Best monitor arm for ultrawide

Best monitor arm for ultrawide. If you want to beat the desk neck or unleash the full power of your workspace, monitor arms are an excellent product for achieving either of those goals.

Not only do they make it easier to position your monitor at an eye-level view, but also save you from staring down at a screen that’s too low or awkwardly positioned and prevent workplace back pain after sitting in awkward postures for long periods of time, but monitor arms can help bring some order to what can otherwise be a cluttered mess of wires.

USB drives and pencil sharpeners on your cluttered desk. Monitor’s arms come in different forms, with some standing on a desktop while others clamp to the side of a desk.

7 Best monitor arm for ultrawide

1. MOUNTUP Single Monitor Desk Mountbest monitor arm for ultrawide

This monitor mount is designed to hold any LCD LED screen with a width that ranges from 20 to 30 inches. It can hold screens weighing 4.4 to 17.6 pounds, making it ideal for most of the commonly used computer monitors on the market today.

The swiveling arm allows you to easily adjust your screen so that you can find the right view angle and position for your needs, whether you’re seated at your desk or standing at a different location in the room.

They’ve tested this product on over 100 brands of popular flat screens including but not limited to ASUS, Acer, Samsung, LG, and many more.

The VESA Monitor Desk Mount is a cost-effective and efficient way to mount a monitor on an office desk. The matte black finish blends in well with home or office decors while the mounting hardware enables effortless deployment across most surfaces without adding holes.

A built-in cable management system helps you quickly keep your workspace organized, while an ergonomic design provides height adjustment and tilt functions that enable enhanced productivity and screen visibility.

It allows you to work more efficiently with increased screen space, removing the need for extra monitors, freeing up valuable space where necessary, and helping to create an overall comfortable working environment.

2. Amazon Basics Single Monitor Standamazon basics single monitor stand

Introducing a computer monitor stand that is designed to make desktop life easier. They all know how pressing buttons on a keyboard or taking out your phone to see the time cuts into precious desk space — and quite often, they’ve got stacks of paperwork sitting on said desks.

Just mount your monitor onto the Single-Arm Monitor Stand, which will instantly eliminate these issues and more.

And not only does this product relieve desktop clutter by reducing the surface area of unnecessary sheets of paper, it also gives you much more room for monitors.

Great for those who like working with dual-screens or even triple-screens, if you want to work with such large amounts of monitor space–simply purchase one monitor stand for each screen you would like to place upon your desktop.

The mounting arm from Amazon Basics Single is not only stylish but features a tilt and extension/retraction capabilities. When not in use, the mounting arm effortlessly attaches to the edge of a table or desk for quick and simple installation and folds over the bottom for out-of-the-way storage.

With a durable construction that supports screens up to 32 inches around 25 pounds, the mounting arm is compatible with most LCD screens ensuring it’s useful for years to come.

3. Ergotron LX Single Monitor Armergotron lx single monitor arm

Ensures a stable device mount on single screens from 25 up to 34 inches. It is compatible with VESA patterns 75x75mm and 100x100mm, as well as is well suited for typical office desk holes measuring 0.4 2.4 inches thick using the included desk clamp; as well as typical office desk holes measuring 0.8 – 4 inches thick using the optional grommet mount.

The height can be adjusted by 13 inches above your work surface with the free-standing monitor arm in place, providing you the best view any project needs.

360 degrees of rotation allow you to find your perfect position while 75 degrees of tilt allow you to find your most preferred angle regardless of whether it’s landscape or portrait mode.

Ergotron is an arm that helps raise, lower, and move the screens you use for work. To help keep them stable and secure throughout your workday, Ergotron has been extensively tested for quality.

Constant Force Technology provides the smooth vertical movement with no pulling or tugging on your computer monitor to cause it to fall over and potentially damage expensive hardware components like the display.

The hidden cable management feature keeps cables out of sight where they belong so you never have to worry about tripping on anything that might prevent you from getting points are done in a timely fashion.

4. WALI Premium Dual LCD Monitor Deskwali premium dual lcd monitor desk

A dual-stage locking system supports 3.1” C-clamp and 1.6” grommet bases to hold the monitor up to 17. 6 lbs . The gas spring stand holds the monitor at a 90 degree tilt, a 360-degree rotating function and can extend up to 23.62″.

