Best magnetic mount cb antenna

Best magnetic mount cb antenna. Looking for a convenient way to mount your CB antenna. Do you dread having to drill holes in your vehicle and put up with the hassle of doing the wiring yourself.

If so, a magnetic CB antenna is your best match. Mounting this type of antenna is simple and it comes with great performance especially when it comes down to extending transmission range.

Magnetic antennas are not all the same though so keep reading before settling on one unit in particular.

6 Best Magnetic Mount Cb Antenna

1. K40 Model K-30 35″ Magnet Mountbest magnetic mount cb antenna

The K40 K-30 CB Antenna is one of the few best mag mount CB antennas that remains a trusted tool for many professional truck and construction workers.

It comes equipped with an ICAS rating meaning that it can withstand power handling capability of up to 300 Watts without any loss of performance.

One particularly impressive aspect about this antenna involves its magnet. It comes with a heavy-duty magnet which is built-in thus ensuring that wherever you place it, your antenna stays securely in place.

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This antenna comes with a designed to play 95 percent shielded cable to prevent loud noise signals, which you will appreciate.The antenna’s length is also amazing when it comes to signal reception, as it is 35 inches long.

This makes it perfect for picking up enhanced signals if you hit the rough trails/off-road more often. To note, this antenna has a PL-259 connector, one that functions well enough.

It also has an impressive radius tip of 180 degrees, and a stainless steel whip which is 35 inches in length and corrosion resistant.

2. TRAM 703-HC Center Load CB Antennatram 703 hc center load cb antenna

When it comes to finding the best magnet mount CB antenna for your truck or SUV, you can’t beat considering this Tram 703-HC (2 foot) model.

This is an excellent option for drivers who are on a budget as it comes with a 1 year warranty, yet it functions and performs like an even pricier option.

Most buyers simply love the resilience of this model in other words, its ability to handle approximately ¾ ton trucks and SUVs.

The heavy duty magnet is one reason why so many customers have adopted this model and enjoy using t every day. It functions well also even in windy weather and when vehicles go over rough roads or drive through deep snow.

Also, they should mention that you will love the length of 2 feet on this Tram 703-HC, as it allows your truck or SUV to look great while still being functional.

The CB antenna is extremely versatile in that it covers all shortwave bands so that you never have to worry about missing out on any channels.

It boasts an extra-long cable length at 17 feet, which makes installation much more streamlined and hassle-free. This antenna measures 2 foot in height, and is constructed using 3.5 inches of magnet mount, as well as a spring shock, stainless steel whip and 17-feet of RG 58 with PL 259 connector.

3. WILSON 305-38 300-Watt Little Wil Magnetwilson 305 38 300 watt little wil magnet

You know that the small wires typical CB antenna kits come with aren’t really powerful or efficient. You may have paid handsomely for one because of its looks, but it won’t be the quality you expect without sufficient wiring and new components.

But Wilson 30538300 changes all that for you. It comes with a full-sized 14-gauge copper wire, allowing you to reap the rewards of high-quality sound and range.

It’s taller in length which means better performance from above as well! In total, this kit allows us to understand every detail of your favorite radio station or band, making rest assured we hear everything clearly highlighted.

The Wilson 30538300 from Wilson offers a lot of power, propelling its users towards their destination at lightning pace. An exceptional 400 watt-hour Li-Ion battery powers your car’s engine to the 300 mile per hour top speed, ensuring you reach your final destination in the shortest possible time.

10 Oz soft-palm leather material absorbs shocks which protects against dents and scratches when steering during extreme weather conditions such as rain or fog.

What’s more, if you prefer driving after sunset, high strength carbon fiber headlights will make it easy for you to see clearly to successfully complete your journey.

4. Midland 18-2442 Mobile CB Antennamidland 18 2442 mobile cb antenna

There is generally one set-back when you are using CB antennas. It is difficult to install due to the fact that you need extra equipment to do it right and completely.

Even if you use your antenna very often, then you will have no problem in handling with this product. It has got a high-tech tuning system which helps drivers cut down their time while they are tuning it.

You don’t really need any rocket science here as you just need to loosen the screw that is attached with your antenna’s base and move it up and down whenever necessary.

It is much easier way of installing CB antennas. No more complicated mechanisms. All you need is magnet attached with magnetic pad so that your CB can ride on top of your vehicle without falling from the surface even for a second.

You are going to bomb the place with a strong signal which has a really smooth texture. The reason being that as a magnet, you have got the flexibility to move around and access areas that need a clear signal.

If they happen to be too far, you can always use your antenna which comes pre-filled so that gets an easy plug & play system. It’ll come with 17 feet of cable and metal already used more times than one can imagine on streets.

And this metal is like no ordinary wire: it’s made from stainless steel when what we’re looking for here is flexibility.

5. Cobra HGA 1500 Hga1500 36 Inch Magneticcobra hga 1500 hga1500 36 inch magnetic

When it comes from Cobra, you know you’re getting a good-quality antenna for your radio. Cobra is one of the top manufacturers of top-notch products that are well received by users everywhere.

Their antennas are no exception as they are known to consistently perform as advertised and last for years without any issue. The no-marring 4 inches magnet will ensure your car’s paint job is not scratched and it will stay adhered to the metal surface throughout.

And when you do not want to use it, simply lift off the metal surface. The 15 feet match braided coaxial cable will ensure a stable performance throughout operation.

The Cobra HGA1500 antenna gives you a little more flexibility in your truck or vehicle. Made from durable steel with a specialized stainless-steel whip, the antenna can be used exclusively on the vehicles roof provided it has a roof-mounted magnet base.

While other antennas require tedious tuning and adjusting before use, this Cobra requires no tuning but still provides you excellent operation generally making it less frustrating than most CB antennas out there. 

This antenna is perfect for trucks, SUVs and other recreational vehicles because it’ll create a solid bond when attached but it’s also convenient as one can remove the antenna when not in use.

The 15 feet of matched braided. Use this 100 Watt rated antenna with its broad-banded frequency of 26-30 Mhz and you’ll be the go-to person for reliable news at festivals, camping trips, and family picnics.

6. Tecreddy CB Radio Best magnetic mount cb antennatecreddy cb radio antenna soft whip

This antenna can be used with handheld CB radios that have a BNC or UHF connector. It’s compatible with both of the connectors so you don’t need to worry about compatibility.

The antenna itself is made from an environmentally friendly material and features a flexible 9.9-inch length, so it’s sure to provide excellent reception no matter what situation to keep your phone line clear for important information from emergency services.

A trustworthy bnc antenna connector works wonders. They’re a great addition to your everyday safety and security.

Featuring a 3m / 10 feet coax cable and PL-259 connectors, this UHF antenna is perfect for people who enjoy driving on long journeys.

They know you want the very best in terms of quality, so don’t be fooled by other cheap imitations on the market – simply put, the UHF antenna plugs into almost all handheld CB radios on the market today.

This wallet-friendly UHF antenna comes complete with a magnetic base (perfect if you have no where to mount it), as well as an RG58/U coaxial cable and BNC to PL259 adapter. That way, you don’t need to worry about pesky adapters every time you use it.


Best magnetic mount cb antenna. After going through this guide, you are now equipped with the knowledge needed before buying a CB antenna. Now that you know all the models available in the market, you’ll have an idea of what to look for when buying a CB antenna. In addition, you can make a well-informed decision during your search and get your first magnetic aerial for outstanding performance at this crucial time.

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