Best Mechanical Keyboard For Programming Reddit

The majority of the time that programmers spend on computers is spent designing, writing, and testing code. The best way to make this process easier is to have a keyboard that you enjoy using all day long.

If the mechanical keyboard makes your entire job more enjoyable even for the little things like simply connecting or disconnecting from Wi-Fi it can really start to save you some hassle overall when it comes down to using your preferred programming applications regularly.

Just in case you’re having a hard time finding that perfect mechanical keyboard.

6 Best Mechanical Keyboard For Programming Reddit

1. Fnatic Streak – LED Backlit Full RGB 

fnatic streak led backlit full rgb 

The STREAK mechanical keyboard features an LED RGB backlighting system, using a total of 8 customizable colors, and can be accessed in either a flashing or breathing lighting mode.

The modes are activated through OP software, ensuring infinite customizations.

CHERRY MX key switches are the industry’s best, German precision-engineered to be trustworthy and reliable beyond 50 million keystrokes which provide for an exceptionally smooth typing experience.

Each key is dust resistant and features fiberglass reinforced plastics to ensure exceptional durability while boasting self-cleaning contacts so your keyboard stays clean even with regular use.

In addition, the sleek design makes it one of the lightest and slimmest mechanical keyboards in the world at just 962g so it’s perfect for bringing just about anywhere.

It is also useful for programming. Fnatic is committed to providing the highest quality to professionals thrown into harsh environments.

With 20 different cross-platform games and over 10 years of being at the forefront of competitive gaming, our premium gaming gear is specially developed with the pros’ feedback in mind.

It’s through this dedication that Fnatic continues to be a leader in esports as well as innovative in hardware. With OP you can completely customize all of your Gear so it’s always ready for battle when you are.

2. Logitech G610 Orion Red Backlit 

logitech g610 orion red backlit 

Gaming keyboard Logitech G610 Orion Brown gaming keyboard gives you a pure gaming experience.

With its performance-driven design, it combines Logitech’s most powerful technologies such as Cherry MX Red key switches and customizable key lighting.

Every aspect of its uniquely crafted form, from the finest details including fingerprint-masking matte texture to a durable braided cable,

has been precisely engineered to bring you industry-leading technology and quality construction.

Smooth linear key responses are perfect for executing rapid-fire Taps or gentle pressure. Logitech Gaming Keyboard G610 by Logitech delivers a comfortable, quiet gaming experience that lets you own the competition.

Choose from three different backlit colors: red, blue, and white. With Logitech Gaming Software, you can personalize your lighting with virtually unlimited color options and custom game profiles. Chose between three different levels of intensity.

Use the roller bar to adjust volume as well as skip to the next song and pause or play music instantly.

Control your device’s volume and multimedia playback without switching out of a game by using F1 through F12 keys mapped perfectly for PC gaming and mechanical switches rated up to 70 million keystrokes.

3. Das Keyboard 4 Professional Wired 

das keyboard 4 professional wired 

Das Keyboard 4 Professional mechanical keyboard is one of the best in the industry.

It combines tactile feel, a psycho-acoustic experience and incredible craftsmanship.

Best-in-class Cherry MX Brown key switches deliver tactile feedback that’s both accurate and reliable so you’ll be able to execute each keystroke with lightning-fast precision.

The detachable foot bar comes with an extra set of WASD keys so you can position your Das Keyboard exactly the way you want it.

The wide variety of available Cherry MX mechanical key switches is what will truly make an excellent addition to your life in your home or office.

You can expect a lifetime of 50 million keystrokes with laser-fired keycaps and Cherry MX Brown switches on your new mechanical keyboard.

In contrast to other metals, gold does not rust, lengthening the switch’s lifespan. This is one of the best features of high-performance, gold-flecked switches.

Fast typists, developers, and gamers will appreciate Das Keyboard 4’s support for NKRO over USB, which allows you to access all your keys simultaneously without using a PS2 adapter as with older models. NKRO can be toggled or disabled by pressing shift + mute.

4. X-Bows Lite Ergonomic Keyboard

x bows lite ergonomic keyboard

A specially designed cross-linear layout makes it easier for your arms, shoulders, and wrists to be aligned as you are typing.

