Best Magnetic Drill Press

Best Magnetic Drill Press. When shopping for magnetic drill presses, you tend to weigh your options. There are a lot of factors that come into play when making these decisions factors such as your project’s specifications and abilities, drilling preferences, and budget.

All this comes together to determine the best product for you! Instead of stressing over all the information out there about different models, we should help save some time.

We’ve analyzed multiple features such as drill speed and amount of torque among others plus used data from user reviews to guide your purchasing decision.

Remember that it is vital that you take a look at each model and analyze its features rather than just relying on top lists or advertising hype.

Best Magnetic Drill Press

DEWALT Drill Press, 2-Speed, Magneticbest magnetic drill press

The DeWalt DWE1622K drill press may not be our most expensive product, but it’s packed with all the power you need to get those tough jobs done.

It’s a two-speed magnetic drill worth every penny. When you’re drilling holes, and drilling big ones at that, the motor is going to run for a long time without heat or internal damage so you don’t have to worry about your investment as you burrow deeper into whatever material you’re working on.

Speaking of materials, this versatile drill is built for any kind of project too. It can work with steel just as easily as lumber for those contractors who are looking for versatility in their tools.

The price is pretty cheap when compared to other drills we offer – but we know that price isn’t everything – and we designed this product with our wider audience in mind. Thanks to the external self-feeding cooling tank (which is also compatible with water) you can use this baby anywhere without having to worry about compatibility!

Furthermore, the DeWalt drill is feasible for a lot of purposes. Because it features a quick change chuck, you can use different types of bits. This way, you’re able to work with several projects at once without having to change tools back and forth constantly.

2. RIKON 30-120 13-Inch Drill Pressrikon 30 120 13 inch drill press

If you are looking for a smooth-drilling, top-quality magnetic drill press, the Rikon 30 Smooth-Top Drill Press is probably the right one for you.

It has a ½ HP motor and offers 16 spindle speeds for all sorts of crafting chores. Rikon has designed a high-quality adjustable height workbench that can handle the weight of heavy tools, thus making it ideal for you.​

The bench has 13 different positions to set your desired working height and also helps to keep time on your projects by keeping them as professional as possible without having to worry about finding your spot again.

It’s got some nice features including a sturdy cast-iron surface, solid steel frame, and an ample storage space for holding materials like wood and metal because Rikon knows how important it is for their reputation if things can be easily found when needed.

If you’re interested in owning a quality drill but don’t want to sink much money into one, the RIKON 30-120 13-Inch Drill Press is a great option. It gives you high functionality in an affordable package – convenient for the guy or gal on a budget.

This model has 16 spindle speeds and has a cast iron drilling table with a precision machined indexing head that contains 16 pilot-on spindle bearings for perfect alignment every time.

The 320 watt motor is lightweight enough to use all day long and comes with three year limited warranty, so you can be confident of your purchase!

3. Hougen HMD904 115-Volt Magnetic Drillhougen hmd904 115 volt magnetic drill

The power base is equipped with an LED light that automatically turns on once you start using the tool (the magnet will switch off automatically when you release it, or if you turn the tool off). With the new pilot hole guide, there is no misalignment.

Indeed, with a 7/16-inch to 1½-inch diameter and deep holes of up to 2 inches, and 30% more torque with the core drill attachment, your jobs will be complete quickly and easily.

In addition, since there’s a convenient slot drive arbor that slides right over most standard ¼” hex shank chucks you can use this versatile tool not only for drilling holes in wood but also on metal and plastic projects as well.

Changing out your accessories is easy because of the slot drive arbor which is also compatible with most ½” hex shank chucks so tools that you already own will work just fine! This drill is designed to handle a variety of jobs and can be used for the needs of any professional or business owner who needs holes in their wall skillfully drilled.

These tasks may require hours and hours of hard work but in return, these professionals will have the tools they need to ensure that all jobs are done as quickly, smoothly, and professionally as possible.

4. Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 evolution power tools evomag28 

Power Tools from Evolution Power Tools offers many affordable and class-leading options in their lineup of magnetic drill presses, like the Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28.

This particular model stands out because it’s the most efficient and reliable option among all the other low cost mag drill models available in this highly competitive category.

It uses a 1000 watt power supply for its 10 amp motor, providing 380 unit watts output, which is basically on par with much pricier models.

One of the favorites among these mag drills under $100 is this one that makes it easy to drill holes through various drilling materials at low speeds while also featuring an impressive overload protection feature in addition to a lengthy three year limited warranty period and a 52-4500 RPM speed range along with an approximate weight of 41 pounds!

The drill press we’re presenting today comes with a 1 ⅛ inch diameter drill head that can be used to drill holes up to 2 inches deep. It’s also possible to easily adjust its features thanks to the easy controls and use of this drill press, which has a 6-inch stroke length.

Another great thing about this drill press is that it includes an integrated cooling system that allows for safe working without breaking your bits or your current project! The 570 RPM electric motor of this product ensures safety and comfort on all types of projects.

5. Mophorn 1100W Magnetic Drill Press mophorn 1100w magnetic drill press 

Another affordable magnetic drill press is the Mophorn Drill Press. It’s a smaller brand, but it offers a good quality product at a reasonable price point.

It’s been able to achieve its position thanks to its momentum and getting noticed on Amazon through it’s unique position as a high-performing product in the middle of all lower-priced options under $100.

Most shoppers have noted that when compared with higher-priced products from other brands such as Bosch or Makita this option is hard to beat both in value and performance.

It has ridged cast iron construction and runs on a 575 watt motor that can operate at well over 2,000 rpm. Even though it doesn’t come with free shipping there is always next day shipping to choose from if you need your magnetic drill press right away! This product is fantastic because of the speed of its motor.

It operates at 3000 RPM which offers lots of power for a drill press in its price range. Also, it’s important to remember this has a 1-year long warranty, so you’re covered if something goes amiss. The primary downside with this product is that the build quality could be better.

However, considering that it’s available from the manufacturer at such a low price point, sometimes you have to make sacrifices and compromises when shopping for products like this.

6. BLACK BLUEROCK Best Magnetic Drill Pressblack bluerock tools model brm 35a 

Black Blue Rock is another worthy brand to be included in our list of drill press brands. Their BRM-35A priced at under $100 is an ideal choice for those who are on a budget.

It offers decent drilling performance, has a 1 ½ inches drill capacity and can operate at extremely fast speeds of 595 RPM. For added convenience, you also get to enjoy stellar 90-day long warranty with this rock solid performer that weighs less than 18 pounds.

Its light weight makes it highly portable compared to the conventional models seen in most shops plus the fact that it comes with a built-in 3/4 inch vice means that you can use it as an impromptu bench-mounted drill.

Not only that, but its sturdy construction also ensures enhanced stability during operation. Unfortunately, this drill press doesn’t arrive with a user’s manual.

This means that you will have to figure out how to use it all by yourself beforehand. We think this might be quite inconvenient for a lot of users out there, especially if they’re not too tech-savvy yet and they aren’t exactly sure what they need to do.

Luckily though, this drill press comes with plenty of accessories included (they are detailed below) and the model itself it isn’t too spacious, meaning that it won’t take up much room in your workshop or garage.

As a result, we do feel that this product is worth the money as it is lower-priced than many comparable products on the market right now.


Best Magnetic Drill Press. Magnetic Drill Presses are used in a variety of industries, usually in tool and die works, repair shops, and machine shops. They are built with an electric motor that is coupled to a chuck which holds the drill bit by means of electromagnetic force.

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