Best Metal Detector Pinpointer

Best Metal Detector Pinpointer. Investing in high-quality metal detector tools is always a good way to get a head start. Successful treasure hunters understand that it is the detectorist’s responsibility to identify and recover buried objects, not the metal detector.

After purchasing your first metal detector, you will realize how difficult this hobby can be. When building your collection, make sure to include a pinpointer on your list of must-have tools.

When confronted with difficult treasure hunting conditions, such as deep sand and densely forested ground, pinpointing becomes twice as difficult and complicated as simply locating objects with a metal detector.

7 Best Metal Detector Pinpointer

1. Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer garrett 1140900 pro pointer 

The Garrett Pro-Pointer AT is the most recent iteration of the well-known Garrett Pro-Pointer. The ‘AT’ stands for all-terrain, which means it can be used underwater from 0 to 10 feet, making it ideal for freshwater lakes, rivers, creeks, and even ocean surf.

You can also use it in muddy puddles in the woods after a rainstorm or even when the ground is wet with dew. When you return home from your hunt, simply run the Garrett Carrot under water to clean it, and you’re done.

There’s no need to cover the speaker hole with your thumb like on an old Pro Pointer! As you might have guessed, this orange pinpointer was named after its signature colour so that hunters can easily find their lost target inside a dirty river because they don’t have to touch the device while using it.

This Pro Pointer AT is a great metal detector that has many amazing features. The Pro Pointer AT also has a varying tone pitch as well as an adjustable case which allows you to find other deeper options as needed.

This detector is lightweight (6.5 oz), simple to use and even includes a helpful online video tutorial guide so there should be no issue with assembly or getting started out of the box!

2. Nokta Pointer Waterproof Pinpointer nokta pointer waterproof pinpointer 

If you’re in the market for a pinpointer that is high-quality an

d affordable, then this unit from Nokta is definitely worth considering. It’s generally easier to hold than other designs which can be good or bad – some folks find the pointed design uncomfortable in their hand while others appreciate the ergonomic feel of the shape.

There are a fair amount of wonderful features including an adjustable sensitivity setting with a lost pinpoint warning, several modes for different applications including vibration and audio + vibration, as well as an LED light along with 2 year warranty coverage on this item.

There are a couple of issues to mention, however. First off, it’s not made for prolonged use underwater unlike other models – if hunting from beaches frequently or at water’s edge, there might be better options available to you.

Secondly, the control buttons are located at the back end which makes using it one-handed rather difficult With the advent of individualized search coils and wireless headphones, it is highly easy to detect targets for long hours as well.

3. XP Deus MI-6 PINPOINTER Metalxp deus mi 6 pinpointer metal

Most metal detector enthusiasts have heard the name XP at one time or another. But this alone doesn’t give XP a bad rep among other companies that are also well-known in their respective markets.

In fact, there’s quite a few products which stand out among metal detecting enthusiasts thanks to XP like the MI-4 and MI-6 pinpointers by XP.

Both models are incredibly powerful and compatible with one another when used together with the Deus metal detector machine provided you purchase specific accessories.

Both devices are fitted with an impressive 50 levels of sensitivity so as not to mess up your hunt, a rechargeable Li battery pack that can last up to 6 hours straight and automatic settings that help keep things simple but effective during your discovery digs!

All of this at a price slightly lower than the Fisher’s F-Pulse and Pro Pointer AT makes this a serious option for anyone looking for one, but the extra features of the MI-6 make it a no-brainer for anyone who already owns a Deus!

By using anti-interference technology, the audio signal from the pin pointer is transmitted directly to your remote control and headphones. There will be no interference between them because the MI-6 can only transmit audio signals to your remote control.

4. Minelab PRO-FIND 35 Pinpointerminelab pro find 35 pinpointer

Minelab and Garrett are by-and-large considered the two biggest competitors in the metal detectors market. In a recent announcement, Minelab announced that they will be releasing two revamped models of their popular ProFind detectors: the ProFind 15 and 35. Our concerns here relate to their more expensive model, the ProFind 35.

