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Best Mastic Gum. Besides being a humectant, mastic gum has several compounds such as flavonoids, phenolic acids, and aliphatic esters. The ancient Greeks used mastic gum to treat stomach aches, mouth sores, and bleeding gums.

Ancient Greeks chewed it like chewing gum or made it into confections with honey. Today, mastic essential oil can be used topically to treat skin conditions and provide other health benefits.

The Mediterranean island Chios is where the unique tree that produces mastic comes from. When you see the teardrop-shaped resin, you can’t help but think of how they named it “his islands’ tears.”

6 Best Mastic Gum

1. Jarrow Formulas Mastic Gum 1000 mg

jarrow formulas mastic gum 1000 mg

Jarrow Formulas products are manufactured in cGMP-certified facilities. Under cGMP regulations, manufacturers are required to evaluate the security of each product by checking its ingredients and confirming they are what they say they are.

The manufacturing practices also ensure that the products themselves have the right ingredients in the right amounts to supply their advertised effects on consumers.

With Jarrow Formulas’ comprehensive line of dietary supplements, customers can be assured of purity and potency.

Put briefly, Jarrow Formulas follows strict manufacturing guidelines and only sources raw materials from reputable suppliers that do too.

Mastic Gum contains resin harvested from the mastic tree, a small-leafed evergreen tree that hails primarily from Greece and Turkey. This natural resin is useful in many ways; it supports the health of the cells in the stomach, for example.

It’s also an antioxidant with properties that are not unlike those found in green tea. Mastic gum has been used for at least 2500 years due to its diverse healing benefits.

These include its ability to support healthy levels of acid production by the stomach and also promote healthy intestines and liver cells as well as oral health! You should take two veggie capsules every day with water or juice before breakfast or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional.

2. Cerez Pazari Natural Mastic Gum

cerez pazari natural mastic gum

Cerez Pazari Natural Real Chios Mastiha (Mastic Gum) Medium Tears 25g Resealable Bag Mastiha (or mastic) on the Greek island of Chios is a natural resin that flows from tree branches and trunks, merging together like water drops.

This viscous, thick fluid solidifies into irregular crystals of varied sizes and forms after around 15 days.

Mastiha, which is exclusively found on the Greek island of Chios, was formerly prized for its medical and therapeutic capabilities, as well as its unique traits.

It is also often regarded as the world’s oldest superfood. Dioscorides was the first to mention the resin’s health advantages, praising Hippocrates, a prominent first-century pharmacologist. Chios Mastiha’s gum has a medium rip.

Mastic from the Greek island of Chios is 100 percent natural. Mastiha (or mastic) from Chios is an ethereal resin that pours from the mastic tree’s branches and trunk, blending together like tears.

After around 15 days, it solidifies into uneven crystals and forms a sticky, thick, sticky goo.

During the summer, keep your jar refrigerated or in a cool spot where the temperature does not exceed 18° C (64° F).

The mastic will become solid if exposed to high temperatures and can be difficult to use when this happens. Also, the mastic is 100% natural with no other additives.

3. NutriCology Mastic Gum – Authentic Chios Mastiha

nutricology mastic gum authentic chios mastiha

NutriCology is the first and only brand to use the purest form of chia seeds. Native to the Greek island of Chios, NutriCology’s Pistacia lentiscus var.

chia tree resin extract has undergone strict quality control and is a powerful source of antioxidants, dietary fiber, protein, and essential fatty acids.

The extract has been carefully tested for mutagenicity (DNA damage), genotoxicity (gene mutations), and teratogenicity (damaging effects on unborn babies).

Our clinical studies show that occasional adult use promotes far better health than what can be achieved by delaying or skipping meals altogether.

This product helps you feel fuller longer and promotes gastrointestinal tract health while helping maintain microbial balance in the digestive tract.

The product is guaranteed gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, peanut and tree-nut-free, fish-free, as well as corn-free.

Provide products made with the finest ingredients and products of the highest quality. Stringent quality control standards are in place, including testing our raw materials using certified analytical laboratories before using them in any of our products.

As a result, we are able to offer an array of reliable products with guaranteed quality assurance. All of our food is 100% harmless for your health and can be consumed without any hesitation.

