Best Mortising Machine

Best Mortising Machine. Mortising machines are not among the first tools one may think of during a woodworking project, but this does not mean that they are not important.

Many brands available in the market today can make for a difficult decision when it comes to buying one because there is such a vast selection. We’ve put together an informative list of  mortising machines alongside their own evaluations so you can learn more about each tool, its capacity and its specific uses.

We take into account whichever shortcomings these tools have, as well as any problems we find while using them – all of which have been taken into consideration during this extensive piece of content so you know exactly what you should be looking for in terms of ease-of-use and efficiency (and ultimately if each tool will work best for your wood working projects) so don’t miss out.

7 Best Mortising Machine

1. Delta 14-651 1/2″ Mortiserdelta 14 651 12 mortiser

The Delta is good choice for the best drill set. This kit comes with a large 20v lithium ion battery that provides 1 hour of constant drilling, and it has an ergonomic design which makes it easy to use, even with one hand.

It features a right angle chuck with keyless insert removal and it delivers 1359 RPM at the highest setting along with 400 inch lbs of maximum torque.

The brushless motor is powerful enough to get the job done while not overheating, so you can work for as long as you need without encountering hardship from waiting for your tool to cool off again.

It comes equipped with two different bit storage cases, allowing you to keep everything in order so it’s ready when you next have to start a new project – or even just pop out a few errands before having lunch on your day off.

There are a lot of reasons why the Delta 14-651 1/2-Horsepower Mortiser might be just what you need in your workshop. One is that it’s easy to set up and operate no special skills are required to use this bench mortising machine, which means that it can stay ready for use most of the time.

A multi-position hand lever makes it easier to punch smooth mortises in even hardwoods whenever you need them, while a rotating head ensures that tricky off-table projects are no problem for this professional bench mortising machine.

2. WEN 43012 5-Amp Cast Iron Bench wen 43012 5 amp cast iron bench 

The greatest mortising machine for the money is the WEN 43012 Cast Iron Bench Mortiser. The tool has a 5-amp motor with a maximum speed of 1725 RPM.

It has an onboard storage compartment for chisels and blades and weighs in at approximately 6 pounds – so, it’s easy to store and move around depending on your needs, but we warn you: once you get started using it, you’ll most likely have a hard time putting it down.

What’s neat about this model is that it really pays attention to the details; it offers a number of accessories including dust ports and work stops, which are great if you plan on using this device frequently in your workshop or garage.

The WEN 5 amp-bench top mortising machine can be a great addition to any woodworker’s collection of power tools. Most people think the main advantage to owning a bench top mortiser is using it to create tenons and other wooden joints, but when you have one in your garage or workshop, you’ll discover that it has many more uses.

The work piece fence comes fully adjustable and can be used in a variety of ways; it also has slots for both fine tuning and large scale adjustments. The feed handle is free rotating to maintain clear lines of sight while producing quality work pieces fast.

3. Makita 7104L 10.5 Amp Chain Mortisermakita 7104l 10.5 amp chain mortiser

The first chosen option is the Makita 7104L Chain Mortiser. It features a powerful 10.5-amp motor that reaches speeds up to 3,200 RPM without bogging down on any wood to make clean and accurate mortises.

Its large adjustable vice allows you to fasten it securely to your project, making it highly portable at only 38.1 pounds too. The adjustments are all intuitive and easy to accomplish, and we found it required very little maintenance even after using it for some time now.

The biggest issue with the Makita is that the manual isn’t written well for newbies, requiring users to refer back after trying out each feature individually and nailing down what works best for them.

The Makita 7104L is patented with the features that help you build strong wooden homes and posts. Its 10.5 AMP motor engine allows you to notch or cut holes in thick timbers quickly, cutting lap joints up to 5 1/8″ in diameter.

This hardworking tool also comes with a razor sharp chain engineered for clean and accurate cutting, as well as an adjustable vise and knob for maximized versatility. It only weighs 38 1/2 pounds for increased portability for precision building tasks.

4. Powermatic PM701 3/4-HP Bench Mortiserpowermatic pm701 34 hp bench mortiser

The Powermatic  Bench Mortiser is both heavy duty and reversible so that you can modify its functionality according to your needs. It is possible to fit it with a double locking system that ensures increased security, allowing you to work from different sides of the machine.

