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Best Leather Strop. It can sometimes be difficult to maintain the quality of the knives and tools that you use in your kitchen if you don’t make a point to clean them after every use.

No matter how sharp your knife is, if you don’t sharpen it properly, then you may as well throw it away since its cutting abilities will deteriorate over time.

Your best bet when it comes to safeguarding your knives from becoming dull or from being damaged permanently is to invest in a leather strop.

Since there has been quite a proliferation of cheap strop brands on the market these days (not to mention, the fact that many consumers assume that all strop brands are created equal or have no idea how important proper leather care maintenance really is) it’s imperative that when making an investment into this product category, one chooses carefully.

7 Best Leather Strop

1. Leather Honing Strop 3 Inch by 8 Inch leather honing strop 3 inch by 8 inch 

This is one of the best finds if you’re looking to replace an old sharpener. This sharpening tool has a beautiful and thick design, which makes it easier on your hands while you use it.

Not only is this back-up tool 2 inches in width, 8 inches in length and a record 1/8th inch thickness – but the amazing material makes it quite durable. Which helps to protect your investment by protecting your tool’s edge as much as possible.

It’s also 2 sided with a smooth side and a rough side, therefore allowing you to create a perfect edge every time without fail! The premium vegetable tanned leather helps to provide any knife or razor the ideal degree of sharpness.

Each package comes with one green coloring compound with white polishing compounds that are simple to use and don’t require any complicated procedures for you to re-sharpen your cutting tools.

This leather strop comes in an assortment of uses and applications. It can be used to sharpen up woodworking or utility knives, or you may even use it with the straight razors if you are so inclined.

The one main feature of this strop that makes it stand out is that it has both a smooth side and a rough side with green compound which helps to align the fine steel edge of a straight razor.

The manufacturers have made sure that the size was especially taken into account because they wanted it to be perfect for sharpening purposes.

2. Sharp Pebble Classic Leather Strop sharp pebble classic leather strop 

This is a great, renewable resource and it makes for an excellent, lightweight strop. This Sharp leather stropping kit comes complete with honing compound, so you can be sure your blades are fully maintained and treated with optimum care.

The leather base has a non-slip rubber bottom so you can use this kit safely at any angle and the high-quality cowhide leather material results in long-lasting products.

This strop will keep working just like new on a daily basis because of its durability and quality manufacturing construction. Whether you’re a professional or amateur sharpener, we’re sure you’ll agree that this is one of the best ways to maximize your cutting tool’s longevity.

This bamboo base genuine leather strop is a wonderful tool to help you achieve an incredibly sharp edge. Stropping your knife blades, cutting tools and more on this strong, hard-hitting strop aligns the micro-edges at a microscopic level and gives you an edge with the razor sharpness you need to really get those projects going.

After honing your blade’s edge at home or on another traditional stone, we highly recommend finishing off that edge by polishing it off on this easy-to-use strop for yet another step closer to having gleaming edges good enough to slice through even some of the toughest materials. This strop simply makes everything sharper.

3. BeaverCraft LS6P1 Leather Paddlebeavercraft ls6p1 leather paddle

The BeaverCraft Double-sided strop is always a winner when it comes to offering an exquisite quality. This is due to the leather material itself which is soft and of decent thickness.

The result of this leads to increased comfort while holding your knife in place as you’re sharpening. This strop also helps eliminate minor scratches that occur over time after you’ve developed a shallow bevel edge as well as an added glossy look for your blade

. Whole process of using this strop is simple and straight forward since there are no extra steps involved so filing side works effectively for honing blades, stropping the sides presents a natural sheen without any compounds.

It comes with an Ashwood ergonomic handle that provides a secure grip and maximum comfort that you’ll find very beneficial. These kits also come with an e-book called the “Using The Strop Kit.”

While reading this e-book, you will find a lot of great information on how to use strop blocks which are typically used for sharpening knives, razors and other cutting tools likes scissors or other forms of cutlery.

The kit can be particularly beneficial to woodcarvers and those who enjoy crafting with leather because they’re essentially easy to use, convenient and can become your preferred tool in no time.

4. LAVODA Leather Strop Paddle Largelavoda leather strop paddle large

Lavoda is a leading brand when it comes to leather strops for sharpening knives. Their range of high-quality products will keep your blades cutting like new and always finding themselves in the top-ladders of reviewers’ best practice guides.