4. Amazing Formulas Mastic Gum 1000 mg

amazing formulas mastic gum 1000 mg

Amazing Formulas Mastic gum is a natural resin that comes from the bark of the mastic tree (a Mediterranean evergreen) from which it derives its name.

Inflammation in the muscles and joints, diarrhea, upset stomach, and anorexia may be alleviated by this supplement.

Amazing Formulas Mastic gum helps promote a healthy digestive system supports the stomach mucosa and may reduce gastric acid secretion as well as protect the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract.

Additionally, it plays an important role in ensuring that oral health is maintained. The ingredients found within have been shown to support healthy blood flow and circulation, which ultimately benefits cardiovascular function.

Recommend taking two (2) capsules a day before breakfast or as prescribed by your healthcare provider, but you should not exceed this amount.

People who are pregnant or nursing, children under 18, and individuals with known medical conditions should consult a physician before using this product.

Not intended for use in the immediate cure of disease, but rather as a nutritional supplement that may be used by caring adults to help maintain contact with health through proper nutrition.

5. HERBAMAMA Mastic Gum Capsules 

herbamama mastic gum capsules 

Mastic Gum Capsules by HERBAMAMA Take two antioxidant-rich mastic gum capsules at a time to protect your stomach and liver.

Organic dietary supplements aid digestion, ease gastrointestinal pain, and aid in the detoxification process.

Dietary capsules are good for liver health and help to avoid oxidative stress on the organ.

Mastic gum possesses natural cholesterol-lowering and vascular-health-supporting effects.

Organic mastic gum is notable for its ability to promote good circulation, which feeds all organs and blood vessels, allowing nutrients to circulate freely throughout the body.

Add these wellness formula pills to your regular routine to help your heart. This supplement aids in the regular functioning of your digestive system and blood flow, both of which are critical for supplying nutrients to your body’s wellness.

Make the most of the health advantages that nature has to offer. Our nutritional supplements are all created in the USA with non-GMO, wild-harvested ingredients.

Antioxidants in HERBAMAMA Mastic Gum Capsules can help in the elimination of toxins from the body. They’re great for cleansing and help with the liver’s natural detoxification.

Our nutritional supplement benefits many elements of your body, particularly its natural defenses. There are 100 vegetarian pills in each container.

6. Balancebreens Mastic Gum 1000 mg Supplement

balancebreens mastic gum 1000 mg supplement

Breen’s Anti-Oxidants are a great way to keep your body in check.

Mastic Gum Supplement may aid in gastrointestinal health, appropriate digestion, and gut health, as well as provide relief from stomach discomfort.

Mastic gum is high in minerals, which may help the health of gastric and duodenal cells and tissues, as well as stomach acid production, dental health, and the digestive system.

Mastic gum contains natural resins that may aid in the treatment of stomach ulcers and an internal burning feeling in the stomach caused by indigestion or other reasons.

Mastic Gum has natural digestive enzymes that can aid in the detoxification and cleaning of various organs in our body.

This Mastic Gum Complement will be more than beneficial in helping you attain your ideal health objectives if you are wanting to supplement your regular diet with a healthy dose of potent nutrients.

First and foremost, our 120 capsule bottle will last you a full 60 days, guaranteeing you receive the most bang for your buck.

Furthermore, all of our supplements are produced in a GMP-certified facility that adheres to industry-standard quality standards and outcomes.




Does mastic gum really work?

According to a small study conducted in 2010, mastic gum may be able to kill Helicobacter pylori bacteria.

Researchers found out of the 52 participants, 19 were able to completely clear the germ after two weeks of chewing mastic gum with water. A 53 percent success rate was seen in those who chewed mastic gum and took an antibiotic at the same time.

Does mastic gum taste good?

The waters of the Aegean create a creamy, rich ice cream with a haunting, slightly sweet taste.

The subtle flavor is hard to pin down completely, and it may take a few licks for people to recognize what mastic tastes like.

To me, it tastes very similar to pine needles fresh and clean, with just the right amount of bitterness.


Best Mastic Gum. Mastic gum is a laxative as well as an expectorant. Mastic tree, a similar species of Pistacia lentiscus, is frequently used as an attractive plant in Mediterranean gardens.

Mastic gum was used by the ancient Greeks to cure indigestion, dental discomfort, and bleeding gums. It works as a laxative by causing bowel contractions followed by a sense of relaxation.

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