Best Korean Rice Cooker

Best Korean Rice Cooker. Rice cookers are fantastic appliances in your home kitchen. They allow you the ability to cook rice just like the people living in South East Asia have done for centuries.

The best part is that a good rice cooker operates on its own and practically makes cooking rice a breeze. Once cooked, it’s locked-in so there’s less of a possibility of refrigeration space being taken up because of leftovers. What’s more, rice cookers aren’t just for cooking rice.

They can be used to make other foods like soups, steam vegetables, meat, and yogurt too making them excellent for meal planning too! You can even bake cakes with your new & improved Korean rice cooker with the accessories that may be found around different kitchen appliance stores or through buying online.

Best Korean Rice Cooker

1. CUCKOO CRP-P0609S | 6-Cup (Uncooked) best korean rice cooker

Cuckoo is a fresh produce star in the culinary world. The brand has a reputation for making high-quality pressure rice cookers. In fact, they are selling so many rice cookers at this point that they are practically making them one after another.

Such models include the CRP-P0609S, a contemporary pressure cooker with a 12-cup capacity that makes it suitable for any household.

Professionals say this model is just as simple to use as your everyday rice cooker and can make meals significantly faster to prepare such as finishing cooking at the touch of a button or allowing you to get creative and add additional ingredients when cooking is complete to help you create delectable recipes.

It’s truly an innovative new way of introducing variety into the kitchen without compromising on quality – especially when the meal is fresh, vegan, and gluten-free all at once.

It has a dual-layer of rubber that wraps around the inside, which prevents steam from escaping. This avoids the problem of rice bursting open and becoming useless.

The manufacturer touts that this device helps lock in a delightful flavor even when it’s reheating and this leads to a more delicious end product. Finally, there is an automatic cleaning system that makes it easy for you to sanitize your device by simply pressing a button.

2. Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cookerzojirushi ns zcc18 neuro fuzzy rice cooker

The Zojirushi Neuro will ensure you never miss out on a great pot of rice. This 5-1/2 cup cooker is fully automated and features a Neuro Fuzzy Logic technology which employs probabilistic reasoning, ensuring you don’t have to babysit the cooking process.

With so many options at your disposal, including delayed start and Keep Warm capabilities, this black and stainless steel appliance makes for a versatile kitchen addition that’s ideal for compact spaces as it mounts directly to the wall.

As one of the most reputable manufacturers of rice cookers on the market, Zojirushi has yet again mastered reliable rice preparation for your home in its all new model!

Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 also comes with ten programs for any rice dish and other cooking needs. Both chefs, professionals to beginners will be delighted about how a lot more effortless cooking can be due to the slow cook function, especially ideal when you are busy or running late in the morning.

Another plus is that it’s easy to use because the single push button cleaning mechanism automatically cleans in one step.

The outside body looks stylish and elegant while maintaining a decent ability to bring moments of delight into your and your family’s life on tasteful meals made with Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 that are cooked using ideal pre-sets or customized according to your wishes.

3. Tianji Electric Rice Cooker FD30D with Ceramictianji electric rice cooker fd30d with ceramic

This top model of Rice Cooker is one of a kind. It uses a ceramic pot instead of the more popular metal pot with a protective cover. Ceramic pots, according to some, are the greatest for preserving rice taste while also allowing for healthful boiling.

The Tianji product is an excellent value. It allows you to prepare a wide range of recipes and is simple to operate.

You may also change the cooking process in minutes and hours from the submenu. For ease of usage, each one of these settings has its press. Additionally, there is a carrying handle included with the Tianji Korean Pressure Cooker. And it’s capable of cooking foods for up to 5 persons at a time. It can fit into most campers or car trunks.

The inner pot on this rice cooker has always been non-stick, but now it has been upgraded and is made from ceramic so that even more nutrients aren’t lost when preparing healthy meals for your friends and family.

You don’t have to worry about the age of the user with this new model because the old way of coating a pot wasn’t effective however Tianji worked hard to find an alternative without hurting the taste of food.

This new ceramic rice cooker FD30D will flip heads when they find out how it gives significant health benefits while cooking delicious meals that preserves one’s precious taste buds too.

4. Lihom LJP-HK100GDE 10-Cup Rice Pressure Cookerlihom ljp hk100gde 10 cup rice pressure cooker

Lihom is a premium brand name known for designing and manufacturing advanced products for everyday lives. Now you can enjoy the best of its technology with the LJP-HK100GDE 10 Cup Rice Pressure Cooker.

Made from high-quality materials, this model comes with an inner pot lined with a micro diamond particle coating so it’s scratch proof and as strong as any cooking tool you’re likely to see.

The inner pot is designed to provide exceptional thermal efficiency and it does a superb job of delivering fluffy rice ready in no time at all.

The Lihom Rice Cooker may be a bit pricey compared to other rice cookers, but it’s well worth the investment. Just like some of the better high end rice cookers, this appliance has a steam cleaning option that eases your cleaning duties because you just need to pressurize the cooker and then turn on the steam so it can automatically clean itself.

This makes things a lot easier when trying to get all of your pots and pans cleaned up right after you’ve made dinner!.

During cooking, the functionality of this rice cooker is increased once again when you utilize it’s built in voice commands that talk you through each stage of the cooking process and even timers so you can make sure that your rice is done at exactly the time you prefer it to be done.

5. Cuchen Micom Rice Cooker “Eve” 6cupcuchen micom rice cooker eve 6cup

Cuchen is a well-known Korean brand known for its top-quality household appliances, but it is clear that it offers more than just kitchen wares.

The brand proudly presents the  Eve Micom 6-Cup Rice Cooker, a must-have product in a small kitchen space.

The strong and powerful rice cooker has multiple options such as white, mixed cook, semi-brown, brown rice cook, porridge, GABA brown rice cook, and quick cooking.

Cuchen knows that having such spoils in one device are to be treasured! It combined portability and power seamlessly by ensuring that this model was lightweight even though it was packed with so many functionalities like detachable inner lid and automatic shut off mechanism with auto keep warm function.

This rice cooker is different from other devices of its kind since it uses advanced chip-controlled technology, so to speak.

It has auto temperature control and a thermal sensor that can analyze how things are coming together in the pot, which then enables it to decide on how long or short it should take certain things to cook based on what the requirements call for and what’s needed to be done at any given time.

6. COMFEE’ 5.2Qt Best Korean Rice Cookercomfee' 5.2qt asian style programmable

This Korean rice cooker from COMFEE is one of the best-selling ones. Obviously, as it’s an entry-level product you might have to make some compromises with regards to functionality as well as features.

However, for what this unit comes packaged with, it gets the basics right and cooks up tasty rice, steams veggies, and has various other cooking functions too all in just one pot.

An impressive 17 different applications which range from steaming your veggies to cooking rice comprise the custom smart cooking system that moves hot steam through multiple layers.

first the inner valve then the steam kettle creating advanced heat circulation. This makes it a great cooker for holding onto the large amounts of rice needed for big parties.

Not only does it have a removable liner, but it can also facilitate both white and brown rice. It holds up to 20 cups of cooked rice and has a 24-hour delay timer as well as an auto-shutoff feature.

The reheating feature keeps food warm for 12 hours to boot. The rice cooker is touch-friendly with a LED display and sensitive controls so that you can set your meal to cook when you’re home or even while you’re out by pressing a button.


Best Korean Rice Cooker. These are the best Korean rice cookers that anyone should consider buying. When searching for a Korean rice cooker, this buyer’s guide will provide you with information on certain brands of rice cookers. The following products all have amazing features and they perform great.

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