There are a pair of chisel spots that keep your tools safe and not in the way during use, and there are provisions for four chisels on hand for various jobs you may have in the future.

To build upon this already great set of features, there is an integrated chisel so you don’t have any extra tools lying around. To add even more versatility, the machine features a quick action cam lock so as to completely secure any work piece with a single turn.

An inline depth stop prevents any unwanted drilling. This bench top mortiser from the company Woodstock is built to last, and offers top-of-the-line performance that any woodworker can appreciate.

With a 3/4-horsepower 1,725 rpm rating and an impressive 1/2 inch chuck, it has more than enough power to tackle even your toughest jobs.

It also has a double lock hold-down system that will allow you to secure your material in place as you’re working on it. The handle of this machine is also reversible, so no matter what hand you favor more when using tools, this one’s got you covered.

5. Shop Fox W1671 3/4 HP Heavy-duty shop fox w1671 34 hp heavy duty 

The Shop Fox W1671 Mortising Machine boasts a unique swiveling base to make it perfect for producing larger stock and also allows for adding versatility to your projects.

Its extra-long rocker arm combined with a gas strut return enables easy, more accurate mortising by allowing smoother, more precise movement of the chisel bit.

The adjustable depth stop helps you prevent mishaps like over-mortising projects, and the micro-adjustable fence ensures that your project is centered before moving on.

Its 0.75-HP motor revs up to 3,450 RPM, making sure that there’s no job too large or small for this saw. The Shop Fox is hard to handle at a weight of 90 pounds and isn’t easily maneuverable due to its design.

It is difficult to get a good grip on it when moving it around and setting up the gas spring return requires you to press down on the movement mechanism while attaching a ball bearing.

Although this sounds simple, the lack of ergonomic stability makes it more challenging than anticipated. On top of that, its project table uses low quality particle board which won’t last long in a busy workshop.

6. RIKON Professional Power Tools Benchtoprikon professional power tools benchtop

The RIKON 34-260 Power Tools Benchtop X/Y Mortiser is a highly versatile tool, capable of producing angles and depth cuts impossible with other models.

Its powerful 0.5 HP motor runs at 1,750 RPM, and an adjustable stop ensures you don’t cut too deep. A gas field stabilizer helps to keep the unit in place — it even includes a parking brake for convenient operation.

The machine boasts an integrated tool holder and comes with 4 chisel bits. The downside to this unit is that it yields only very small mortises relatively speaking (see details below).

If you regularly travel from worksite to worksite and need to transport your mortising machine by vehicle frequently, this may not be the model for you.

This mortising machine features a chisel system that enables you to adjust its angle and depth as you position the unit’s tabletop. The tabletop incorporates a clamp designed to securely hold your project in place.

A 1/2-horsepower motor operates at 1750 rpm. This bench top mortising machine gives you precision for a safe and efficient workflow.

7. JET JBM-5 Best Mortising Machine

jet jbm 5 benchtop mortiser machine

The Jet 800705 Bench Mortiser is designed to make mortising more efficient. In fact, it is like a hybrid of the old-school drill press and the classic woodworking bench drill that so many people used by hand in the past.

It includes several safety features, including an on-off toggle switch that can be removed when not needed and empty holes with feed stops to prevent you from overfeeding wood into the machine as you work if you need to push pieces through by hand.

The 800705 is relatively light given its construction and measures roughly 44 pounds in total. This powerful yet affordable Benchtop Mortise Machine by Jet has a 1/2-horsepower induction motor and can be used on a bench or an independent stand.

It features heavy duty construction to provide durability, consistency, and stability needed to produce quality results every time. Perfect for professional furniture makers as well as for home woodworkers, this dependable machine takes up to 1/2-inch chisel bits and is designed to last for years of use with its rugged cast iron and steel construction.


Best Mortising Machine. When buying a mortising machine for your woodshop, we couldn’t recommend the Delta 14-651 more highly – it produces up to 1,800 RMP (Rotations Per Minute), and with an adjustable depth of cut ranging from 10mm to 65mm it’s sure to be suitable for most users out there.

It’s also incredibly easy to change bits, making working with this model a smooth process. If you want something which runs faster than the Delta 14-65 however and is less pricey as well we also reviewed our premium choice.

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