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Best multi pen. Just because you need multiple pens doesn’t mean that you have to deal with the hassle or weight of carrying around a bunch of them.

This is why multi-pens were invented. Now you have only one light pen to carry with you wherever you go instead of three, four, or more.

If multi-pen sounds like the best option for your needs, then take a look at our article that’s dedicated to finding out what are the must-have features and capabilities each pen should possess if it’s going to earn your trust and respect as a reliable everyday assistant.

7 Best Multi Pen

1. BIC 4 Color Ballpoint Penbest multi pen

Make sure that your notes and data are always organized with help from the BIC 4-Color Ballpoint Pen Pack so you can always have one of the four ink options open to handle all of your writing tasks.

With black, blue, red and green at your disposal, you’ll be able to create bold lines and note down important information time after time – while long-lasting ink ensures these durable pens last forever.

So why not use an advantage in your favor. You can be concentrated on getting things done when you know you’re in good hands with these pens at hand.

Plus, because they’re available at Staples, you can stock up on a large number of them quickly and easily. With the click of a button, you can advance the color of this four-color retractable ballpoint pen and unleash your creativity.

These are also great pens for journal or organizing your tasks if you happen to be a high achiever. Since these colored ballpoint pens use ink refills for refillable pens that reduce waste, they make ideal pens for businesses in industries like education where writing implements are vital.

The four colors included in this package are black blue red and green although some customers have commented about receiving additional colors depending on their specific order such as teal or purple instead of one of the green colors being sent instead.

It seems to depend on what was available on a particular day at the factory where they were assembled – but all will write just fine.

2. SKILCRAFT B3 Aviator Multi-function Penskilcraft b3 aviator multi function pen

If you’re looking for the perfect multi-function pen to suit your needs, you really can’t go wrong with SKILCRAFT B3 Aviator Multi-Function Pen.

With this all metal construction, there is a special finish that won’t reflect light so it will not only look great, but it will protect what is inside as well.

It has a secure fit in your flight suit uniform pocket and can resist heat up to 120 degrees F, which makes it perfect for everyday use.

The metal body of this multi-function pen is specially designed to withstand harsh conditions including altitude changes where low pressure and extreme cold occur.

The company takes pride in its commitment to quality which is evident by their 100% performance and durability guarantee on SKILCRAFT products. Imprinted with the Army Air Force “Aggressive Gus” logo, this pen will leave an impression wherever it goes as long as you bring one with you wherever you go.

The quality of these staplers is very admirable. Their all-metal construction provides an added layer of durability that Skilcraft USA simply cannot be defeated.

The finish comes in handy as it is specially designed not to reflect light – which is perfect if you need to use one of these babies with ease in low-light conditions.

3. Pilot Frixion Ball Knock 4 Colorpilot frixion ball knock 4 color

Frixion Ball-point pens can use 4 different colors due to their thermosensitive ink, which means you can scratch out your mistakes on purpose as many times as you want.

They come in a bold 0.5mm nib size that’s perfect for writing small notes and jotting down reminders. Keep these pens next to your computer and they’ll help reduce the amount of clutter and mess on your desk because using them is so simple – all you have to do is rub off any mistakes directly onto the surface of their rubber body and voilà.

 You don’t even need an eraser because this special ball-point pen actually lets you control how much ink appears by changing its temperature with just a little bit of friction.

There are no boundaries. No limits to be set either. The amount of times you erase is insignificant compared with other materials that leave behind marks and make it possible to tell what they have written or drawn.

The color remains, as well as texture and even the metal used in pens. Garbage doesn’t erase in these ways, and wipes away leaving little behind – making its own path. It’s inspiring; writing material that has a magic all its own, and draws out creativity in everyone.

4. MiSiBao Stylus Pen for Touch Screenmisibao stylus pen for touch screen

A multipurpose tool for writing, not only does it let you switch from a red, black and blue ink with the click of a button but it also has a comfy grip that will sit snugly in your hand as you scribble notes or write letters.

Each pen has refillable ink which means they can be used time and time again so one purchase could last months without having to worry that it’s drying out.

The pens are ideal for those who like bullet journalling or even coloring in between the lines at work to help make sure there isn’t any room for error.

Blackberry Playbook and Motorola Xoom Tablet devices are also supported. Plus there are so many more gadgets sold today that customers use that are touchscreen enabled like the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.

