Best Pocket Holster

Best Pocket Holster. There are many styles of pockets, which vary quite widely in size. Some can fit a lighter or penknife inside of them, while others are large enough to carry knives and other long items like sawed-off shotguns or some types of submachine guns.

Some people like to use it for storing small firearms and one of their favorite places to carry their gun is on a belt. Some belts are even made with holsters in mind.

If you want your firearm carried in an easily concealable place well then you should try looking into the many advantages that come along with using small on-body holsters for carrying your handguns that very comfortably fit inside pockets.

Best Pocket Holster

1. ShapeShift Alien Gear Pocket Carry Holsterbest pocket holster

Most pocket holsters are flimsy and are usually made from cheap materials. The Shapeshift Alien Gear Pocket Carry is a serious, versatile concealed carry holster that provides a safe and smooth draw.

It comes with a full trigger guard as well as several other features to guarantee an ideal fit for your handgun. The interior has slick material that provides a smooth, snag-free, snag-free draw while the outer shell is made from durable polymer. It is also ventilated to promote breathability.

This covert pocket holster boasts one feature rarely found in other holsters: an adjustable passive retention system for consistent draws every time.

The ShapeShift series is now offering an upgraded pocket holster exclusive to the ShapeShift 3.0. When you’re equipped with this first-of-its-kind advanced appendix carry (AAC) product, you’ll gain access to a faster and more secure way or be able to protect yourself wherever you are.

The draw is clean and smooth, ensuring that the hook system won’t get in your way when it’s time for action. This will easily be one of the best upgrades you can make when purchasing your brand-new gun.

2. Vedder Holsters Pocket Locker Kydexvedder holsters pocket locker kydex

Vedder Holsters Pocket Locker is crafted to serve users who don’t wish to wear a gun on the waistline. This holster was designed especially for small frame handguns and even features several added benefits.

It affords you comfort and extra security, including an extended slide guard that protects from moisture coming from your body that might otherwise make its way onto your weapon.

It covers the entire slide of your gun so that it won’t contact anybody’s moisture either which is not only more comfortable but safe as well. You don’t have to worry about this holster falling out of your pocket either, because a retention ring holds it safely in place.

And the holster is one of the fastest-drawing products in its class!  The Pocket Locker is one for EDC enthusiasts who want to carry in their pocket. This holster securely holds the gun in place and prevents it from falling out of the pocket, especially when you are drawing your weapon quickly.

You can also choose an option that lets you release the firearm with a simple flick of your thumb making it an ideal holster for everyday carry and emergency situations alike.

If you’re seeking a way to off-body carry your firearm, this holster may be a good one to consider because there’s an additional piece of hardware that allows attaching it to bags, backpacks, or purses.

3. Gould & Goodrich 702-1LH G&G Charcoal gould & goodrich 702 1lh g&g charcoal 

The Wallet Holster from Gould & Goodrich offers a way to carry small pistols with discretion and to make sure that the disguise is effective.

The product, which holds only 5 1/2-century tory burch outlet in Europe long guns, is designed like a wallet, so they can easily be transported anywhere without having to go through security.

The shape of this holster makes it easy not only to control retention but also to holster the weapon quickly. gun holstersThe Gould & Goodrich Wallet Holster comes from durable nylon material and has a rectangular outline so as to seem like a plain old-fashioned wallet.

The fact that it’s wider at its base than it is up top gives it an illusion of being thicker than the one that’s actually inside so as to allow for firm placement of any pistol beneath 10 pounds.

The Gould & Goodrich Wallet holster is the perfect pistol holster for people who want to stay safe and secure. The strong elastic retention band will always keep your pistol in place and help you find the right position on your body at any given moment.

With this affordable solution, this rugged holster is great retention and durability while remaining flexible enough to allow you access to your firearm when you need it most.

4. Safariland, 6360, ALS/SLS, Level 3 Retentionsafariland, 6360, alssls, level 3 retention

The best budget nylon holster is the Leapers UTG Universal Ambidextrous Holster. In short, the Leapers UTG product is a budget nylon holster with an open-top design, making it easy to access your gun in an emergency.

It holds onto your gun well inside your pocket when you draw it. The best part of the Leapers UTG Ambidextrous Pocket Holster is its versatility and simple, lightweight design.

You can wear this holster easily in either of your pant or shirt pockets without worrying about any extra bulk.

The Safariland 6360 Als & SLS Level 3 Retention holster and the UTG 543 Leapers RDS EGR Rapid Deployment SLS (Self Locking System) rotating hood for increased weapon retention, yet still affords ease of draw and quick, secure reholstering.

With no snap, the SLS allows for a smoother, single-motion draw, and greater protection against attempted weapon takeaways. The industry leader in tactical gear originally designed law enforcement holsters.

This is because they always go to the middle ground between rapid deployment and retention while they are on the job.

5. Blackhawk Inside Pocket Holsterblackhawk inside pocket holster

Another company that makes budget pocket holsters is Blackhawk, a renowned manufacturer of tactical equipment. The BlackHawk Inside-the-Pocket Holster does not cover the grip as it fits in your pocket. Your pistol’s grip will be visible but it does cover the trigger for safety.

This holster has just enough grip to keep the pistol from moving when it sits in your pocket.

It comes with a single non-slip friction band that keeps the holster securely in your pocket when you draw your firearm from it. Inside the pocket, holsters are generally easier to draw quickly from, but they tend to print more since they stick up higher.

Blackhawk’s inside-the-pocket holster is made of a synthetic suede-like exterior and nylon lining. This cushioned material provides a smooth yet swift drawing.

The low profile coupled with laminate construction makes it comfortable to carry, giving minimal wear on the body – even for short periods of time. In addition, this nylon-lined holster is superior in that it does not absorb sweat as much as other holsters, whether synthetic or leather.

It also allows you to keep your weapon near your body – meaning minimal printing as most contact surfaces won’t be directly touching your clothing if anything at all.

6. Sticky Holsters MD-1 Best Pocket Holstersticky holsters md 1 suitable for small 9mm’s

The Sticky Holster is a versatile product that can be used for both pocket carry and inside waistband carry (IWB). It’s built with a non-slip material that adheres to your pocket or skin (which makes it especially useful if you are going running or walking outdoors.)

You can put just about any size pistol in the holster because there aren’t additional clips or loops. There is a modular system available, which offers sizes ranging from micro pistols to sub-compacts, medium semi-auto pistols, and small frame revolvers.

The outside surface is covered with a sticky, flexible material that helps the holster remain in place but also makes it easy to remove. The gun trigger guard area is covered in a way that creates a flexible shell-like barrier, allowing you to grab the grip and remove your gun while remaining protected from the holster.

They come with a lifetime warranty. Sticky Holsters are a great way to keep a gun with you without anyone noticing. Whether you carry a handgun or some other type of weapon, Sticky Holsters are meant for pocket, waistband and undergarment carry.

These holsters come without clips or loops so the outer skin is “sticky” enough to stick to your pants, whether they be yoga pants, sweatpants and more.

Since there’s no hook and loop fastener needed with these holsters, they can be used by those who prefer to wear over-the-pants holsters and belts as well.

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Best Pocket Holster. A wide range of fabrics and styles are available today. An affordable pocket holster will suit your needs. If a sufficient amount of practice isn’t given to using this type of carrying rig, drawing from any type of pocket may not be totally effective or as natural as it is in other holsters.

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