One of their most popular products include the paddlesharp, which provides an incredibly clean finish to the sharpening process.

The paddle has one side constructed with high quality suede, making it ideal for honing pastes, while the other side is smooth and can be used after you’ve finished with your honing paste.

And while they’re great at getting rid of that niggling edge on your blade, they’re also incredibly durable – often ranking highly in reviews as one of the best knife sharpeners available on the market right now.

It includes an incredibly comfortable handle that makes holding it easy to do, even when the material you’re working with is extra fine. The ergonomic design is intended to keep those who are in the business of sharpening blades comfortable and safe while they turn their expertise into something beautiful that everyone can cherish.

You’ll notice that your edges bevels will be sharper than ever after using this strop on them. That’s because fine chromium oxide irritates the skin. This unique compound is also incredibly durable and will stand up to intensive everyday use.

5. Viking Edge Double Leather Stropviking edge double leather strop

The most premium leather strop by Viking is one every cook, hunter, and wood carver must in their arsenal. This strop not only has the most sophisticated design, but it’s handmade from the finest grade of suede leather available.

The use of a dual cushioned construction with an extra soft balm finish promises you a product high in quality which will last for years to come.

The professional cooks and hunters appreciate how unyielding offering two sides for sharpening tools as well as honing blades is not often seen even on higher end strops and therefore have given our product extremely positive reviews time and time again.

Like most leather strop and polishing compounds, there are two options that you have at your disposal. The green (1.3 microns) is considered to be a coarse polish so it has a lot more substance to it than the white (2.6 microns) which is pretty fine, being half as dense and much softer.

Green will give you a bit more abrasive while white will result in a smoother stroke, but still takes care of any loose fibers on the surface of your leather. If you want high-quality strops, you can expect these ones to last you quite some time even though they don’t necessarily come cheap.

6. DONGRTON Knife Sharpening dongrton knife sharpening 

This Dorton strop kit is an ideal tool for relieving your knives from any dullness. It’s an easy-to-use straight razor leather strop with many features that experience professionals will love.

This strop will make a perfect addition to your other sharpening tools. The stainless steel stropping comb is double sided and made of a quality of leather, making it 100% whetstone safe.

With its premium 400, 1000, 3000 and 8000 grit whetstones and two mat options, it can really help you to restore the sharpness in your knifes like never before.

If you’re new to sharpening knives or razors then this would be the best option for you as it is very simple to use because its silicone bottom offers stability while at use and shipping around while also ensure it won’t make scratches on the table you intend to use this knife on or even wobble during operation.

You will definitely be satisfied with this product for years. There are stop products that can help prevent mishaps and is thus safe to use. Quality silicone bases and secure mats make using this product a breeze for even those who have little experience with them. Because of its white corundum surface, it is resistant to the use of grinding oils that could alter the texture in the future.

7. Hilitchi 5 Pcs Best Leather Strophilitchi 5 pcs leather stropping kit

The Hilitchi Leather Strop is the best leather strop for knives. The double-sided strops ensure versatility, while the strop’s large size allows it to be used with a variety of knives and sharp cutting tools.

Exquisitely crafted from a combination of natural wood and vegetable-tanned leather, this strop will give you years of service. There’s a smooth leather surface on one side, as well as a frosted finish on the other.

Included are four different buffing compounds to provide maximum finishing power for your cutlery collection. Plus, there’s a firm grip handle made from acrylic plastic that makes it easy to use.

This set includes plenty of fine leather stropping compounds, like the mineral-based stropping compound and gray german compound. This leather strop compound set can be widely applied to DIY crafting, razor sharpening, belt and jewelry honing, knife sharpening water stone and metal polishing.

Start off sharpening by rubbing the edge down on the smooth part of the leather strop for a nice, fast cutting edge and follow up by evenly applying the frosted grooved side to give your blade a mirror polished finish.

Stropping and Honing Compound Guide for Leather Strops


Best Leather Strop. Finally, it can be concluded that finding the right leather strop to suit your needs can be a bit of a challenge, particularly if you are new to the craft.

To help you narrow down your options we have put together an in-depth guide on how to find the perfect strop – we even throw in some handy reviews for those who would like extra information.

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