This pen makes an excellent value gift for anyone who enjoys taking handwritten notes or is a student. It also comes in an assortment of colors for you to choose from (black or blue ink ballpoint pens; wrote this using ballpoint black.

The twist design makes it convenient to click open/close quickly which makes writing easier. Best of all are the smooth-writing refills which make this tool last longer than standard ballpoint pens without any hassle.

5. PILOT Dr. Grip 4+1 Multi-Functionpilot dr. grip 4+1 multi function

This Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Ink Roller Ball pen allows you to write on the go while keeping your style fresh. It uses a fine/medium point 0.7mm gel ink refill which is refillable and retractable with an ergonomically smooth rubber grip.

This pen also includes a click-action barrel, removable pocket clip, and locking cap for safety during storage and transport. If you or someone in your home likes to take handwritten notes, this is the perfect addition to their note-taking arsenal.

Whether you have a tablet or smartphone, this will be your ideal companion for taking notes on the go. This pen, which comes equipped with a cushioned grip and unique ink that is a combination of both ballpoint and gel, enables users to write effortlessly in any context.

While similar pens exist, the Dr Grip Pen provides users with increased writing precision by including five different colors of ink as well as a pencil option, making it ideal for anyone who has ever had to entertain multiple writing styles during a single writing session.

They know you’ll love this multitasking pen because it can do everything from prepare high school math sheets to allow you to take notes on your child’s soccer training class without skipping a beat.

The only problem is that once you start using the Dr Grip Pen, you might want to buy several more for yourself, family members and friends so everyone can enjoy all that this special tool has to offer.

6. rOtring 1904451 Tikky 3-in-1rotring 1904451 tikky 3 in 1

One pen, three functions: A smooth lightweight triangular barrel and a soft rubber-grip make using the Tikky 3in1 multipen extra comfortable whether you’re sitting in the office, sketching up designs, or writing in school.

This multi pen has a handy magic view’ feature that transforms it into a comfortable lead pencil for drawing, a ballpoint pen for writing, or a red ballpoint for highlighting.

Simply squeeze the midpoint of your Tikky 3in1 to select the desired mode icon, press the button below it – and draw. This 3in1 uses zero lead refills so you never have to worry about having the right refill on hand when inspiration strikes.

Plus, it’s retractable so you can always find its place in your pocket or bag. If a pencil is just too weak and a pen is not suitable to sketch on paper, Tikky 3in1 fine liner can help you draw everything clearly and last long.

As a result of Free Ink technology, the Tikky 3in 1 Waterproof Design Pencil has been formulated so that it maintains constant, even lines.

It contains waterproof fiber-tip gel polymer ink and a retractable design, providing the best solution for all your writing requirements.

This innovation from Brother Max provides an innovative solution to this multi-functional requirement with versatility. Incorporating ingenuity and imagination through ergonomics and design, this product comfortably complements both office workstations or classroom study stations.

7. uni JETSTREAM Best multi penbest multi pen 2022

Jetstream Prime 2&1 is the latest offering from JETSTREAM pens. It contains four essential writing implements in a durable, streamlined package: a 0.7mm black ballpoint pen tip, a 0.7mm red ballpoint pen tip, a mechanical pencil, and an ultra-smooth gel pen tip.

The fluid click action of the ink selection levers transform the experience of choosing ink into an extraordinary display of visual aesthetics and seamless mobility.

Inside the box is your original Jet – powered Prime 2&1, which includes fifty pieces of uni NanoDia HB lead, two 0.7mm black JETSTREAM ink refills, and one 0.7mm red JETSTREAM ink refill, plus various free papers for convenient organization.

If it isn’t a rollerball pen then it has to be a ballpoint. Well Uni was tired of always doing the same kind of pen, so they created something new with their JETSTREAM Prime 2&1 .

The hybrid ink gives you the smooth flow of gel ink but with the crisp lines created by a ball point pen. It uses pigment ink, which goes on black and dries on clear – that way you’ll never lose what exactly you’ve written before.

And just because this is the first time offering the JETSTREAM Prime 2&1 in America outside specialty third party resellers, we wanted to commemorate this historic occasion by putting an exclusivity designed box around it for you to open up – literally.


Best multi pen. Nowadays, things tend to be a lot more digital than they were in the past. There’s a lot of things that are done more by computer than by hand. And one of the things that’s a lot easier to do digitally than by hand is writing. Whether you’re writing a paper for school or you’re just writing a grocery list, writing things out by hand has become a lot less popular than writing them by computer.

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