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Best Oil Extractor.  An oil extractor is a specialized auto jack that uses a vacuum to remove the oil from your car’s crankcase. Creating this vacuum is accomplished by using the engine to turn a powerful small electric motor.

Then, you simply insert a thin tube through the dipstick opening, and your oil extractor does all or most of the work. The oil is then moved to a portable container that you may take to an auto shop to be recycled.

Oil extractors could be fully automatic, manually powered, or hybrid machines that combine the two technologies. They’re also available in a range of shapes and sizes. Largely depending on what kind of vehicle they’re intended for as well as their size, storage space in your garage, and – last but not least – your budget too.

8 Best Oil Extractor

1. EWK Patented 6.5L Pneumatic

ewk patented 6.5l pneumatic

An EWK oil extractor pump is the solution that you need if you have a tricky time accessing and extracting engine oils.

The pump can be quickly and easily attached to your vehicle’s dipstick tube allowing for emergency extraction of oil or transmission fluid in just seconds.

This means that no matter where you are – in the middle of nowhere or otherwise – you should have no problem with accessing vital fluids that need to be replaced regularly.

It’s also very useful in other situations: some cars cannot be jacked up simply because they’re too low, while others might have been hit by a rock and the fluid has now spilled towards the back (in which case a normal extractor might not do so well).

In an emergency situation, there simply is no other better way to clean up any fluids off your car than using this exclusive EWK machine.

Its 2 sizes of extra-long dipsticks will help access deep reservoirs too large for normal smaller machines.

The oil change pump has a quick suction speed of 1.8L/min and can pump 4-cylinder engine oil from your vehicle within minutes.

This model is perfect for extracting most fluid types: engine oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, coolant, and power steering fluid alike. It can be utilized by car owners, motorcycle owners, lawn mower owners, and boat riders just to name a few.

2. OEMTOOLS 24937 Pneumatic

oemtools 24937 pneumatic

Changing your oil doesn’t have to be troublesome. With the fluid extractor, you can pump it out with ease.

This is a great automotive oil pump helper, or suction cup pump concrete floor drain and small engine oil recovery for large quantities.

Use this as a large utility vehicle motor turbo diesel and no dipstick motor oil siphon for extracting fluids quickly with conveniences, such as transmission and gearbox transmissions.

One can also use it in RV diesel generator fuel tank filters and aircraft piston engines on larger projects that offer things like lube jobs and suspension kits.

They suggest using this high-precision tester when undertaking a timing belt removal and cutter caps kit set (bonnet) service project because this product is everything you need to get started repairing your car yourself.

OEMTOOLS provides various forms of fluid maintenance for all sorts of vehicles which can include using a powerful manual vacuum pump or pneumatic oil extractor system to draw out waste oil.

From removing fluids from light trucks and SUVs to cars, these tools are useful when it comes to efficiently extract waste oil from vehicle reservoirs so that the oils in one’s motor can stay clean and efficient.

Get the advantages of owning your own useful extraction pump with an ergonomic handle on a powerful motor in order to continue running smoothly without clogging up the engine’s passageways for the life of the vehicle.

3. Stens 051-703 Oil Extractor

stens 051 703 oil extractor

Oil removal from engines is a difficult and nasty task. The Stens is an engine oil collecting system that is both user-friendly and environmentally favorable.

It’s quick and easy, sucking spent oil right out of the engine in seconds. An easy pumping action draws oil through a special hose, into the unit’s plastic tank which doubles as handy storage once full.

Best of all, it works with most car engines plus small machinery–even boats.

The Stens Vacuum Oil System utilizes a built-in vacuum pump to quickly extract used motor oil right out of your engine’s dipstick tube by means of a hose connected directly to the car or small engine in question.

Simply place the machine overtop at any location that holds excess motor oil and then insert the hose into said opening.

Pump it up around 40 times before opening the cap’s valve and letting everything drain inside – it’s as easy as that.

The Stens Oil Extractor with the Changing System is an amazing tool. It makes car engine oil changes fast, clean and easy.

With this tool, you can extract the oil of a large project in no time at all without making a mess in or around your car or truck because the system absorbs everything so there are no spills or drips.

If you care about your car’s engine, then there are a lot of reasons why you really ought to consider getting this for yourself.

For example, if its engine is hard to access and has drain plugs concealed inside difficultly reachable spots (similar to those found in large boat engines for example).

4. ABN Oil Change Syringe Brake Fluid 

abn oil change syringe brake fluid 

The ABN Oil Change Syringe Brake Fluid Extractor Pump is a fluid evacuator that can both remove and add fluids.

Use it to replace the brake fluid in your car, bleeding, repair power steering reservoirs, brake master cylinders, transaxles, coolant reservoirs, manual transmissions, and more.

It also works on hydraulic final drives and gas tanks. This oil suction pump extractor makes it easy to add fluid to your car’s power equipment as well.

Its universal nature makes it a versatile addition to your tool collection. This product features embossed markings which prevent scales from wearing off over time.

It’s cutaways with sturdy body enables you to pull out air bubbles into the desired portions of the syringe made from durable materials without having to telescope them out all the way whenever filled with fluids of varying viscosities and density levels.

Auto tranny fluid suction pump with 10mm ID and 8mm OD clear flexible plastic tube (fits for oil, transmission and other liquids); release valve to let the liquid go back into the reservoir to avoid spillage.

This is a manual pressure unit – not vacuum. Put the reservoir on a flat surface and use the pressurized handle to enter the master cylinder reservoir through the bottom of that narrow section; multi-purpose work on automotive, motorcycles, household appliances; should not be used for emergency medical purposes.

