Best Microwave Bacon Cooker

Best Microwave Bacon Cooker. The microwave bacon cooker elevates your morning routine with the best breakfast you’ve ever had! Never worry about messy splatters in your kitchen, or soggy, uncooked bacon again.

Reduce cleanup and save money on paper towels. Melt away the stress of cooking bacon and elevate your meal while saving time, with a microwave bacon tray. Here are some of the best breakfast solutions available today.

The challenge is how to pick a winner among all the choices when it comes to microwave bacon trays, we have access to a couple of favorites that have received consistent positive feedback which we would like to share with you now.

6 Best Microwave Bacon Cooker

1. Allstar Innovations BaconBoss Microwaveallstar innovations baconboss microwave

This bacon cooker by Allstar Innovations is an easy to use, fast and efficient unit for those who love bacon. It has a tempered glass pressure lid that prevents grease from splattering all over your kitchen.

The unit weighs 2.38 pounds with a size of 11.7 inches by 9.8 inches by 2.5 inches which makes it very portable to use at home, while camping or while in hotel rooms when on travel trips.

This Allstar Innovations’ bacon cooker comes with a plate between the fat catcher and the main cooking unit where the hot fat may be used for frying other foods – such as vegetables or whatever else you want to prepare – or simply disposed off immediately once you’ve finished your meal after washing the device in a dishwasher without causing the plastic material warp.

With this unique lid design from BaconBoss , you can be sure that every piece of your bacon will come out flat so that it doesn’t shrink away during cooking.

This also provides uneven coverage when it comes to applying seasonings to each individually cooked slice so you don’t have to spend an extra minute or two spreading the flavor around.

2. Presto 05101 Microwave Bacon Cookerpresto 05101 microwave bacon cooker

The Presto Bacon Microwave Cooker is healthier and leaner than frying bacon in a pan because the fat drips down to the bottom tray and is collected there. This works well with other foods such as eggs, too, by using the oil that’s stored at the bottom of the tray.

This healthy bacon cooker is made from BPA-free plastic material, and it includes two TPX racks and a polypropylene tray that doesn’t melt in your microwave. Be sure to only use microwaves that have a wattage of 1000 or less with this product.

The fact that it comes with a black sturdy tray and three racks, each 5.5″ tall, makes it possible to cook 9+ pieces of bacon at once – not bad. Cooking delicious bacon can be easier than expected because of special features like the paper towel which will help you avoid a mess.

This convenient cooking accessory is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup after serving delicious hot bacon strips to family members and friends.

With all those other wonderful features there is something you could watch out for; sometimes the base might crack during the process, but your item has a one year warranty so you won’t have to worry about getting damaged replacement parts.

3. Emson Bacon Wave, Microwave Bacon emson bacon wave, microwave bacon 

The Emson Bacon Wave is a microwavable bacon tray that allows you to cook up to 28 pieces of bacon at once. In just minutes, delicious, crispy bacon can be yours. Each purchase includes the three plastic pieces: the bottom tray, and two skewers.

The top and bottom separators are meant to hold the bacon strips in place without them curling up or getting smashed during cooking time. One drawback about this product is that it does not have a cover like other models we have mentioned.

So clean-up may be more of an issue. However, it is easy to wash and the packaging makes it ideal for gift giving. Emsons Bacon Wave is a microwaveable tray made specifically to cook multiple strips of bacon at once.

Its design allows excess fat that naturally accumulates when cooking bacon to drip off, making for a healthier and crispy breakfast side dish. The philosophy behind Emsons unique and effective product is simple: Give people what they want.

When customers around the globe say it’s next to impossible to get crispy bacon from reheating a frozen package in the microwave, it’s time for someone to step up and see if they can do better.

4. Wow Bacon Microwave Cookerwow bacon microwave cooker

When it comes to making bacon in the microwave, there is no better choice than WowBacon Microwave Cooker P9 Model. This product has a long handle that stays relatively cool after cooking and there’s no chance of grease spilling out of the cup.

The model P9 is a three-piece dishwasher-safe set with a bacon rack, cup, and lid attached to the long handle. If you’re not completely satisfied you can return this item for a full refund for up to 60 days.

You can fit six strips of bacon onto each rack without them overlapping which keep the grease from pooling at the bottom and it also allows for an easy clean up as well. With its steam vent design you will have perfect results every time.

You simply place your item inside the cooker on an inverted plate or bowl with separation space from 1/8th inch; cover and microwave it until your food is cooked as desired.

This microwavable Bacon Cooker will cook anything bacon that could be cooked in a frying pan into perfection! It can be hard to find a good bacon cooker. If you do find one, they are often on the expensive side.

However we think it is always worth spending a little bit more if your bacon cooker is also a smoker and will enable you to cook things like salmon and eggs as well.

5. Lekue Microwave Bacon Makerlekue microwave bacon maker

The Lekue Microwave Bacon Cooker is a kitchen tool that cooks bacon. If you like crispy bacon and you don’t want to wait a long time for it, then this microwave-safe dish is one of your best options.

It has a clear plastic lid on the top which lets you view it while cooking. This provide added convenience as you can avoid overcooking the bacon.

The grooves of this Bacon Cooker are deep enough for the fat to drip away into a separate container so that the bacon does not get too oily. Plus, the integrated controllable spout enables you to pour out all the oil accumulated during cooking.

This new and innovative bacon cooker is specifically designed with a deep grooved channel that allows excess fat from the bacon to drip away from the product and into a sealed reservoir, thereby ensuring you get a tasty, crisp and grease-free snack every time.

It features an integrated spout which sits perfectly level when the lid is attached to it by a special detachable hinge which ensures that any excess fat accumulated in the port when cooking can be easily accessed for easy disposal.

With its easy removal, comfortable grip handles and dishwasher safe surfaces; this bacon cooker makes it easier than ever to cook crispy, crunchy bacon whichever way you choose through the oven, microwave or your stovetop.

6. Nostalgia Best Microwave Bacon Cookernostalgia bcn6bk bacon express crispy

This Bacon cooker has six slots that each have room for a whole slice of bacon. It will cook the strips either vertically or horizontally. It cooks quickly and does not need to be flipped over.

When the strips are cooked, the grease drains away through a hole in the top of the machine into a drip tray below, making it easy to collect any dripping grease so it doesn’t make a mess.

The plates are made from nonstick material and are easy to remove and clean after use. This Bacon Cooker measures 12 inches by 9.1 inches by 5.2 inches, and weighs just 5.49 pounds.

Perfect your breakfast with instant perfection! Stop worrying about burning bacon over the stove because it can take forever to cook right. With our easy and simple vertical cooking technology, you can accomplish this task with ease and in no time at all.

This will make the process so much easier than what you’re used to doing yourself normally, without having to flip each of the bacon strips around in a pan.

Simply set your desired time using the illuminated dial timer so it’ll tell you exactly as to when they’re ready without getting burnt. There are nonstick cooking plates with insulated door liners included as well that help keep your hands from burning while prepping meals and cleanup is incredibly simple when you remove them altogether for more convenience.


Best Microwave Bacon Cooker. There are so many microwave bacon cookers on the market to choose from and sometimes it can be difficult to make up your mind. Each has a different specialty, and at the end of the day you need to overlook those differences and rather select one that will suit all of your needs as well as meet your standards for what is acceptable and what isn’t.

For us, we would rank the Presto 03430 Microwave Bacon Cooker above the other two. Its unique qualities allow it to stand out among its peers as a bona fide bacon cooker on a whole new level.

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