Best Portable Evaporative Cooler Consumer Reports

Best Portable Evaporative Cooler Consumer Reports. Evaporative air coolers are different from traditional air conditioners in that they work without an electronic component like a compressor.

These units use a fan to move humid air over the top of a water-saturated pad. The water evaporates, which lowers the temperature in the room by roughly 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

It works mainly because of the intense heat and dry environment sometimes found outside during the hotter months of the year. These ultramodern cooling systems also require less energy than other AC units since they only run on a simple blower motor rather than requiring anything expensive such as a compressor.

And one last thing your cooling system pad may become pretty low on water at times, so you’ll want to periodically fill up its reserve tank with purified water or tap water when necessary.

Best Portable Evaporative Cooler Consumer Reports

1. Hessaire MC61V Portable Evaporative Coolerbest portable evaporative cooler consumer reports

If you’re looking for the best evaporative cooler consumer reports could swear by, then look no further than this one. This is the Hessaire 5300 CFM, 1600 Sq. Ft model.

It produces chillier air than the run-of-the-mill, which will help relieve any heat (or humidity) to cool things down.

That being said, you may be wondering why we placed it in our number one spot. Well first let’s discuss some more important features this portable evaporative cooler has to offer:

Even though it’s a powerful cooler (5300 CFM), it can still fit in compact spaces and still have other areas to properly function without any problem whatsoever.

Hessaire Portable Evaporative Coolers operate much like basic home cooling systems. You can turn them on or off, set them to blow stronger or weaker depending on the temperature, and can open and close the louvers to direct airflow whichever direction you please.

These units come with pads that you fill with water, hook onto your machine to generate cool air, and then place under whatever patio furniture or in whatever area of your house that you’d like to keep upbeat. Plus they hold plenty of water so don’t worry about filling them often!

2. Evapolar evaCHILL Portable Conditionerevapolar evachill portable conditioner

EvaChill is a technology that leverages evaporation to bring in some much-needed freshness and relief during the hot months. The system involves two parts: one is a heating element and the other one is an evaporative material cartage insert.

These two create a smart cooling system that’s self-adjusting, so you don’t need to spend too much time balancing the temperature yourself.

EvaCHILL cools and humidifies the air and works as a bonus for your sleep as a nightlight. Evapolar’s innovative technology has the potential to dramatically revolutionize home cooling by using next-generation evaporative technology to improve airflow around rooms and expel heat as water vapor.

You don’t need several different devices in your home such as an air conditioner, humidifier, AND a fan just one product will do it all.

evaBREEZE, Evapolar’s special material that uses water pads, carries no organic materials or toxic substances, and is 100% biodegradable.

It works by humidifying the air with cool water vapor into a thin layer near the ceiling. It can effectively lower the temperature in an enclosed space for up to four hours after a twenty-minute set up period.

3. Honeywell CL201AE 470 CFM Indoor Evaporativehoneywell cl201ae 470 cfm indoor evaporative

The Honeywell 470-659CFM is a powerful multipurpose evaporative cooler with the ability to humidify and used as a dehumidifier. In addition, it can control moist air from an environment or from the general surrounding and provide a cool comfortable feeling inside your space.

This unit has a water tank capacity of 5.3 gallons. There is also an ice compartment at the top which provides for even cooler air despite having less water available in the reservoir due to evaporation.

Since it misted water into the air via a high-velocity airflow, this unit runs silently without disturbing your sleep or you doing your focus on working or production at home.

If you be noticed that there is not much water available just fill with fresh reservoir in time and save money on electricity bill. This Honeywell Evaporative Cooler is optimized to meet the needs of hot, humid environments. This Honeywell evaporative cooler also makes use of effortless remote or manual controls.

The Honeywell uses a leading air-purifying system, which has been tested on high-level contaminants and pathogens such as pollen, mold, and dust mite debris in non-medical settings.

4. Luma Comfort EC220W High Power 1650 CFMluma comfort ec220w high power 1650 cfm

The Luma Comfort EC220W is the largest and most potent of the evaporative coolers. But don’t be deceived by it’s size because it will absolutely freeze out any other air cooler available!

It draws air from outdoors and passes it over freezing cold cooling pads that are placed on one side of the cooler, and then again for the reverse effect.

The EC220W is powered by a heavy duty motor and a reliable motor to keep up with our large capacity water tank.

This swamp cooler has an attractive price and comes with some extra features that make it a good choice for a significant number of homeowners when compared to other models like the Frigidaire 6000 BTU model we discussed earlier. It can cool up to 1,000 square feet which most standard-sized rooms inside houses measuring roughly 2,500 square feet each.

Its five-gallon reservoir tank gives it long run power and prevents owners from needing to refill it every couple hours like with some other units. Plus, you can add ice packs without needing an extra compartment or device.

For cooling needs that exceed what ice packs offer in terms of space, this cooler benefits from a tower fan and an evaporative cooling panel design to further boost its cooling power even more.

5. COSTWAY Evaporative Cooler, Portablecostway evaporative cooler, portable

This is a portable air-conditioner that you can use to cool your surroundings. The design of the air conditioner makes it capable of humidifying and purifying the air around you, making sure that no matter what season of the year it is, you will be comfortable while sleeping in the same room.

After plugging the unit into an outlet, and allowing it to run for about 24 hours to chill out, you are set to enjoy your personal AC anywhere!

Regarding colds and stuff like that if you want to keep yourself from getting one, we recommend running this AC for about 15 minutes every hour or so.

This will reduce your chance of catching a cold by quite a lot! Finally, if there are any questions regarding how to use this beautifully designed air-conditioner please feel free to consult with an expert at any time! This air cooler comes with four smooth rolling casters that make moves easy and hassle-free.

Each set of caster wheels comes with its own locking mechanism. This is important as it means you can rest assured knowing the motion sensor activated by your hand closing in on the unit won’t turn off every time you creep up to it because you moved too fast or were simply standing close to it.

6. DeLonghi Best Portable Evaporative Cooler Consumer Reportsdelonghi america america portable

The DeLonghi EV250WH evaporative cooler creates a cool breeze of fresh, clean air, without needing any electricity.

It transforms warm, stale air into refreshingly cool room-heating comfort by filtering the water it releases through an ionization process that releases millions of negative ions in the air.

This circulating cool air is then complemented by four adjustable misting settings to give this unit a customized cooling system and a controlled fragrance distribution.

Best for use in hot and dry climates with low relative humidity (less than 50-60% ), but the DeLonghi portable evaporative cooler will also provide a cooling breeze in higher humidity environments. It’s an affordable system, there is no compressor involved. It does not utilize a vapor cycle and can run on a steady flow of water.

This is how it becomes Energy-conserving since it eliminates the need for refrigerant (common in standard air conditioners) while also saving more electricity being its ability to operate by using very little of it.

The De’Longhi portable evaporative cooler can be moved in and out of your home without worry, allowing you to send a blast of cool air wherever it may be needed the most.

The more you move it around, the faster it will cool down warm temperatures inside your house on those hot summer days.


Best Portable Evaporative Cooler Consumer Reports. We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog post about evaporative air coolers. If you’re considering a new cooling system for your home, this may be a great option to consider. The items on this list have been selected from a range of sources, with user reviews playing a key role in ensuring we deliver only the best portable evaporative swamp coolers for your needs.

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