Best Lipo Battery Brand For Rc Cars

Best Lipo Battery Brand For Rc Cars. When deciding on the best RC car battery, you will see a lot of confusing jargon. The first thing to do is know that there are three main types of batteries: 1. Non-Rechargeable 2. Disposable Batteries 3.

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Batteries Some RCs can use both kinds, with rechargeable obviously being more expensive but lasting longer and performing better than disposable ones.

These batteries must be wired correctly in order for them to work properly, so make sure you know how to do this before powering up.

One thing to remember is that the higher the mAh rating, the more power it can store; also known as its capacity. A safe minimum would be 2500mAh, which should give about 3 hours of charge time for most models.

6 Best Lipo Battery Brand For Rc Cars

1. Gens ace 14.8V 4S 50C 5000mAh LiPo Battery best lipo battery brand for rc cars

Gens ace batteries provide you with optimal power for your electric devices. The 100c maximum blast rate is powerful enough for your RC cars.

You will experience better acceleration from the 14.8v capacity compared to similar rechargeable batteries. Contain a balance lead protector that prevents the plug from falling off during long use and from overcharging, effectively preventing damage to the cells in the process.

Experience the best features Gens ace has to offer thanks to the careful attention to quality control measures such as OCV and IR testing procedures.

Which is something that other brands often neglect and can ultimately hurt you in the long run if proper care is not taken.

Gens ace slim LiPo Battery has a discharge rating of 35C continuous and 50C burst. You can use it as a stick pack to replace fitting or bulky batteries in your 1/8 & 1/10 RC car model.

It keeps excellent high rate performance after multiple cycles, high safety and long cycle life (150 times minimum).

There is no need to modify the original battery compartment to fit this battery because of its very compact size. In addition, it’s easy to carry and connected with deans plug.

It will ensure a more enjoyable driving experience for you. Gens ace lithium polymer batteries are manufactured by Panasonic Industrial Company, so you know they have high quality products.

2. Common Sense RC Lectron Procommon sense rc lectron pro

Common Sense RC LIPO 5200mAh 35C is a perfect balance between durability and unsurpassed performance, making it the ideal choice for most 1/10 scale vehicles.

It offers race-level speeds with reliable performance that can be counted on to get you on the podium countless times in one day. Its capacity and C rating result in extended run times, so you won’t have to worry about not having enough juice during an intense competition.

Don’t let your friends leave you up at the starting line when they can keep going while you wait for your car to charge again – steel it all away with this superior battery pack form Common sense RC.

Common Sense RC Lectron Pro NiMH 2S High-Drain Battery Packs are designed to provide high power in a capacity that is great for most 1:10 vehicles.

Produced with high grade materials, these packs can prove to be the perfect battery for your vehicles’ needs at reasonable prices when bought in bulk.

Each pack includes three different sizes which use either Deans or XT60 connectors on each wire which can help users get the pack to fit their vehicle as needed.

With a huge discharge rate of 60C and a capacity of 4000mAh, these packs are big enough to keep you truck running strong but not too cumbersome for any hobbyist’s collection.

With extra protection added such as silicone leads that have a heat resistant wiring design and an extra thick plastic casing along with waterproofing, these high quality batteries offer all the safety precautions a user should demand from their vehicle’s power supply on the track.

3. HRB 4S 14.8v 5000mAh 50C Lipo Batteryhrb 4s 14.8v 5000mah 50c lipo battery

HRB Lipo Battery is been continuously developing high quality batteries for your remote control car. Over the last few years.

With advanced technology and focus on customer preferences and needs, HRB has developed a whole range of lipos to suit each driver’s individual requirements.

With many different sizes and specifications available, everyone can find what they are looking for in their next battery pack.

The team at HRB have a wealth of knowledge behind them which enables us to develop top quality lipo batteries for your RC cars.

They put the experience into creating good performing products that last long even under extreme conditions. HRB battery Lipo is designed to be a high end product.

This Lipo comes in a bright pink colour and has 5000mah. It works well with 1/10 RC cars and other products.

The extended voltage output from the lipo battery helps to power up your engines and the freedom of movement that comes from the use of two lipos per car makes for a good balance engine ratio, so you can drive at higher speeds.

