Best Mole Repellent

Best Mole Repellent. When moles establish themselves in your yard, they can be difficult to get rid of, but there are some simple solutions to keep them away.

There are many types of mole repellents, such as natural, chemical, and ultrasonic. As a result of these products, moles are repelled from your yard by emitting sounds, vibrations, and odors, and can even be repelled by affecting the taste of their food.

The mole repellent that is right for you may not be suitable for someone else. It’s important to know what works best specifically for you because application methods vary depending on personal preferences.

6 Best Mole Repellent

1. Victor M9012 Sonic Spike Mole Repellent

victor m9012 sonic spike mole repellent

Victor M9012 Sonic Spike Mole Repellent Safely send moles and gophers scurrying from your yard unharmed with this sonic spike.

When placed in the ground and activated, sonic pulses emit an irritating sound that is highly irritating to moles and gophers who are virtually blind and extra sensitive to sounds emitting from above them owing to their heightened sense of hearing.

Climate permitting, leave this device in the ground as a way to prevent these rodents from digging up your flowers or vegetables later on so they won’t have time to react when they hear the sonic pulse activated by this device again.

This spike is designed with a convenient removable screwdriver or wrench. One spike will work for 4-6 months on one set of alkaline batteries.

Spike should be used continuously for a period of 7-14 days before moles and gophers begin to leave the area.

In order to avoid tripping hazards on your lawn and chances of hitting it while using a lawnmower, it’s important to insert the spike into the soil flush with the ground.

Spike’s effectiveness is largely determined by the type of soil since not all soils conduct sonic waves well – dry, sandy, or peaty soils tend to be more difficult to use.

2. Bonide 691 MoleMax Repellent Granules

bonide 691 molemax repellent granules

Bonide 691 MoleMax Repellent Granules  Mole and Vole Repellent is a natural repellent that works to keep these pesky critters from ruining your hard work in the garden.

It’s easy to use and easy to apply, penetrating deep into the soil where burrowing animals live so you have time for the mole repellant to do its job.

The granules won’t wash away or blow away either, which means you’ll be applying less with each application.

Effective for up to three months after initial application, this ten-pound bag treats up to 5,000 square feet of your property for a more wild animal-friendly environment.

Made entirely of castor oil, Bonide 691 MoleMax Repellent Granules are eco-friendly products that are safe around people or pets as they deliver results so your yard stays unattractive and unappealing but no harm will come to them if they venture onto your lawn anyway.

Based out of Oriskany, New York. We deliver results by meeting the needs of consumers in lawn and garden as well as in DIY, pest control, and other home improvement product categories.

Continue to grow our reputation as a provider to offer integrated solutions which include services such as offering maintenance care, providing high-quality tools and products,

recognizing signs of poor health, finding sources for solutions, and educating consumers on how to maintain a professional landscape directly from their homes.

3. Tomcat 0363210 Mole Trap Design

tomcat 0363210 mole trap design

Tomcat 0363210 Mole Trap Design is Made with professional-grade quality and materials, the Tomcat Mole Trap is safer and easier to use than traditional traps.

It’s easy to set, so anyone in your family will be able to do it! Using the Tomcat Mole Trap can make sure you’ll have a lawn without any tunnels or mounds that are unsightly.

Just place the trap right over the top of an active tunnel. It’s really simple.

You don’t need to make any holes in your lawn because the trap uses a special trigger system.

The trap won’t cause any messes such as gushing, blood-spattered tunnels thanks to its quick killing action by snapping the mole’s neck instantly.

Just like other traps, this one works great on all types of moles. Monitor the mole activity on your lawn very carefully over the course of a few days or weeks.

The first step is to determine the most common areas where moles congregate and set traps there.

You must check the traps within 24 to 48 hours if there is any mole activity in the yard to ensure  Your first mole has been captured successfully.

Otherwise, go back and study the above instruction sheet to verify that you have followed all directions correctly.

4. Bell Laboratories Talpirid 7150 Mole Bait 

bell laboratories talpirid 7150 mole bait 

It’s a fact that Bell laboratories Talpirid Mole Killer 7150 is formulated based on science and proven by research.

This kind of technology is not the usual application or use in nature or out in the open, but it is something that happens to work well when put into real practice with the right amount of time put into it.

The good thing about this product is that it takes longer to be seen as something cruel or wrong, especially because you’re using technology and your own findings to come up with solutions right away.

This means that you’re helping without having practically done any hard work – because know how hard it can be for a lot of people who are trying to make their own changes happen for them.

But those who keep believing in their vision will eventually find all the groundwork they need. Puncture a hole in the surface of subsurface runways with your finger, a wooden dowel, or a narrow rod.

Be careful not to crush the runway and make sure that it has been open long enough for there to be no activity there.

Make note of open runways that you might want to revisit in 48-72 hours and be sure to return within that time frame to bait them.

Then, drop one worm into the runway hole-do not put the entire bait into the hole, as this can cause odor problems, attract rats, and cause more health complications than it is worth.

5. Messina Granular, MV-G-001 Mole Repellent 

messina granular, mv g 001 mole repellent 

Messina Granular, MV-G-001 Mole Repellent can be used to keep moles, voles, shrews, and other related animals from foraging and damaging your yard.

An audible sound that startles can be emitted by using it so that animals stay away from the area in which it is emitted for up to six months.

Application of MV-G-001 Mole Repellent does not require you to water your lawn and garden after every minute after application.

It also has a strong mild peppermint smell which masks the mole scent.

Apply very little MV-G-001 Mole Repellent in any given section of your backyard or area because this item only takes one small bottle to cover an entire 1096 square feet space such as a typical garden or yard size.

It is simply a matter of pouring the product into a spreader to be applied to the designated areas for protection.

If you are going to use it in situations where large crops are being grown, be sure to make sure you use it on the perimeter as well as in other areas around the crop that needs protection.

This is a great product for protecting edible crops from pests such as moles, shrews, and voles when applied around edible crops.

With this product, you don’t have to worry about the weather or watering. It works immediately and is ready to use right away.

6. Tomcat Mole & Gopher Repellent Granules

tomcat mole & gopher repellent granules

A chemical repellent granule product from Tomcat that repels moles, gophers, voles, armadillos, moles, and other burrowing pests.

As a result, burrowing pests are driven to relocate by the unpleasant taste and smell that the granules produce.

Pests are prevented from returning to your house by the effect this granule has on them – it literally creates a repellent effect that keeps them from returning to your home.

In addition, this product has improved ground penetrating technology, which means it will be more effective in working around the roots of most plants in your yard since it is able to mix with water better than its competitors.

There is a maximum treatment area of 4, 000 sq. ft. Moles eat the bait and then they vanish underground.

This option is not as deadly as it claims to be, but this bait works by attracting moles that eat it then fail to return home. Other types of moles remain underground for a long time, making this more of a waiting game than anything else.

This can take days or weeks until the mole dies from the toxin in the bait because there are three ways through which this lethal chemical can kill its prey absorption by mouth.

Once you see dead mole signs appear on your lawn, then you will know that Tomcat Mole Repellent has successfully gotten rid of all moles in your area.



Best Mole Repellent. In addition to other repellents, mole repellents can also be an effective way to get rid of the animals that could be bothering you.

Besides the natural ones, there are also chemical ones, ultrasonic ones, and even ultrasonic repellents.

In spite of the fact that moles can be painful to deal with, if you use an effective repellent, you can get rid of them for good.

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