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Best Kitchen Broom. A broom is a cleaning tool most of us are familiar with.  Over the centuries it’s undergone several design changes but it hasn’t lost its role as being one of the most common

cleaning tools in the household and they wonder why so many companies keep trying to reinvent this concept when there are people who still rely on your trusty ‘old broom, without complaint.

But that’s just a small criticism, they’re sure everyone will be happy for you to create a better version of this classic tool, just don’t forget your roots.

Using a broom ahead of your vacuum helps to easily collect and sweep up dust and dirt, if they’re too dirty you will just be wasting all of your time when you could have swept it off earlier and had more time cleaning up other areas.

And not all brooms are created equal. There are a lot of different kinds like push, angled, whisk, rubber, corn, and heavy-duty brooms. Each kind is used for different purposes like certain types of dirt or large spills on floors.

7 Best Kitchen Broom

1. Camco RV Adjustable Broom and Dustpan

camco rv adjustable broom and dustpan

Camco’s Adjustable Broom does it all – from sweeping to tackling small messes, including pet hair and crumbs.

The broom adjusts for different angles of sweeping from hardwood floors to carpet or a tight corner – your whole house can get a thorough clean.

The handle is adjustable in two ways – extend the telescoping handle for longer reach or snap off the head for storage.

Don’t let another mess take over your home – press the lever to release the dustpan and tackle it! Store both pieces compactly with no problem.

Camco makes products that can change your experience outdoors – find what you’re looking for and make everything you love about the outdoors even better with Camco.

Camco RV Adjustable Broom and Dustpan have huge tires, an extended wheelbase, long-lasting shocks, and a distinctive grille that looks like no other.

The Adjustable Broom and Dustpan are designed to be the ultimate travel companion for vehicles with limited storage space.

Every vehicle whether it’s in need of a simple cleaning or going on an actual trip needs this because everything requires cleaning in one way or another for you to enjoy using them again.

And your trip will be full of anticipation when you take out all your awesome camping gear just to get ready without having to clean them up first.

2. Carlisle 36141503 Duo-Pan Plastic Lobby Pan

carlisle 36141503 duo pan plastic lobby pan

The Carlisle Duo-Pan dustpan and lobby broom is a soft-handled broom that has a long handle, making it comfortable and convenient for sweeping up large areas of dirt, debris, and dust.

It is made with a durable all-weather plastic/vinyl that has good tension for ash removal and resists wear and tear, even commercial use.

The broom also has an extra-length serrated steel wire agitator in the center of the broom, which helps to clean out shallow pans.

This product is ideal for people who want to sweep a lot because it reduces fatigue while cleaning; this size product can be used by homeowners or businesses such as schools or offices where you might have more sweeping needs than the average person.

It is recommended to pair this product with another object if you’re looking to get especially detailed when doing your spring cleaning.

The dustpan head comes with pivot action features to allow you to store and lock it into place and an anti-wobble feature that allows the dustpan to stay in one angle once in storage mode so as to not worry about it collapsing on you while in use.

A serrated edge along the bottom of the bail helps comb loads off the broom directly into your dustpan, saving you from having to bend down or “sweep” behind you each time.

The handle is easy to clip and unclip from using a spring-loaded pin mount on the grip phase of the handle allowing for different modes of bailing such as riding atop more aggressive sweeping modes by clipping it onto a separate configuration like a pole or a broom itself when used at home.

3. OXO Good Grips Large Sweep Set

oxo good grips large sweep set

The OXO Good Grips Large Sweep Set is a good way to ensure that all of the products you buy are not only helpful but also safe, unlike others on the market.

And if you are looking to buy something that might be made by a particular company,

like those found in local stores or online then we would highly recommend these ones because they have been proven time and time again to be of great quality when it comes down to sweeping your floor.

OXO Good Grips makes it their goal to make sure that people can be happier when it comes down to cleaning and takes many different steps in order to let each individual person out there feel as if they are spending their money wisely.

The OXO Good Grips Large Sweep Set has both a comb and a flexible lip. The comb features teeth that remove dirt while the flexible lip conforms to surfaces so dust is not swept underneath it into the floor.

The brush also has a lock that makes cleaning it a breeze. When emptying debris, you’ll also love how lightweight the broom pole is with its non-slip grip and how it can be easily maneuvered in order to clean up every inch of your indoor or outdoor areas.

Broom provides a wide range of cleaning with a quick twist. The full, 54-inch broom head comes in two varieties flagged bristles grab dust and dirt better than standard bristles, and a soft feathered texture helps to pull up stubborn dirt using fewer sweeps; flagged bristles are ideal for sweeping large areas.

When stored, the broom snaps into the dustpan, which can also be locked open in one position to empty its contents with ease, and it features teeth that almost comb the broom hairs themselves clean.

4. Casabella Basics Angled Set

casabella basics angled set

Sweeping is normally a chore that people typically forget about or at least put off for the later on in their day.