Besides the ability to set macros and shortcuts, an ergonomic gaming keyboard also allows you to adjust the key layout to fit your particular needs.

Using this gaming keyboard, you will be able to type at a higher volume than you ever thought was possible.

This easy view backlit mechanical keyboard utilizes shine through label keycaps and a blue LED adjustable backlight, so you can work more efficiently even in low light conditions.

These labels will not wear off or fade away over time. This ergonomic and gaming mechanical keyboard has Gateron Brown switches that respond to keystrokes better than other keyboards.

This is ideal for designers, writers, or anyone who often works from home because tactile feedback gives you better control while typing.

The X-Bows durable mechanical keyboard is made of a solid plastic frame and aluminum alloy base plate, so there is no bending or flexing during use. These programming keyboards are very sturdy and long-lasting to endure busy work environments.

5. SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Keyboard 

steelseries apex pro mechanical keyboard 

SteelSeries APEX PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is designed for the multiplayer gamer, using the all-new OMP mechanical switches which feature 100 million keystrokes each.

The OMP mechanical switches are rated IP50, featuring a waterproof design that allows you to increase your gaming sessions under any conditions.

As with any high-end keyboard, SteelSeries APEX PRO comes equipped with RGB illumination that can be set up to suit your own preference or match with other peripherals in your setup.

The Apex Pro Keyboard has features that are both revolutionary and classic. Its unbreakable aluminum alloy frame is drop-tested to survive a fall from up to 50 inches, so you can feel confident it will keep working even if it accidentally goes flying.

The keyboard also offers premium palm support with our magnetic, removable wrist rest, allowing you to own your comfort level as your game or get stuff done without getting tired or strained muscles headaches, cramps, and pain.

Addition features like an adjustable metal roller, media keys, and more will make the Apex Pro one-stop shopping for those looking for a complete gaming experience.

6. ROCCAT Vulcan 122 Mechanical PC 

roccat vulcan 122 mechanical pc 

ROCCAT Vulcan Mechanical Keyboard is Designed and developed entirely by ROCCAT engineers, the Vulcan is optimized for gamers and programmers.

It features mechanical switches that offer a crisp tactile bump with outstanding response time.

You can use the volume dial and backlit media keys to adjust your volume or change tracks while gaming or programming.

The Vulcan features an environmentally friendly, conflict-free mechanical switch design and all keys are fully-programmable firing off macros at lightning speed.

Perhaps best of all you can personalize each key lighting scenario to your liking as a few presets including Breathing, Trigger, Starlight Flow, Reactive Mode (aka Ripple), and Static Colors.

ROCCAT’s Easy-Shift Plus technology allows you to assign a secondary function to your keyboard’s existing keys.

With Easy-Shift+ technology, all you have to do is hold down a designated modifier key on the keyboard for an extended period of time to activate its second set and then use it just as you would any other command or control.

The included palm rest will allow users to adjust their setup however they feel most comfortable whether it’s a relaxed typing style or an explosive gaming position.

The keyboard is crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum and is reinforced with steel. This was done in order to keep it sturdy and safe, allowing users many years of enjoyment without having to worry about possible damage caused by dust or dirt entering it and ruining its utility altogether.



Are mechanical keyboards good for programming?

Mechanical keyboards are a perfect choice for programmers. Not only do they feel and sound better, but they can help you type faster and more accurately.

They’re also built to stand up to almost any environment, making them ideal for use on the road or at home. Plus, there are many different styles of mechanical keyboards available to suit whatever your specific workflow may require.

Which keyboard size is best for programming?

Most programmers and even gamers today prefer the tactile feel of Tenkeyless (TKL) keyboards.

A TKL keyboard is said to have a superior type feeling over other types of keyboards thanks to it being the perfect combination of minimalism and functionality.

It makes the keyboard more space-efficient and allows for a faster movement time when reaching for your mouse.


Best Mechanical Keyboard For Programming Reddit. The mechanical keyboard is a great thing to have for any type of programmer.

The keyboard will help you to have a much smoother experience when it comes to your keyboard shortcuts, functions, and commands.

It can be easy to forget about how much of a difference a mechanical keyboard could make for you in the programming world.

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