Best Pc Cases For Cable Management

Best Pc Cases For Cable Management. If you’re trying to find the best PC case for cable management, it’s easy to feel intimidated when you look at the vast array of models available. The fact is that they all seem similar.

Some feature RGB and some have tempered glass panels, but ultimately it can be challenging to discern which model is going to provide you with the best possible cable management experience.

Thankfully, there are brands out there that set themselves apart by including innovative solutions designed specifically for people who want to improve the way their cables look and function without breaking their budget. Today they are taking a closer look at different models that have earned top marks in this regard.

7 Best Pc Cases For Cable Management

1. NZXT Flow Compact Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case

nzxt flow compact mid tower pc gaming case

This mid-tower comes with a perforated front panel and two Aer F 120mm fans that provide optimum airflow and allow heat to escape.

The transparent side panel gives users a clear view of their components on display as well as the clean, modern design of the case.

One thing we love about this chassis is that it’s compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 2 because not only are the speeds up to 10x faster than its predecessors but USB C also allows you to connect your newest smartphones and high-speed external storage devices too.

Also, the patented cable routing kit included with this case comes with pre-installed channels and straps; it makes wiring easy and intuitive thus easier for building a PC that’s both functional and looks great on display.

The NZXT mid-tower PC gaming chassis is highly versatile as it can accommodate both ATX and Micro ATX motherboards.

The convenient built-in cable management bar directs all of your wirings in a single direction for simple, structured cabling to keep things looking neat.

In terms of cooling performance, the H510 has an optimized perforated front panel that helps encourage optimized airflow through the system so heat dissipation is efficient and increased.

It also comes with everything you need to get the cables organized and out of sight including two silicone rubber grommet cable management holes on backside of the motherboard tray and seven rubber grommets on various surfaces such as behind the motherboard or beneath graphics cards.


corsair crystal 280x rgb micro

The Crystal 460X RGB combines the tempered glass design of the Crystal Series with an innovative dual-chamber layout.

The vertical graphics card mounting bracket frees up space, letting you use bigger, high-performance cooling solutions to keep demanding hardware frosty while an understated front panel keeps cables organized and your system neat.

Your system’s high-end components will be able to shine thanks to three full-size tempered glass panels.

The Crystal 460X RGB is able to expand its potential further by accommodating six 120mm fans or a huge 240mm radiator on the top, a 240 mm radiator in the front, or a 360 mm radiator at the bottom of the chassis.

The CORSAIR Crystal Series 280X RGB is your all-inclusive case with stunning LL120 RGB fans, a built-in lighting control, and tempered glass panels which enable you to show off your stunning build.

This high-performance micro ATX case comes with three tempered glass panels which helps the beautiful LED lights reflect into your build and add some lively atmosphere to it.

But what they’re most excited about is it’s dual-chambered design which allows you to store all that extra PSU cables, storage solutions, and other unnecessary gear in the hidden compartment behind two brushed aluminum doors.

3. Cooler Master MasterBox Pro 5 RGB 

cooler master masterbox pro 5 rgb 

The MasterBox 5 is equipped with a Dark Mirror front panel which allows users to show off their builds in an elegant white frame much like the simplified one.

The Design of this case as it comes with pre-installed RGB fans and a large 4 mm thick edge-to-edge tempered glass side panel which offers a unique outlook to its users.

Easily mount and rearrange SSDs across the motherboard tray and on the back with the SSD bracket.

So you can bring that customized build-out of hiding. Cooler Master’s MasterBox Mid-Tower is all about that design aesthetic.

When you’re done building, and fans are up and running, show off your rig through the 4 mm thick edge-to-edge tempered glass side panel.

The interior offers cutouts for easy component installation, allowing both simple and advanced internal layouts.

It can also accommodate large high-end components, along with up to 3 additional fans and DIY liquid cooling, so you can keep things looking clean with routing holes galore.

When it comes to PSUs, there’s a power supply cover installed to help keep cables hidden away, letting spec sheets do most of the talking when it comes time to visually impress onlookers.

4. Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full Tower Chassis 

phanteks enthoo pro full tower chassis 

Enthoo Pro, Phanteks’ newest addition to their performance case series, contains many high-quality materials that have been carefully assembled and designed together.

For starters, the space has room for one 200mm fan in front and one 140mm fan in the back.

This budget-friendly case also includes the new SP series fans by Phanteks because these fans are able to perform at a higher level of quality.

Anyone looking for superior airflow at a budget-friendly price will be more than satisfied with this tower-style chassis.