It’s not uncommon to walk into a house and find that it’s completely trashed.

Even worse, some people wonder why their home doesn’t seem as devoid of clutter and dirt as they hoped it would be.

With the Casabella Basics Angled Broom and Dustpan Set, you’ll never have to worry again about your home being dirty or dusty because this broom set will change your life – literally.

You’ll notice right away how easy it is to clean under furniture like couches or chairs when you use the angled broom head with bristles.

When you’re done sweeping the floor or picking up after your pet, simply put the dustpan in place on top of the angled broom head so it’s easier when cleaning loose dust particles off of your broom since they get caught on its ridges due to gravity instead of flying all over the room during brushing.

This three-piece, take-apart broom measures approx, 44″ x 12″ when fully assembled. The brush’s pointed hairs make it great for cleaning corners and hard-to-reach areas that a standard broom can’t reach.

There is also a hanging loop in the top portion which conveniently stores additional brushes and/or dustpans. The dustpan that snaps onto one of the broom’s handles also helps keep your broom clean while you’re out sweeping.

5. SWOPT Premium Smooth Surface Straight Broom

swopt premium smooth surface straight broom

This quality “clean” brush handle will help you clean more efficiently.

Small particles and dog hair are picked up by the smooth surface brush. Cleaning wood floors and other fine surfaces have never been easier.

The integrated swivel handle allows for easy maneuverability through small spaces and corners.

Use your straight broom head with any of the SWOPT cleaning system’s interchangeable handles to easily convert your indoor cleaning tools for use outdoors in a jiffy.

Say goodbye to cluttered cleaning closets by simplifying. All of the SWOPT branded handles work with all SWOPT branded heads.

This means you can use the same set of tools indoors or out, and quickly swap out your broom heads at the push of a button making it super quick and simple to stay organized (handles sold separately).

It’s never been easier than now to turn your handle and make it change cleaning heads. Now even turning the handle will allow you to turn on your vacuum cleaner and clean for hours.

The products are built with a locking technology so you can use the product for years without this annoying handle coming off or breaking.

The technology allows you to change cleaning heads quickly so that your daily cleaned cooking place won’t be awfully messy or dirty.

As in addition, we believe in having the most high quality, finest craftsmanship, and innovative design when making the tools so they would last longer with the best warranty we could offer.

6. Quickie Angle Cut All-Purpose Broom

quickie angle cut all purpose broom

The Quickie Angle-Cut All-Purpose Broom is ideal for picking up dirt that’s not easy to get off of the carpet.

With its 8-inch wide brush head, the broom will collect even the smallest dirt particles from your flooring.

The broom itself is made from tough 100-percent polypropylene fibers.

These fibers are then twisted to form two rows and bound with a plastic or metal (depending on the model) handle before being melted twice and then coated with a protective silver powder coat finish.

The Quickie Angle Cut All-Purpose Broom is great for getting all those dust bunnies under the couch and the harder-to-reach places.

Polypropylene fibers are very durable and will last a long time. With its large sweeping path of 8 inches, this broom is perfect for use in your entranceway or any other place where there might be a lot of dirt that needs clearing away.

The 44-inch handle gives you plenty of room to sweep without getting strain or soreness. When you’re done, hang up it back up with no hassle at all because of its convenient hang-up feature.

7. Coastwide Cw57732 10-Inch Standard Corn Broom

coastwide cw57732 10 inch standard corn broom

Coastwide’s 10″ Standard Corn Broom is a reliable tool for commercial floor maintenance applications that require a natural bristle brush.

This durable, water-resistant broom features refined corn fiber bristles that can be used to sweep up dirt, dust, and other debris from hard-surface floors.

Coastwide’s 10″ Standard Corn Broom can be used in light sweeping applications on many different surfaces, due to its ability to reach farther than other comparable brooms with its durable wooden handle.

The Coastwide 10-Inch Standard Corn Broom may be the product you have been searching for if you have previously used other corn brooms.

Not only is this corn broom ideal for sweeping dirt and dust gathered on a wide variety of surfaces, it’s also much more compact than other products in its class.

It provides users with an economical long-lasting use that is great for light sweeping on general surfaces. The broom has a natural wood handle that measures 56 inches in length and is resistant to water.

As an added bonus, the smaller height and bristle width provide a one-handed design that makes the Coastwide 10-inch Standard Corn Broom easily maneuverable so it can brush up against other items with minimal effort.

Best Kitchen Broom


Best Kitchen Broom. While there are a number of ways in which you can choose to clean up your home, the one that has been proven most effective is the use of a broom.

Across the board, those tasked with effectively evaluating various cleaning supplies have consistently found that nothing beats an old-fashioned broom when it comes to getting things spick and span.

Of course, when it comes time to get a new broom for your home, you’ll find quite an array of choices available near your local store as well as online.

You need to know what makes one broom stand out from another however which is why we’ve taken the time here to review several different options with you.

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