This TV monitor stand is compatible with VESA mounting 75 x 75mm & 100 x 100mm; ensuring secure installation for your LCD, LED or Plasma TV screen safely flat on your desk or table top with your 22″ – 32″ screen size mounted.

The WALI Premium Dual LCD Monitor Desk Stand provides you with a heavy-duty gas spring stand and mounting hardware kit.

This WALI Premium Dual LCD Monitor Desk Stand is ideal for a workstation or display use, holding two LCD/Plasma screens up to 32” each.

The stand can serve as an alternative to fixed desk mounts in addition to being on top of the desk without taking up too much of your valuable real estate.

The matting arms have locking holes supported by both a C-Clamp mount for most 3.1” thick desks and the Grommet base for most 2.75” diameter cable grommets found on desktops.

At 23.62’ high, this product has capability extension to 18.34” from the back of the desk and has adjust-ability for tilt, swivel, rotation, and can be raised and lowered by any vertical rail that accommodates 75x75mm borehole or 100x100mm VESA patterns.

5. NB North Bayou Monitor Armnb north bayou monitor arm

with ultra-wide and flexible arms, this mount will support all screens between 22 inches and 35 inches. Its multi-angle feature means the screen can be adjusted however you like at any time.

VESA compliant patterns of 75x75mm or 100x100mm makes installing the mount easy too – especially as it comes with its own Multi clamp spring loaded clamp for desks up to 3cm in thickness.

Easy installation (C clamp for desk thickness up to 90 mm or Multi-clamp for larger distance/thicker desk. The NB North Bayou Monitor Arm can be integrated into the inside of your home, making it look clean and neat, offering you a clutter-free kitchen.

The arm that supports the monitor is gas-strut folded with widescreen lift which fluctuates from +85° to -30° for maximum comfort for your eyes as well as neck.

This product has 360° rotation for landscape or portrait mode; it also has an upright lift of 13.5″ (345mm) and +90° to -90° swivel capability which are designed keeping in mind your needs so that you no longer have to worry about desk space.

This product comes with USB hubs pre-installed into its base so that you can charge your devices within your kitchen without using up valuable cupboard space.

6. TechOrbits Triple Monitor Mounttechorbits triple monitor mount

This triple monitor stand offers the extra room you need to store your personal laptop or desktop computer as well as other devices such as a stapler, paperclips and other accessories that can be stored in the built-in cup holders.

There is enough space to hold up to three standard monitors with 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm.

This triple monitor stand has been crafted using transparent tempered glass along with black chrome accents, making it easy for the monitors on the arms of this stand to blend in seamlessly with a clean desk look.

The TechOrbits monitor stand can hold nearly 20 pounds per arm and can hold screens up to 30″. Its every stable because of its premium, articulating gas spring arms that swivel with ease.

Featuring a universal fit to accommodate both flat and curved surfaces, the monitor holder is quick and simple to install.

Too keep you looking sharp all day, this triple monitor stand features free movement in all directions so you might take advantage by improving visibility or eliminate glare if you sit at your desk for long hours.

7. Loctek Monitor Best monitor arm for ultrawide loctek monitor mount heavy duty gas

Arm adjusts to support a more comfortable working environment and can be easily extended to the desired depth, while still boasting the ability to rotate.

Monitor holding capacity is between 13.2-33 pounds, with a height of 10-34 inches. Look for VESA holes that measure 100 x 100mm or 75 x 75mm.

Aircraft-grade aluminum arm features an anti-scratch coating, along with a gas spring hovering system that raises the monitor smoothly, allowing for more precise height adjustment.

Port access on the front of the mount supports audio, mic, and USB 3.0 ports. Durable hardware is built with a hole in the back to secure your installation.

A cable bundle can be used to organize wires in your office so that you can have a tidy working space. Being swivel and tilt adjustable, you’re able to easily view your device from many angles.

You’re also able to tilt it down for optimal reading conditions but also adjust it upwards by 90 degrees, which will allow you to type more quickly and accurately.

With 180 degrees of pivoting capabilities, you never need to hold the screen with one hand while using the computer the other – allowing you to feel less strained when using the device.


Best monitor arm for ultrawide. When you are looking for the best monitor arm, it’s important to know what you are looking for. There are many different types of monitor arms on the market, and your needs will be dependent on a few different factors.

Ultimately, you will want a monitor arm that is going to be easy to install and easy to use. You also want to make sure that it will work with your current setup.

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