Can reach hard-to-reach areas as well as certain chases involving irregular angles and complex spaces in tight quarters (not good for general maintenance).

5. LUMAX LX-1314 Gold/Silver Manual/Pneumatic 

lumax lx 1314 goldsilver manualpneumatic 

The Lumax LX-1114 Handy Transfer Fluid Pump is a must-have for those who need to quickly get the job done.

Whether you’re in a rush, or are working on something that requires precision and accuracy, this tool provides more of what you need to get work done.

Specifically designed for fluid extraction and transfer, this pump includes a metal faceplate with a glass window so that you can clearly see the amount of fluid that has been transferred at all times.

This pump is versatile enough to be used with numerous types of fluids including oil, coolant, and hydraulic systems thereby making it ideal for ATVs, boats, farm equipment, industrial gearboxes, motor vehicles, motorbikes, RVs, and many other small aircraft engines as well as snowmobiles and watercraft.

The LUMAX Pneumatic is made of oil and pesticide polyethylene. The product development at LUMAX goes beyond the physical product, to a deeper understanding of the end-users needs.

LUMAX products are of the highest caliber with resalable ports to maintain the pressure that incorporates many unique features that make work easier, faster, and cost-effective in different ways.

Literally, there is a whole team of people focusing on one aspect of a business or their area of expertise so they can give each other necessary feedback before presenting their final approved work internally and externally. LUMAX products lead the field in design, quality, and durability.

6. FIRSTINFO Upgraded 10 Liter Pneumatic 

firstinfo upgraded 10 liter pneumatic 

Pneumatic Manual Fluid Extractor is the ideal gadget for working on vehicles in the garage or outdoors.

This multi-fuel extractor is so versatile that it can be used for extracting all kinds of fluid from motorcycles and cars, including engine oil and brake fluid.

You can have all you need to take care of your bike or car no matter where you are, as long as you have this three-piece set of tubes with a bleeder valve that allows easy handling of the extraction process.

Plus, there are four different diameter tubes for working on both small and large engines alike. Building up automotive grease can cause a lot of problems and go wrong at any moment.

But thanks to this clever product that allows everyone to work on their vehicle anywhere at any time with ease, we hope many mistakes will never happen while maintaining your car.

To pull up the liquid from the very bottom of the reservoir. The pneumatic method is faster than manual operation, but it requires a compressor.

A cylinder cap replaces the cylinder and functions as a cap. Oil no longer splashed, oil change is safer.

The defroster tube collects air to allow positive pressure above the fluid level in the reservoir and provides the smoothest flow and no more backache after doing an oil change.

It maintains proper fluid level during bleeding operation, makes it easier to bleed without spillage or backsliding, and less chance of blockage due to moisture entering at end of bleeding operation.

7. FOUR UNCLES Oil Changer Vacuum Fluid Extractor

four uncles oil changer vacuum fluid extractor

The pneumatic fluid extraction pump can reach the bottom of all types of reservoirs, and a manual mode is an option in case you wish to visit sites that do not have electricity.

The good old-fashioned liquid extractor guarantees you’ll be able to suck up every drop of whatever you are using it to dispense, thanks to its foolproof countertop design with a 4” diameter hose and 5 interchangeable pieces which ensure optimal circulation of the bucket’s reservoir.

A vacuum line ensures that no air will remain trapped inside the machine when being used. Of course, it comes with a 6.5L capacity and a handy nylon pouch to keep everything together when you aren’t using it.

FOUR UNCLES Oil Filler Cap Easily Detects Oil Leakages Sometimes, small leakages happen to be discovered by a few drops of oil on the engine.

It could also lead to bigger problems if it’s not detected early. It’s called a “silent killer” because, without intervention, the car will eventually fail because of leakage onto sensitive engine parts.

Now with FOUR UNCLES oil filler caps, you can easily detect any leaks which might have been present. Unless you are an auto mechanic, DIY car repairs and maintenance should be left to experts. The only thing you should do is apply for roadside assistance with your car insurance provider.

8. HT Moto Oil Extractor 6-Liter OIL01

ht moto oil extractor 6 liter oil01

Hand oil extractors don’t usually have the best ways to dispose of used oil. Many models come with flimsy spouts or no spout at all.

However, our hand-operated pump comes with a great upside-down pouring mechanism so as to not spill any oil while you quickly and efficiently pour the used oil into storage or recycling containers.

This makes it more hygienic and efficient than ever. They also offer a free wrist brace for anyone who purchases this hand-operated pump since they know that repetitive motion can be an issue for the joints and tendons in the hands, arms, shoulders, neck & back area, especially after extensive use of these types of products over long periods of time.

HT Moto Oil Extractor is a bug remover. It has the ability to completely remove the bugs from your clothing and other materials.

The pump that comes included with this remover makes the process easy. Just stick it in, turn it on and within just twenty seconds you will have an all-over clean without any residue or bugs left behind to mess up your clothes later.

You do need to warm up the oil slightly before using this product because if you try using it cold oil will create a mess due to static electricity and cause even more problems down the line than what you’re trying to fix right now.

Best Oil Extractor


Best Oil Extractor. Finally, it’s essential to understand your business’s specific needs. When it comes to deciding upon the best oil extractors, individual preferences such as budget and manufacturer are also important considerations that need to be factored in.

Research each of the models ranked here and pay close attention to key features when comparing brands so that you are able to find a model suitable for your intended use.

All of these units should help you meet your goals if used correctly so make sure to choose the unit that meets both your short- and long-term needs.

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