Best Outdoor Light Bulb Camera

Best Outdoor Light Bulb Camera. Outdoor light bulb security cameras are nothing new but their dual purpose is definitely one to consider. These cameras are not only used for your surveillance but for disguise.

They look like any ordinary light bulb fixture from the outside. The camera inside it, however, allows you to discreetly track everything and everyone moving about in a public or private neighborhood, parking space, office or warehouse plaza and etcetera.

The beauty of these bulbs is that their cameras aren’t easily accessible by anyone who would try to tamper with them so they work much better as an alternative CCTV solution disguised as a light bulb.

An outdoor light bulb hidden camera is a useful security device as it not only grants you the opportunity to record when something bad happens but also provides illumination from the outside.

6 Best Outdoor Light Bulb Camera

1. VIBOOS Camera, 2mp Wireless IP Led Cam

viboos camera, 2mp wireless ip led cam

VIBOOS Camera, a 2 megapixel wireless IP LED camera system capable of being used to keep an eye on your surroundings, including babies and pets.

The device can easily pair with any operating system as it syncs up with both iOS and Android devices via an app that can be downloaded from the site.

Making this an ideal camera for those who like to have things simple or need something that doesn’t rely on high-level technology for its usage.

Once you’ve set everything up, the camera will provide you with clear images even in total darkness thanks to the infrared lights that help make every environment visible to the naked eye.

Alarm synchronization among your mobile phones and the camera enables you to be notified even when you’re away from home.

This means you can have more peace of mind in knowing that the moment something happens, your device will alert someone who can take the appropriate action.

In addition, the built-in wifi camera feature lets you check in on loved ones while they are home alone or via your smartphone outside of the home.

The VIBOOS LED Camera has an E27 power plug, which is a standard size for most lamps and ceiling fixtures, so it’ll fit right into your socket.

And if it doesn’t work with light fixtures near or inside your home, then this security camera is still extremely helpful as an IP camera to keep an eye on things like deliveries or when house sitting for neighbors or friends while they’re away.

2. WOSECU E27 Light Bulb Camera

wosecu e27 light bulb camera

The WOSECU E27 Light Bulb Camera has an E27 power socket and is as easy to install as a bulb.

Once you make sure that it’s in the WiFi range, there are no extra installation steps required.

The built-in HD 1080P 360 degrees panoramic home surveillance camera system captures clear images even in complete darkness and will not miss any important moments of your life.

This wireless bulb camera system only supports 2.4GHz WiFi, Once it connects to WiFi, you can remote view through your smartphone at any time/anywhere.

A surveillance bulb camera system detects video screen changes and sends alarm notifications to your cellphone for your safety as this light bulb lights up in the event of an intruder detected by the smart components inside the bulb camera or other connected devices.

Professionally built-in high-quality mic and speaker, the night light allows one to communicate with family members through our app whenever & wherever you are.

Camera for home security with SD card/cloud storage by your choice, and playback for up to 7 days, so one can see what happens at your property every day and every night.

Never miss any important moment from before as well as during an emergency. When motion is spotted, instant alerts are sent directly to your smartphone when someone approaches your home. The light also illuminates intruders when in an emergency.

3. Light Bulb Security Camera

light bulb security camera

SYMYNELEC light bulb security camera has several features which provide a unique on-screen dashboard for monitoring your home in real-time, always getting the clearest video with pinpoint precision and enviable image quality throughout.

Our camera’s 360-degree horizontal rotation and 120-degree vertical rotation enable you to view all of your premises with complete surveillance, irrespective of how you position it, or where.

You can watch everything that happens around the clock in full HD 1080p quality.

You can also make use of our night vision capability that provides clear shots even when the lighting conditions are poor or very dark.

And if that isn’t enough, our infrared lights are turned on automatically once lighting conditions prove insufficient for filming – making sure you don’t miss a thing at any given time.

Video and accounts are encrypted using unique encryption technology to ensure that motion detection alerts are accurate.

Even if your camera light bulb or SD card is stolen, the video files in the SD card can only be accessed in your own account.

Make sure you secure both physical access to your footage as well as the digital version – don’t let it get into the wrong hands.

