can use with any flash drive or an external hard drive of up to 2TB capacity.

To assist in backing up your memories, the Hypercube supports USB On The Go so you can plug in removable media like the SD card or USB stick and not have to swap them over manually.

This means you can leave all your photos stored on your phone’s memory, but if it gets damaged or stolen then you’ve still got them stored safely somewhere else.

Hyper – Hypercube for iPhone is a USB backup device that also supports Android devices. Using a compatible mobile app, it can back up your important data and help you perform multiple tasks with ease including storing your backups safely in the cloud.

The Hypercube supports USB 3.0 transfer speeds, allowing you to access your information faster than ever before.

Whether you connect it to a computer or wall adapter with its included male USB Type-A port, the Hypercube will automatically detect which power source is being used and provides up to 12W of power while it’s charging.

4. Leef iBridge 3 – iPhone Flash Drive

leef ibridge 3 iphone flash drive

Leef iBridge 3 – iPhone Flash Drive is a clever and convenient way to store your media in an easily-accessible manner.

With MFI-certificated connectors that are both Lightning as well as USB 3.1, you’ll quickly be able to move any media out of your device while simultaneously copying the contacts over too.

That way, you don’t have to delete all the content from your phone and risk losing it forever before getting new stuff backed up onto a computer or server (which can take valuable time).

Additionally, because there’s no need for cables to copy or move data, this means that there’s no extra power drawn from your device – so it won’t mess with the battery life either.

Leef iBridge 3 – iPhone Flash Drive is designed to give users more space on their iPhones and iPads by freeing up their limited memory.

The compact flash drive with its patented J-shape easily wraps around your iPhone 5s, iPad Air, or iPad mini to create free space within no time at all.

It works in conjunction with the iBridge 3 app, which gives you the power to transfer photos, video and contacts by copying your favorite files onto the flash drive. Just plug in an external lightning cable and use it just like an external hard drive.

5. iDiskk 128GB MFi Certified Photo Stick 

idiskk 128gb mfi certified photo stick 

The Photo Stick is a great way to transfer photographs and videos. It’s free of cables or iCloud constraints and quickly transfers your data.

Doing so, frees up space on your mobile devices without the need for a cable or USB.

In addition, you can even view movies or listen to the latest music when you’re on the go or traveling because these files are neatly stored in the stick ready for you whenever you want them.

The stick supports most video formats and transferring files through it is quick and simple. Simply tap the camera button on the “iDiskk Max” App to share your images.

The photos will be automatically stored on the stick by using its App camera features which support multiple image resolutions and frame rates suitable for any Android mobile device, including smartphones, tablets, tablet computers, etc.

Remove the iPhone case before inserting it into your computer to use this iPhone flash drive. If you’ve previously backed up files to iCloud.

The reason that DRM (Digital Rights Management) can be difficult at times is that while some apps allow music and video files to be put onto or transferred directly from an iPhone’s memory storage, they can sometimes prevent you from deleting those apps using ordinary settings.

6. Sunany USB Flash Drive 256GB, Photo Stick Memory

sunany usb flash drive 256gb, photo stick memory

USB flash drive is a great tool that makes data sharing more convenient.

However, information theft is still possible via the USB port.

This phone memory stick provides a simple and quick way to transfer photos and videos while protecting your privacy with up to 80 MB/s reading speed and 40 MB/s writing speed.

As well as providing data backup to the 256 GB memory device in one click. The USB flash drive ensures you never have to worry about Phone storage again.

With a 4.5-inch silicone ridge on one side for USB, you can watch movies and play music on your phone directly from your flash drive, which includes 256gb of recordable space – and with a shock-resistant casing.

When you want to take photos outside and need a lot of room, the flash is what you should count on. When it comes to sharing documents or photos with social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, all you need is your flash drive plugged in.

As long as it’s OTG compatible (available only for Android devices), then you’ll be able to upload images straight from your memory device onto the ‘net.

Best Iphone Photo Storage Device


Best iPhone Photo Storage Device. While we would like to choose an iPad for the photo storage device, we just have to go with the iPhone.

We realize that these are two very different devices, but if we have to choose just one for the storage device, the iPhone will win hands down. Please let us know in the comments if you have another device that you like to use for storage.

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