Best Knife For Cutting Brisket

Best Knife For Cutting Brisket. Slicing a brisket is akin to an element of performance art and this one act alone has a huge impact on how much your team enjoys their meal.

It would be like an actor’s work onstage that goes unnoticed by the audience because they either didn’t know it was there in the first place or even worse, they were taken out of the moment because the stage lights had too many spots where they shouldn’t have been.

The way you slice a brisket can drastically improve your chances of impressing them with what you have to offer.

8 Best Knife For Cutting Brisket

WÜSTHOF Gourmet 14″ Hollow Edge Brisket Knifebest knife for cutting brisket

The Wüsthof 14-Inch Brisket 04040 Brisket Gauge Slicer (14-Inch/ 04040) makes large cuts of briskets a breeze! The extra long blade grabs the cut of meat and pushes itself through in one simple movement.

Vertical air pockets gently push food off the blade as you’re slicing to reduce drag and friction, and the tapered, smaller curve allows for easy handling of smaller roasts.

The high carbon stainless steel that’s crafted the Wüsthof 14-Inch Brisket Gauge Slicer (14-Inch/ 04040) is lightweight, while maintaining an edge to ensure sharpness.

A nearly full bolster provides balance and durability while maintain a traditional look and feel with this traditional knife also features a full tang, making it both durable and easy to handle.

These Wüsthof carving tools are hand finished by experts ensuring that they are easily maintained each use and carried on through the generations. This 14 inch brisket slicer is equipped with a razor sharp blade with hollow edge to allow for food to fall off when sliced.

This feature gives this knife an advantage because it can make a fast cut without the risk of the product being prematurely exposed to the air which may cause it to spoil.

The triple rivet on this slicing knife from Wusthof Gourmet prevents it from breaking apart if there’s ever a fall or any force applied as a result could splinter it in two very quickly.

This guarantee is backed by certification and provides the perfect balance. Its comfortable hand-grip adds polish and elegance, making this slicer not only convenient but also good-looking during usage.

2. Shun Cutlery Classic 12” Hollow-Ground Brisket Knifeshun cutlery classic 12” hollow ground brisket knife

The Shun Cutlery Classic knife is really easy to use for cutting through large pieces of meat. It can also be used to trim a joint, as it has a narrow and long blade that makes it easier to make quick clean slices without the juices from the food spilling out.

The edge of this knife is made from high-carbon, highly refined vanadium stainless steel that’s been laser cut, so it will hold a sharp edge for longer when you’re trying to chop up meat.

If you want thin and uniform slices every time, then this is certainly the perfect Japanese blade for you as one pass with its sharp edge should be enough to get them looking good.

The Shun Cutlery Classic is a well balanced and attractive knife that features ceramic blades with a manufacturing process that combines technology and tradition.

The blade is composed of three layers folded together for excellent strength with minimal weight. The handle of the knife has an ebony finish, providing additional decorative power to an already handsome knife design.

Moisture resistance is further enhanced with the addition of PakkaWood, known for its hardness and its moisture absorption capabilities.

As one of Shun’s most popular items, you may have seen it either on television or at food preparation shows such as Iron Chef America or even the Today show. it epitomizes everything you will find in a collaborative effort between beauty and function!

3. DALSTRONG Slicing & Carving Knifedalstrong slicing & carving knife

This slicing and carving knife from Dalstrong is made from Japanese steel. It has been inspired by the strength and durability of this material and it is meant to showcase its remarkable characteristics of it.

The knives have been designed to impress your guests not only with its sharpness but also with their stunning aesthetics which you will fall in love with after just one first use.

This knife is considered ‘ruthlessly sharp’ when it comes to all slicing and carving activities, although probably not as much for stabbing or slicing into tough meats like ribs or brisket as widely recommended.

Nevertheless, you’re guaranteed to appreciate how this knife cuts through any sort of meat on your plate at Little Caesars!  The Dalstrong knife is an attractive and beautifully designed knife.

With a Japanese high-carbon steel blade, the knife is as functional as it is luxurious, ideal for adding that little touch of class to your kitchen toolbox.

The etched blade and engraved handle are a simple yet effective way of highlighting how sharp this fine piece of kit really is and what’s more, with its hand-finished engravings you can be sure that it’s one of the most premium cooking knives on the market today.

With its double beveled edge and 8 to 12-degree angle, this professional-grade knife offers precision cutting perfect for carving brisket or any other meat in your find!

4. Victorinox-Swiss-Army- 47645 Cutlery Fibroxvictorinox swiss army 47645 cutlery fibrox

Victorinox creates quality kitchen tools that are used worldwide. While their product line is extensive, the number one item that stood out was the Professional Slicing Knife.

This knife is especially useful when it is time to slice brisket or other types of meats because of its robust design and quality materials.