Additional port capabilities include 2 USB 3.0s as well as one USB-C Gen 2 and other various inputs. All of this can help keep your computer up to date without breaking the bank.

There’s even a brushed aluminum appearance mixed with black plastic so it fits right into most decorations. The Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full Tower Chassis is welcome for adaptable and modular cooling.

If you decide to use nothing but air, there are still plenty of cooling options available, so you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your hardware will be able to handle what the heat gets thrown at it.

There’s a huge number of comfort features designed into this chassis like removable I/O panel, drop-n-lock SSD brackets that allow you to move SSDs around as needed (1 bracket included), multiple internal drive bays and dust filters to keep dust out.

The flexibility doesn’t end there though, you can also mount fans on the side panels or any other portion of the case too, if that’s what works best for the way you want your build to function.

5. MSI MPG Series GUNGNIR 100

msi mpg series gungnir 100

Like many of you out there, MSI was late to the party when it came out with its first unveiled PC tower and yet again when branching into the high-end gaming niche.

Subsequently, MSI managed to bring gun-smoke casing into the new millennium with their inspired product, Geranium.

The interior features a particularly thoughtful design: networking/power supplies are located at each end of the case due to MSI’s creative implementation of an additional tunnel joining these components.

This feature makes cable routing much easier than without such tunneling. MSI MPG GUNGNIR 100, Mid Tower Gaming PC is a solid option for anyone interested in creating an ultra-compact gaming rig.

Armed with an Intel i5 6400 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive provides enough speed to run most modern games without the need of upgrading at least for another year.

However MSI recommends that you take caution when purchasing this model because it offers little to no room for expanding your display options if you wish to connect more than one monitor.

Beyond that GAMING Series, GUNGNIR 100 is surprisingly quite spacious allowing plenty of room for extra storage, up to 5 fans.

Even comes with some added cable management making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to make a small form factor gaming PC.

6. MUSETEX 6 RGB LED Dual Fans 2

musetex 6 rgb led dual fans 2

The color of the 903-D6 is being changed by the MUSETEX 6 RGB LED. They always found it to be a rather expensive case, but there are some things that make it worth it.

Firstly, the cable management and ways in which you can tie them down are pretty good.

It has a lot of routing options and velcro straps that can carry over the mess from your wires and into the back, keeping everything running smoothly.

On top of such convenient factors, you have six RGB fans pre-installed that light up through a mixture of not just air vents on the front panel but also side panels as well.

This makes for an attractive desktop spectacle that’ll keep any onlookers amazed at how beautiful your rig looks. There are two button options: at the top next to where you insert the PCI brackets and on its case.

The top one works straight out of the box while you may have to update the set-up in order to use the latter.

With that being said, this kit is certainly likely to meet your expectations but make sure you can afford it because there’s no doubt that it won’t be cheap.

This product does not have built-in temperature control which means is not capable of handling computers that run extremely hot so avoid overloading it if you happen to live in warm climates or areas with excessively high temperatures.

7. Fractal Design Meshify C – Compact Computer Case 

fractal design meshify c compact computer case 

The Fractal Design Meshify Compact Computer Case has design features that have never been seen before, making it an industry leader with unprecedented cooling performance and clean lines.

The angular asymmetry of the Meshify C is one-of-a-kind and a definite force to be reckoned with in the computer case market with its ability to efficiently maintain cool temperatures while taking up a very small amount of space.

With its abundant front ventilation holes and high airflow potential, there is little need to rearrange your components because this truly is a case of meshify your desires.

With support for liquid cooling systems, users can further decongest their PC for more efficient heat distribution throughout the entire system and stand out from the crowd with design innovation that comes from recognizing trends from consumer choices.

Two things come to mind when it comes to the chassis of Fractal’s Meshify C. The first is “solid” like the confidence in this case’s abilities to keep all of your components protected from damages or elements during transport or general wear and tear.

They believe in its durability because we tested it thoroughly and found that it can outlast many other cases. The second adjective is a derivative of the first; namely “unique” as an adjective has never been used to describe a case quite like this one before.

Best Pc Cases For Cable Management


Best Pc Cases For Cable Management. In order to keep your computer running as smoothly as possible, you need to make sure that you have a good computer case.

A bad computer case can have a negative effect on your computer. They are meant to have plenty of room for you to be able to keep everything that you need when it comes to your computer.

If you are not able to keep all of your things on the computer, then it will become a mess and can cause your computer to slow down.

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