4. Hotfenlee Full HD 1080P Light Bulb Camera

hotfenlee full hd 1080p light bulb camera

Hotfenlee 1080P HD Security camera lets you see even in the dark with its great night vision capabilities, which means you’ll feel safe and secure knowing that any suspicious activity will transmit automatically to your smartphone.

It has 3 LED lights, all of which are infrared so as to emit no additional heat.

That’s crucial since an additional heat source can often scare away intruders as opposed to scaring them off with a presence, by letting them know they’re being watched.

Using the ICSee app, you can control turn the light on and off manually or set it up so that it senses motion at night and turns the lights on then automatically.

Having a security system like this one is a good way to always have peace of mind throughout each day and whenever you’re not there.

Inside the box, you’ll find a bulb camera, power source, and an SD card. Download the mobile app on your phone and log in with email credentials.

Use the Wi-Fi connection to connect the devices. Insert 32 gigabytes of data into your SD card so that you can record without using cloud space, but do make sure that at least some free space is left to account for future content. Once the memory card runs out of memory, any new recordings will overwrite older files.

5. HeyLR Light Bulb Camera Wireless 360 Degree 

heylr light bulb camera wireless 360 degree 

HeyLR Light Bulb Camera is compatible with any WIFI that runs on the 2.4GHz band and once the bulb camera is connected to a device, users can access the live stream of their home or business via an iPhone/Android mobile phone/tablet, etc.

If a person happens to notice something suspicious then they will receive real-time push notifications instantly and so long as they have set up security cameras in their home strategically during installation, this feature will be an essential part of their safety routine.

This compact HD light bulb also allows people to work remotely with their security camera whenever they want which is definitely convenient, and if programmed properly just might make all the difference when it comes to knowing what’s going on in your home or workspace often.

Full HD 1080P, 2.0 MP home security camera, provides crystal clear video with high-quality optics. Adopts auto white balance and exposure to provide a more natural image, better avoid moving shadows and overexposure.

Whether in the day or night time, you can use the IR lights and cameras for night vision with colorful images.

Only you can access the SD card’s video file through the card reader even when your camera is stolen or lost.

Undeniably, this light bulb camera will not only be a visual assistant but also a good alarm system for you to protect your house/office safety day and night without fail.

6. Jennov 1080P Light Bulb Camera

jennov 1080p light bulb camera

The Jennov 1080p light bulb camera is one incredible option you need to look at for video and audio recording.

This can help you with monitoring what’s going through day and night, indoor or outdoor.

It connects to a network that can be accessed from your phone on the go, which makes monitoring simpler than ever before.

The Jennov 1080p light bulb camera comes with a micro SD card slot for an affordable price.

The latter will allow for remote recording capabilities and has enough storage space to keep track of even large amounts of footage continuously being recorded.

Additionally, it comes with two-way audio capabilities so if you’re in the same room while a recording is taking place you can hear everything in real-time.

This security camera also rotates a full 355 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically allowing you to watch over large spaces easily.

Jennov takes light bulb cameras to the next level by making them smart and compatible with mobile applications.

Whether you’re at home or out on the town, you can be in direct communication with your home front door thanks to Jennov’s incredible technology.

You can use your phone to view a completely different perspective of what the Jennov outdoor light bulb camera is seeing by way of its integrated night vision mode, giving you an added layer of security and peace of mind.



Is there hidden cameras in LED lights?

The difference, however, is that neither the light fixtures containing the hue bulbs nor the light strips or Bloom lights are spying on you; there are no cameras present to take photos or videos or monitor audio.

Do dummy cameras deter thieves?

Burglars may also be deterred by fake security cameras. It is especially likely that young “amateur” thieves will be wary of devices that resemble cameras because they have seen enough movies and television shows to know that security surveillance systems often have actual, functioning cameras installed.


Outdoor light bulb cameras are becoming more and more popular due to their versatility. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

They can be used to deter theft, monitor your home while you are away, and even as an added security feature to your home.

Outdoor light bulb security cameras are one of the more versatile security systems currently available on the market today.

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