The ProFind 35 is billed as an “artifact” detector meaning it really shines when you don’t know what is under your feet; after all.

That being said, this unit has five sensitivity settings – perfect for differing ground conditions an inexperienced user might face like hunting on frozen lakes or in freshly ploughed fields for example.

Unlike Minelab’s previous models, which were essentially waterproof only in shallow beach waters or riverbeds at most, this detector is completely waterproof perfect for both shallow lake beds and even scuba diving. Of all metal detectors in the market, Fisher’s range is among one of the most sophisticated.

One of its especially beneficial features is its ability to discriminate between ferrous and non-ferrous metals via tone. However, there have been some reports from existing users who say that this feature isn’t always completely reliable and that it can still be very challenging at times to identify whether or not you are finding what you went out for in the first place.

5. Fisher F-Pulse Waterproof Pinpointer fisher f pulse waterproof pinpointer 

The Fisher F-Pulse was first released in 2016. It broke into a market dominated by Garrett’s Pro Pointer AT, a very capable pinpointer that uses VLF technology to accurately detect targets. Many users have given the Fisher F-Pulse rave reviews and noted that it is less expensive than Garrett’s model.

The F-Pulse also makes an especially good beach detector due to its waterproof shell. On the other hand, initial reviews for this product had some caveats about the actual quality of construction – but Fisher has since released an upgraded version of the pinpointer which seems to have addressed these concerns.

Fisher has responded to this issue in their second iteration of the Fisher F-Pulse. Users have reported that though the newer model is a good one, it just doesn’t seem as sensitive as its predecessor. Experienced huntsman should be donning both devices at all times, but some users have purchased an extra to work with their current detector.

The first iteration was superior for those who worked in soils that were rich in salt or minerals. 2xAA battery life on the F-Pulse pinpointer lasts twice as long as any 9v design – meaning you spend less time trying to keep your gear running and more time hunting!

6. wedigout Metal Detector 100Feet wedigout metal detector 100feet 

This detector from Wedigout is a very reliable pinpointer that can be used to detect targets on land or in water. The handheld pinpointer interface has been designed without buttons, switches or dials so you can use it even when you’re underwater.

You simply turn the pinpointer on by holding it vertically and then make sure it’s turned off by inverting it. It’s made of stainless steel which means it won’t rust and can be submerged up to 100 feet deep without fear of electrical failure occurring.

The pinpointer will alert you to a target via vibration/light. This underwater metal detector has a sensitive induction system that means it will automatically adapt to your water environ so as not to cause interference with the properties of any unearthed metals.

It uses PI technology, which means that its performance won’t change when dealing with soils, sand, saltwater or coral. This is an element-proof metal detector and pinpointer combination scuba diving device that you can use on treasure hunts!

7. RM RICOMAX Best Metal Detector rm ricomax metal detector pinpointer

Low-cost yet high quality is an excellent choice for beginners who want to make sure that they actually enjoy the hobby of treasure hunting before choosing a more expensive pinpointer made specifically for advanced depth detecting.

The RicoMax is specifically designed for people looking to get into hobby treasure hunting and not really experienced detectorists.

It includes multiple modes including audio target identification, 3 green LED lights and vibration alerts which let you know when you’re close or far away from your buried treasures in the ground.

Although this device excels at making it easier on beginners to locate their hidden gems, it isn’t ideal if you’re often out in the field late at night or early in the morning due to its built-in low-powered red torch light.

The RicoMax is easy to use and attaches to your belt. It’s lightweight and comes with a carry case. The RicoMax is waterproof, but it can’t be submerged fully. This means targets that are more than 4-inches under water will escape you.

The RicoMax can detect metal up to 7 feet away and costs less than $50 and we think it would make an ideal accessory for beginners and kids looking to get their first metal detector.

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Best Metal Detector Pinpointer. Pinpointers are really wonderful items to have in your metal detecting arsenal and often times will more than pay for themselves because they help you find those tiny targets that you might otherwise overlook.

Your pinpointer can also be a great asset when it comes to detecting in places where there may be ground disturbance like plowed fields or areas with lots of rocks.

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