The design itself is integrated directly into the model, delivering an awesome look and feel to it, making it more sensitive when navigating sharp turns that are sure to blow away all your competitors in racing.

4. Redcat Racing Hexfly 5000mAhredcat racing hexfly 5000mah

The Redcat Racing Hexfly Best Lipo Battery Brand For Rc Cars are made with tough hard covers, as well as wiring composed of strong gauges. LiPo, or lithium polymer batteries are said to have improved performance all around, but only if your specific vehicle is compatible with them.

It is important to check with the manual for your particular RC car or truck in order to make sure that you will be able to use this hexfly battery properly.

When you install a LiPo battery into a motorized vehicle which was not designed to accommodate them straight out of the gate, you may run the risk of incurring damage which can result in fires.

You must also avoid using these battery packs with any type of lead-acid batteries by name alone, rather than having a look at what they are capable of based on testing and evaluation by professionals who know what they’re doing instead of making assumptions.

The use and transport of Redcat Racing Hexfly batteries is potentially hazardous, despite that they have been thoroughly tested.

You cannot use them in environments where there is excessive dust or a high concentration of gases and vapours due to fire or explosion risks.

Every time you handle a battery pack, you must read and follow the directions strictly, provided alongside each individual battery pack.

Only charge in designated charging stations with high-quality connectors designed for LiPo batteries such as customized Redcat Racing Triton 2 chargers or similar high quality products.

Make sure to double check the voltage/amperage ratings on your charger as well as on your vehicle and vehicle components to ensure compatibility before use.

5. Socokin 6S Lipo Batterysocokin 6s lipo battery

Lithium polymer batteries have come a very long way since the early days of performance-driven design. Today we have access to superior material for making this type of battery.

Furthermore, computer-aided design has greatly improved the safety of using lithium batteries in RC projects. In fact, many commercial companies are now using them to power their high-end drones.

This is because of the simplicity and dependability that LiP batteries may bring to a pilot or RC hobbyist. Due to their compact size and high energy density, they can be placed almost anywhere on any vehicle.

The discharge rating is exceptionally high, with 50C being capable of handling more current than lesser rated lithium cells (which is not always better).

So if your project requires both efficiency and the ability to punch out very high rates of energy this may be what you want. As with batteries of any kind, you must ensure that they meet safety standards.

To start with, make sure to never use a battery if the appearance is damaged or seems otherwise compromised or if the wires around it seem damaged in any way.

You can avoid such issues by using a properly balanced charger rather than simply plugging one in randomly. Also, be sure to only use a brand and model of charger that is compatible with your device.

They here at Socokin work hard to not only provide you with high quality lithium polymer batteries to power your devices but also to support safe practices by helping educate the customers on how to safely install, maintain and store their devices during use.

6. Zeee 7.4V Best Lipo Battery Brand For Rc Carsbest lipo battery brand for rc cars 2022

Zeee Lipo Battery is a high quality LiFePO4 and Li-Polymer rechargeable battery that’s designed to fit into RC vehicles, planes, boats and helicopters.

The Zeee Lipo is used for various radio control purposes. Since many of the radio controlled vehicles come with power adapters that do not allow for charging the batteries inside the device.

Users often have found themselves having to modify their vehicles in order to accommodate the larger batteries which are needed when using higher performance electric motors.

This is not always a simple task and isn’t something most people would even contemplate doing at home. But through a job well done by engineers at Zeee they have managed to create a range of both standard and high capacity batteries which offer large amounts of power and are very cost effective but still provide a great depth of flexibility when compared with other similar types of product on the market today.

There are two specific features of this battery that make it stand out from the rest. Firstly, it is a 7.4 volt 5000mAh lipo battery.

Which is great because it’s just high enough to be impressive, yet just low enough to give you some more balance and stability whilst driving your car. Secondly, the battery case is hard, rather than soft like many other vape batteries which makes it last longer and work better in extreme temperatures.

You will also see that this model has a Deans T Connector which is a type of solderless connector used with radio control model aeroplanes.


Best Lipo Battery Brand For Rc Cars. Lipo batteries are pretty much the best battery technology that is available in the market today. They are quite different from NiMH and NiCd rechargeable batteries, and they are much more powerful than these older technologies. They are mostly used in RC cars and other aeroplane models, and they can also be used in some other applications as well.

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