Best Keyboard And Mouse Adapter For ps4

Best Keyboard And Mouse Adapter For ps4. Adapters provide a solution to that problem. Your keyboard and mouse controls are converted into PlayStation controller signals by a keyboard and mouse adapter.

In this way, you can play your game using your keyboard and mouse, just like you do on a PC. You can play first-person shooters and keyboard-based games like RTS and RPGs with this.  USB compatible mice and keyboards are included with this.

As long as the device has a USB connection, it can be wired or wireless. Dedicated PS4 keyboards are available, but they are mostly designed for style – but are still very nice.

PlayStation controllers can be used with a variety of adapters: As long as the PlayStation controller is plugged into the adapter, you’ll be able to use it.

6 Best Keyboard And Mouse Adapter For ps4

1. HYCARUS Keyboard and Mouse Adapter 

hycarus keyboard and mouse adapter 

The HYCARUS keyboard and mouse adapter for Xbox One allows you to play many games that are usually unavailable with a controller.

You can quickly move from one area of the screen to another on the PS4 with this keyboard, which supports up to three devices for gaming.

This device also enables you to switch between keyboard and mouse settings in a flash by simply pressing a button on the device.

The adapter works seamlessly whether you’re playing alone or with someone else, allowing you to get into the action incredibly fast so that you can start practicing your shots before the competition begins. Stay on target by using the low-latency capabilities of this PS4 keyboard and mouse.

You can use the Xbox one mouse and keyboard adapter to help you position the frames more accurately, giving you a more realistic gaming experience than ever before.

This Xbox keyboard and mouse adapter is compatible with 3.5mm headsets as well as consoles such as Xbox One/PS4/Nintendo Switch.

Therefore, you are able to understand enemy movements in FPS shooting games more clearly. ICARUS Gaming is pleased to offer high-quality service for pre-sales and after-sales.

2. YaimhSound 4-Port USB Hub 3.0

yaimhsound 4 port usb hub 3.0

A YaimhSound, PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter has four USB ports and a USB 3.0/5Gbps data transfer rate, and is compatible with USB 2.0/1.0 USB devices.

Different configurations of the keyboard and mouse will affect your experience, but this product has been optimized to have minimal latency in mouse tracking.

If you ever encounter any lag while using your PS4 accessories, we would recommend that you first make sure the PC control panel has correctly detected the proper speed levels of your keyboard (1000 dpi) and mouse (800 dpi) before making any further adjustments concerning this.

Also, please check if the right dpi of the mouse has been chosen if there’s any lag. Instantly expand your USB ports, no matter where you are: office, cafes, outdoors, or forests away from the city on your business trip.

With enough space to handle all sizes of U-drives that consumers commonly use nowadays, and work with any port at any given time without dismantling their system or mounting external hardware in order to avoid pressure upon individual ports.

With a sleek holding design using ABS+ PC composite material that also makes it lightweight, and portable.

You can perform smoothly without being noticed and without causing interruption with the selection of blue indicator lights that resemble stars under the distant darkness of space.

3. ZJFKSDYX C91 Keyboard & Mouse Converter 

zjfksdyx c91 keyboard & mouse converter 

The ultimate mouse and keyboard adapter for gamers who want to seriously improve their results.

Stay ahead of the competition from head to head and globally with this new set of skills.

This offers twice the advantage – control over four times as many commands at once.

Play games with a keyboard and mouse using the ZJFKSDYX C91 Keyboard & Mouse Converter Adapter for Playstation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox One S, and the Nintendo Switch.

Suitable for all kinds of games, including FPS, TPS, RPG, and RTS.  Xbox One controllers can control only games that use PlayStation 4 game controllers.

PlayStation 4 game controllers can control only games that use Xbox One controllers. Input and output are supported by 48K high-definition voice through a 3.5MM headphone jack.

Using voice, you can communicate in real-time with your colleagues without any delays. It is supplied with detailed installation instructions, no need to install any software, plug-and-play, and supports multiple custom sets of button storage.

There are numerous keyboards and mice on the market that can be used with this Logitech, Razer, Corsair, Redragon, ZJFKSDYX, etc.

