Best midi controller for reason

Best midi controller for reason. Unfortunately, finding the best budget MIDI controller for Reason can be quite challenging. First off, there aren’t that many MIDI keyboards designed specifically for use with Reason.

This makes it even more important to look into keyboards that might work just as well. Second, there are several things you’ll need to consider before deciding on a specific keyboard, weighted or nonweighted keys and whether you want any control options such as after touch.

6 Best Midi Controller For Reason

1. AKAI Professional MPK Minibest midi controller for reason

The modern music producer needs nothing but the absolute best in order to make hit songs. The Akai Professional MPK Mini delivers this and more.

Its intuitive design and intuitive features work together to allow you full control over every aspect of your production, making it an ideal companion for any musical task.

This means that the beginner can create hit songs right out of the gate, while even the working pro will find this instrument irresistible.

Begin your next work of art with MPK Mini, and the Complete Artistic Exploration Starter Kit is a collection of the best artistic tools around to create masterpieces.

Just start with our digital artist’s tablet designed on the legendary MPC workflow, add in coloring books and expansion packs that professionals use in the industry today, and top it off with versatile virtual paintbrushes that use real-world brushes – you won’t be able to stop creating works of art.

Featured software includes: MPC Studio Pro, AIR Hybrid, Mini Grand, Photoshop Elements and assorted coloring books plus expansion packs.

MPK Mini comes with a suite of software that offers you most of the same functionality that you have on your computer, only you don’t have to be wretched down with installing or updating each individual software program since it’s already there and ready to use at any time.

2. Alesis V25 25-Key USB MIDI Keyboardalesis v25 25 key usb midi keyboard

The Alesis V25 is a MIDI controller that allows you to use any music production software quickly and easily. The 25 full-sized velocity-sensitive keys allow you to play bass lines, chords, melodies and more.

Four buttons are used for controlling effect plugins or virtual instruments such as bass pedal synthesizers are activated.

Eight velocity-sensitive backlit pads let you trigger samples very easily when used whilst working in conjunction with the instrument’s pitch and modulation wheels.

There are 25 full-size keys and 8 MPC- style drumming pads on this keyboard that is perfect for creating beats, you’re already well set up.

Additionally, the V25 features four assignable knobs and buttons that can be used to make things like filters open and close on command, offering you even more creative ways to produce music.

And with the Editor software (download below), editing MIDI messages has never been so quick and easy: create new custom presets from scratch or edit your existing ones by adjusting velocity curves or fixing any errors created during playing.

If that weren’t enough control for you, there is also an additional channel panel available allowing you even more possibilities for customization.

3. M-Audio Keystation 49 MK3 Semi Weightedm audio keystation 49 mk3 semi weighted

49 large keys allows you to play with great expression and precision. Volume slider, transport and directional buttons enable easy control of your software.

Pitch and modulation wheels offer precise pitch bend or volume changes. Octave up/down buttons enable access to the full octave range. One pedal input allows for expressive performances.

Plug in and forget about it – just connect the instrument cable to your Mac or PC (no drivers or power supply required). iOS compatibility is available through the Apple USB Camera Adapter.

The Key-station 49 MK3 keyboard controller is an ultra-compact, extra thin design that’s under 4-1/2 inches in depth and weighs only 1.1 kg (2.5 lbs) so you can have the freedom to create music anywhere you’d like.

It features a stylish aluminum top panel for durability and awesome good looks to match the high level of functionality powered by M-Audio technology.

And with Via Bluetooth wireless connectivity, USB power and durable switches, this performance powerhouse delivers superior control over your music software and allows you to flexibly collaborate with other artists wireless from anywhere in the room.

4. Nektar Impact LX25+ | USB MIDI Controllernektar impact lx25+ usb midi controller

The Impact LX25+ is a powerful 25-key compact MIDI controller – packed with capability. It works with any type of computer-based music application and offers an array of versatile controls, not even available on some more advanced products.

With this device you can create music instantly – simply plug in a USB cable and let your computer take care of the rest. The Impact LX25+ is built for the way you work, calibrated for all styles of music.

Dedicated buttons attached to the Impact LX+ make it easy to play octave and transpose as well as bend and modulation using the pitch wheel.

Better still, these 4 tracks can be assigned to other useful functions such as selecting the Global MIDI channel, setting different MIDI programs or using Impact LX+ user presets.

In terms of pads the 8 grid-style and dynamic pads are ideal drumming tools; with innovative features like ‘Pad Learn’, users can assign sounds or MIDI notes quickly and easily: just hit a pad to select a certain sound or MIDI note and press a key on the keyboard to assign that note.

5. Novation Launchkey 49 USB Keyboardnovation launchkey 49 usb keyboard

Novation (MK2) is the fastest and simplest way to begin producing electronic music in your DAW. This USB MIDI keyboard enables you to seamlessly integrate it into any audio software DJ setup or even use it as a controller that can launch and control clips at will without having to worry about altering settings unless you want to do so.

It offers 16 programmable RGB pads, faders and knobs turn into plug-and-play, pro grade live performance controllers out of the box while its velocity-sensitive keys allow you to add more feeling into your beats. ​

Launchkey is a virtual instrument you can use to shape your sound however you like. With eight rock solid knobs and nine dedicated faders.

The unit allows users to perform hands-on control of your mixer while 49 note synth-style keyboard designed on a MIDI controller making it easy and responsive.

The keyboard’s velocity sensitivity produces exceptional dynamic performances yet a lightweight easy to carry package lets artists take it anywhere.

Even if you do not necessarily use Tbleton Live, the keyboard integrates seamlessly with other major music software or have the ability to map controls to anything else In Control.

6. Native Instruments Best midi controller for reasonnative instruments komplete kontrol

The Native Instruments M32 is a compact, playable way to turn your music dreams into reality. This cutting-edge ultra-portable controller is loaded with 32 mini keys that look and feel great, letting you navigate software control effortlessly and quickly.

You can transform the way you make music, thanks to integrated hardware-software controls and seamless integration with NI products.

Go deeper than before with Native Instruments – plug it in and see what happens when your instruments leap off the screen. Native Instruments M32 gives you a full keyboard experience that’s easy to take with you wherever you go.

With its smart and portable design, distinctively intuitive integration, innovative software and the latest in Smart Play technology.

Native Instruments is an instrument built for travel, giving your music the same opportunity to shine as any other great piece of equipment from Native Instruments.

They can’t always predict where inspiration might hit, so having a reliable tool that won’t make you wait for it is going to be an important part of your creative arsenal foundation.

The best way to browse and preview all your effects and instruments is by using the Native Komplete Kontrol software, without having to use a mouse.

The new built-in sampler allows you to hear audio previews of the sample as you browse through it. You can then play it back immediately without having to load or configure anything differently just because they want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase.


Best midi controller for reason. It’s no secret that Reason is one of the best music production software platforms available today. However, to truly harness the power of this software, you need to use a MIDI controller.

A MIDI controller is a device that allows you to control your Reason software from a physical device. This allows you to take your music to the next level. In this blog, we are going to discuss two MIDI controllers for Reason software.

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