Best Metal Drumsticks

Best Metal Drumsticks Drummers know that the one thing they must have whenever they sit down and play their instruments, whether it be at a gig, a jam session, or just in the confines of their own home is drum sticks.

Everyone has preferences when it comes to shapes, sizes and types of sticks; however these items are often quite personal (and sometimes often quite secret) since so many other factors come into play such as the style of music being played.

The style of a song can offer some guidance when it comes to selecting the proper drumsticks.

Best Metal Drumsticks

1. Vic Firth American Sound 5Bbest metal drumsticks

Vic Firth is an American drumstick and mallet manufacturer that was founded by the Boston Symphony Orchestra drummer.

The company’s debut model was hand-carved by founder Vic Firth, which ultimately led to a new standard in the industry one that remains today.

Among Vic Firth’s many famous creations is the American Classic line of drumsticks, but American Sound 5B sticks rank as some of their most noteworthy additions.

They are successors to the world’s most famous drumming product but come with redesigned tips for more precision when crafting beats. AS5Bs are thicker than their predecessors, but they still retain their 16-inch length and a medium taper.

If you want a stick that provides better balance while you play without feeling like too much weight is being added to either the front or back sections, AS5B is great because it delivers in terms of its mid-weight feel without sacrificing durability due to its well-made design.

2. Promark TX5AXW American Hickory Chris Adler promark tx5axw american hickory chris adler 

Promark drumsticks are some of the highest quality drumsticks in existence—a fact that almost every professional can agree on.

They’re so well-made, in fact, that they have a heavy metal drummer right there on their logo! Promark has been around since the early 1940s and today it’s part of D’Addario a company that pretty much everyone who plays music has heard of.

If one is looking for high-quality hickory practice sticks with a dark tone and an even greater rebound rate than conventional sticks TX5AXW is the precise tool for them which makes it perfect for both training speed metal techniques and performing live shows on gigs.

Adler users have spoken, stating that these ‘Woody Stix’ have exceptional quality. These drumsticks are made from a combination of aged hickory and acrylic and feature black nylon tips, which makes them useful for a variety of applications.

Furthermore, their grip is like that of classic metal drumsticks making them comfortable to use over long periods of time. This product is made with a combination of aged hickory and acrylic because it produces a superior rebound rate, which allows them to perform at high levels when it comes down to techniques such as speed metal.

3. Vater CHADW Blaster Hickory Wood Tip Drum Sticksvater chadw blaster hickory wood tip drum sticks

Chad Smith is the manager of a successful drumming company, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of the bands that he listens to.

Chad Smith had an idea for drum sticks which he wanted to make, so he came up with this signature drum stick that Vater then developed on his behalf. These sticks have a similar feel as to that of a 5B as they boast an overall similar design in silhouette, but they are heavier near the pointed end so they can be used in beating drums and cymbals with more power.

They have been made from hickory wood, which makes them very strong in comparison as it’s perhaps the most common type of wood used by drum makers throughout history.

The sticks measure fairly evenly between being medium-light and medium-heavy because there is no lightest or heaviest one out of the bunch, so if you beat drums for example at a fast pace, then you will appreciate these sticks because they will offer good feedback when you hit the right areas. The color of these drum sticks is much like a cattle brand.

The brand is used to mark livestock and can help identify what ranch they came from, which lets a rancher know which members of the herd should be sold or slaughtered.

4. Zildjian Travis Barker Black Artist Series Drumstickszildjian travis barker black artist series drumsticks

Zildjian sticks are being used by a lot of drummers these days and they come in varieties to suit every musical style.

If you want that explosive sound from Travis Barker, then you might want his signature set of sticks. These sticks were designed for the hard-hitting drummer who likes to perform at their best when their style is most resonant.

For example, with these particular sticks, one can expect a big boom that shakes the air when combined with fast-moving drumming patterns.

They’re great for anyone who needs a set of durable sticks as well because these particular sticks were made strong enough to beat hard without worrying about splintering or breaking in any way shape or form.

Designed by Travis Barker, who is notorious for being one of the speediest drummers in the world and for holding his sticks with a death grip.

This stick is made of US select hickory that has been highly polished to give you great balance and throw so there’s no delay on your part when it comes to playing a beat.

The bead at the top of the drumstick serves as a reinforcement mechanism which prevents damage to befall the neck while also reducing slippage (for hands like Travis’, this is definitely important).

5. Generic 1 Pair 5A Classic Drum Sticksgeneric 1 pair 5a classic drum sticks

If you are a drummer, then it’s very likely you were two things when you were little: one, aware of how drums work; and two, generally fascinated by how you could play music with just a big hollow piece of wood.

If so, there is no doubt that this description will seem quite familiar to you for obvious reasons. This is a pair of very durable and colorful aluminum alloy drum sticks.

They are used to replace your old damaged drum sticks and the strong material makes them not easy to rust or damage. The pack includes two different sized drum sticks.

The longer stick is slightly more narrow than the second one but they are both made of metal which makes it very easy to grip while you play your instrument and it helps you keep control over how hard or soft you beat it as well as positioning a stick in a way that lets you feel comfortable playing them! This stick comes with a lacquer-painted finish, making it one color.

But we believe that the vibrant colors mixed up with this will make it really beautiful for a long time! It’s suitable for players of most ages and if you are interested in getting yourself the best drum sticks for beginners – then these ones might be great for you!

Ahead Model 5A Advanced Best Metal Drumsticksahead model 5a advanced alloy core drum sticks

Ahead is a relatively new brand that manufactures drums. This company was founded in 1992 thanks to its founder who, interestingly enough, found a gap in the market the high-efficiency drumsticks.

Unfortunately, the company’s drumsticks are designed for professional musicians and not for amateurs. Its product line includes only five devices from all of which Ahead model 5A is probably the most popular.

This product has been specially designed as an aluminum drumstick for professionals that need to improve their skills and master complex music techniques. The stick overcomes the most demanding requirements.

Aluminum sticks are a great choice for players who need powerful, durable and extra comfortable training tools. All the benefits of aluminum, plus the right weight design based on your needs make these sticks great for developing speed, endurance and perfect flow in your game regardless of whether you’re an amateur or masterful player.

Oval nylon tips can achieve a crystal clear sound with focus and crisp pops. Nylon is known to be especially durability material when compared to other types of tips present on the modern market and thus they develop much less dent damage than standard oval tip models.

It’s quite logical if you consider them heavy-duty series sticks that can stand any punishment even from beginner drummers who are more into playing hard music styles.


Best Metal Drumsticks. There are so many styles and sizes of drum sticks it can be hard to know the best choice.  The tradition of drumsticks is not just a musical instrument accessory, but can also be seen as an art form.

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