4. PXN USB Keyboard and Mouse Converter Adapter 

pxn usb keyboard and mouse converter adapter 

With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the PXN keyboard and mouse controller can be used with the PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch Console.

The device will require the use of the original game controller for the console to be able to operate.

In order for this controller to work properly with your console, it may need to be connected through a USB port which can be found on any of these consoles.

Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, or a personal computer that meets the minimum requirements needed for operating it.

Plugging in the device is as simple as plugging it into a USB port. The mouse sensitivity may be adjusted in the settings.

To adjust the sensitivity of your mouse, press F3 on your keyboard to decrease sensitivity and press F4 on your keyboard to increase sensitivity.

There is a 3.5mm headphone jack integrated into this converter device, which can support game voice calls after connecting with PS4 or XBOX ONE.

The combination of PS4 and XBOX ONE with this converter device lets you enjoy the game more vividly because it can support the ergonomic design feature, is convenient to use and carry, compatible with all cross-platform games that support interactive audio communication during the game.

5. HUAPX PS4 USB Hub Adapter

huapx ps4 usb hub adapter

The HUAPX 4-in-1 multi-ports USB 3.0 Splitter allows you to connect up to four of your own devices, such as a PS4 Slim, Xbox One Slim, and other USB compatible devices such as an external portable hard disk, USB fan, computer radiator, and much more.

Enjoy high-quality transfer speeds at super-speed rates to get the most out of this design with data transmission speeds at up to 5Gbps but please note that charging speeds are very slow so we don’t recommend using this for charging purposes even though it is a lot faster than USB 2.0 and 1.0.

4Ports USB Hub Adapter Compatible with Windows / Vista / Mac / Linux computer.

Replug into your computer and use without needing to install software from a disc or using a CD. Allow you to connect up 4 USB devices into 1 hub.

A Hot plug & Play allows you to instantly connect additional USB devices. No external power is needed for it to run on your computer since it comes with its own power charger cable just plug and play.

6. Dobe TNS-19077 NS-Switch Keyboard 

dobe tns 19077 ns switch keyboard 

The Dobe TNS-19077 NS-Switch Keyboard and Mouse Adapter is a game controller signal adapter that allows you to use normal computer input devices like keyboards and mice on any gaming platform.

The best way to enjoy this product is with a device that features N-Switch / Switch Lite or PS4/ Xbox One/ PS3/ Xbox 360/ Wireless Controller for Android hub.

You can also easily connect two extra controllers, two extension cables, or individual adapters if necessary.

It even has the ability to reset any button on your keyboard, mouse, or controller from another device which makes it possible for you to set any button on your keyboard or mouse to do anything.

Then plug in your controller and start playing by pressing and holding the mapped button.

The product feature is compatible and supports most keyboard, mouse, and third-party controller games with no additional software downloads required. Each product features a built-in keyboard marker and a quick reference guide for instant use.

Connects lightning fast to PS/2 & USB game devices with a flexible wired adapter.

With the converter, you can experience the control perspective of online warfare like being there yourself as well as enjoying FPS games at their fullest in online battle arenas without delay or keystrokes lagging at any time while still maintaining a sense of elation inside your head.



Are all keyboards and mice compatible with PS4?

When it comes to the PlayStation 4, do know other peripherals can be connected with it. In fact, you can get a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse for your Playstation 4.

Bluetooth is an industry standard so it doesn’t matter what company you get a device from because they’ll all basically work on the PS4.

Does Apex support mouse and keyboard on ps4?

Due to a lack of support for mouse and keyboard input, Apex Legends does not currently support console users.

Although it will work with other games like Black Ops Cold War and Fortnite, Apex Legends does not yet officially support them, so taking them out and plugging them back in won’t work.


Best Keyboard And Mouse Adapter For ps4. The PS4 is a fantastic piece of gaming hardware. However, it has a limitation you might not be aware of: you can’t use a keyboard and mouse with it.

This is a problem if you like playing games that make extensive use of the keyboard and mouse.

However, it’s easy to get around this problem by using a PlayStation controller-to-keyboard and mouse adapter. It’s a simple device that will let you connect your keyboard and mouse to your PS4 and make it easy to play.

If you’re looking for a simple way to play your PC games on your PS4, then a keyboard and mouse adapter could be the answer.

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