These tools have been crafted with a cushioned handle to enhance the user experience, while reducing hand and wrist fatigue over time.

The company’s attention to detail and willingness to create high-quality products that function within most commercial kitchens make these slicing knives a must-have for chefs everywhere.

This is ideal for slicing soft and firm meats because the blade is long and it slices smoothly. The handle feels nice in your hand because it won’t burn it, unlike hot metal would.

It’s very safe to handle if you accidentally cut yourself as this knife has a secure quality about it that makes you feel like it cares for your safety.

This protects all kinds of hands from getting burned. You can clean this by hand washing or with a dishwasher but since it’s metal the best way is to wipe it down with a cloth after handling each time so nothing sticks on it and then dry immediately not letting anything like dust build up and fall into crevices.

Most importantly over time blades will lose their edge so you have to hone them often with something called a honing steel which really helps and makes glass cutting easier and quicker.

5. Zelite Infinity Slicing Carving Knife 12 Inchzelite infinity slicing carving knife 12 inch

The Zelite Infinity knife is another great option to consider when looking for the best knife for slicing brisket. This highly rated knife has a razor sharp edge that can easily slice through fruits, vegetables or any meat with the minimum of effort.

The blade is made of HC Germany steel which is corrosion and rust resistant as well as nonstick so food isn’t caught between the blade and handle.

The knife also features an ergonomic handle making it more comfortable to use and safer as well. It also has a 15-18 degree cutting angle on the blade for maximum sharpness and edge retention resulting in minimal wear, however feel free to send yours in for hourly maintenance if you wish.

There’s no need to worry about your investment either because there’s a 15-year warranty as well as a 100% satisfaction. The Zelite Infinity knife has triple-honed blades for fast and clean cuts every time.

The German steel adds a sleek mirror finish that’s easy to maintain and keep looking like new. So you can set your mind at ease when you purchase this beautiful knife knowing that it won’t rust with extended use in the dishwasher or drying rack. Quite the opposite, with proper care, the 8-in blade stands up well to daily abuse.

Many reviewers underscore its strength and say this versatile knife is a vital addition to any chef’s kitchen, whether professional or home use.

6. Kessaku 12-Inch Carving Slicing KnifeKessaku 12-Inch Carving Slicing Knife

The Kessaku Dynasty Series of kitchen knives is ideal for slicing meats and ham and will give your brisket that added zing.

The blades in this impressive set are handcrafted using high-carbon, 1.4116 German Stainless Steel with a 58+ Rockwell Hardness to ensure that they offer a high level of resistance to rust and corrosion.

Furthermore, the blade has been designed so that it complements the G10 handle by being sanitary and keeping it free from any accumulation of dirt or debris. The handle itself is resistant to moisture, heat and cold, plus has been designed with triple rivets for a secure fit.

The handle is also ergonomically shaped for working effectively as well as providing comfort during use. The Kessaku Dynasty set of knives features a Granton edge, sharpened to have an angle of 16º, which creates a balanced and well-crafted kitchen tool. The ergonomics have been tailored to make slicing and cutting sessions more manageable.

This knife is thinner than most since it allows for more precise and thinner slices than their competitors. It will also retain its scalpel-like sharpness longer compared to other brands.

Although the Kessaku Dynasty series of knives are rust and stain resistant, they must still be hand washed after every use in order for them to remain clean and dry.

7. Dexter-Russell 12″ Best Knife For Cutting Brisketdexter russell 12 scalloped slicer

While some people heed professional advice when preparing their foods at home, you may not know that the famous professional chef, Aaron Franklin “recommends” that you purchase the Dexter Russell Scalloped Slicer knife in order to slice large amounts of food such as meats at home.

In fact, the chef claims to utilise this knife in all of his smoked brisket recipes, which should give any home cook who knows good cuisine pause.

The blade is 14 inches long, allowing you to cut the entire length of the brisket in one stroke. The scalloped serrations enable smooth, abrasion-free cuts over time, resulting in precise, crisp slices.

It’s the Sani Safe handle! This design has been engineered to ensure excellent grip but it’s also brilliant for people who are new to slicing their own briskets because it provides users with the confidence and comfort needed for precision cutting! One of the best aspects of this knife is its affordability.

At such a low price, you can say it’s almost too good to be true. But let your senses tell you what they think because this piece really delivers top-notch performance and quality, so much that it rivals other products that are three times more expensive. If form and function are important to you, you will be pleased at its versatility.

Not only is this a great option to slice through your brisket (if you happen to be cooking brisket for yourself or someone else), but also with carving up some vegetables, slicing bread or cutting meat (e.g., chicken).


Best Knife For Cutting Brisket. Brisket slicing is a necessary step to ensure that you have an easy time serving your guests but can be quite a laborious and time-consuming task.

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