Best Portable Projector For Powerpoint Presentations

Best Portable Projector For Powerpoint Presentations. As earlier mentioned, projectors are devices that help you display a lot of data, files, and stuff on the big screen.

Now, with most devices performing almost similar functions, it’s very important for you to carefully look at what features work best for the type of purpose or device you want the projector to be used for.

An example would be movie versus business presentations; another would be classroom versus movies and games. And those were just a few examples out of many existing ones.

With these distinctive factors in mind, they have tested what they think to be the top ten projectors based on their performance as well as their ease of use and flexibility when it comes to which types of screens can be connected to them like desktop screens; smart boards or walls.

6 Best Portable Projector For Powerpoint Presentations

1. ManyBox Mini Projector

manybox mini projector

 The projector is able to connect to a variety of devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, USB drives, game consoles, and so forth.

This mini projector can easily bring the joys of entertainment into your home environment because it’s compact enough for easy setup and use.

Some of its core features include built-in speakers which provide excellent sound and high quality allowing you to enjoy a high-quality projection in your house.

To make sure your entertainment system works with this projection device, you will need to make sure that the cable you need is compatible with your phone.

You must also have either a Micro USB (Android devices) or Lightning (Ios devices) port on your phone to connect. Also, the suggested viewing distance is set at 2-3 meters.

If you plan on using this device in a darker setting be prepared for a lesser image or even no image at all.

Using it for movies, video games, and music can take advantage of its 1080P resolution; you simply must use it within these parameters if you’re looking for optimal results.

2. BIGASUO Upgrade HD Bluetooth Projector

bigasuo upgrade hd bluetooth projector

This is not your typical projector. In addition to projecting videos onto walls, it also functions as a DVD player.

The buzz about this nifty device is that it operates with standard disc players and allows you to play movies directly from the TV screen and onto a projection.

Instead of having to call for delivery men and rent space at a movie theatre for family or friends to get together.

There’s no need for an additional DVD player; great news. The BIGASUO Pro302 Projector features 1280×720 native resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio alongside a contrast ratio of 8000:1.

Using high-quality coated lenses, the picture reproduction is higher than the average projector, while its unique bright design helps produce exceptional color accuracy during nighttime use.

XGIMI Mini Portable Projector is equipped with two powerful speakers. It is capable of delivering 180 degrees and 90-degree vertical viewing angles with 2000 lumens brightness and 1000:1 contrast ratio on a screen size up to 120″.

The built-in 2W wireless BLUETOOTH Audio System allows you to enjoy sound in high definition without the hassles of constantly unplugging your wires or fiddling with tangled cords for long-time usage.

Ideal for business/educational presentations, gaming, and watching world cup/Grammy red carpet live shows from anywhere, anytime.

3. ViewSonic 3800 Lumens SVGA 

viewsonic 3800 lumens svga 

The ViewSonic wide-ranging color palette uses ViewSonic’s proprietary SuperColour Technology and has an innovative 6-segment color wheel as well as dynamic light control capabilities.

This projector produces brilliant images in practically every scenario, thanks to its 3,800 lumens and good contrast ratio.

When used for business or in professional contexts, Super Eco mode allows you to lower projection brightness by up to 70% while prolonging light life by up to 15,000 hours.

Lamp life varies depending on usage and other factors. With its ultra-low 16ms input latency, this projector runs without lag.

Making it ideal for connecting straight to your HDMI 2.0 enabled HD device of choice for experiencing razor-sharp action whether playing games like Titan fall 2 on a PC or gaming console.

For the money, this ViewSonic projector is one of the best high-brightness projectors for classrooms.

These projectors have everything you need in a learning setting, including native SVGA 800 x 600 resolution, intuitive, user-friendly design, and high lighting capabilities up to 3, 800 lumens1.

The ViewSonic is an energy-saving projector with a fantastic broad color spectrum as well as 2 items of USB Input (Type A and Type B) which allows smoother multimedia educational teaching and entire details for all those who want to maximize their knowledge levels.

This Bluetooth-enabled 3200 lumens projector which gives off a contrast ratio of 100000: 1, means that each element of this device makes it great for visually stunning presentations in any space.

4. Poner Saund Mini Projector 5500 Lux 

poner saund mini projector 5500 lux 

This Poner Saund Mini Projector is upgraded with the latest LED technology that offers 60% more brightness than a conventional projector.

It has an LCD light source LED lamp with a 52,000 hours long-term lamp life. It is able to project colour safe images on any type of surface.

You can also get up to a 25,000:1 contrast ratio with a 1280*720P resolution.

The mini projector also uses original optical components for presenting vivid and high-quality video and image output.

This puts it way ahead of other tools used for projections of similar types, especially at home or work where presentations are made quite often.

The PONER Saund Mini Projector 5500 Lux provides a maximum projection size of 210 inches with a recommended workplace area between 6.5 and 15 feet.

This projector is semi-portable at 8.766.543 inches in length as well as 2 .86 pounds in weight. It is unique in that its shape makes it easy to transport from one place to another with such portable design dimensions.

To meet your multimedia needs, the smart multimedia projector comes with multiple interfaces including HDMI, USB, AV, and VGA.

In addition to this, the projectors have built-in speakers which generate sound that can reach the equivalent noise level of 90 decibels for music and movies or 55 decibels for presentations.

5. AAXA P6X 1000 Lumen Battery Projector

aaxa p6x 1000 lumen battery projector

The AAXA P6X features a built-in media player with an inbuilt speaker and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 4 hours on a full charge of 1000 lumens or approximately 80% brightness.

A longer-lasting battery gives you more flexibility as you need to carry less spare batteries on your travels and can instead watch, play, or project for longer on the road.

It’s also easy for you to run this projector from mains power. This portable projector is 1.8 lbs / 0.8 kg so that it easily fits in your laptop bag or briefcase allowing you to use it while traveling and camping outdoors.

Which makes it perfect if you need to give presentations at universities in different cities without the hassle of carrying multiple separate laptops around too.

Finally, the 1200:1 contrast ratio ensures images are sharp and clear while its LED light source ensures there is minimal bleeding when combining lights with surrounding objects.

The P6X is ideal for business or home use, and it delivers your presentation with confidence right away. The WXGA resolution of this HD projector offers more colorful and film-like visuals.

Because of its built-in, long-lasting battery, the P6X can run for up to 4 hours (in ECO mode) while providing massive material.

With the P6X’s convenient onboard media player, you’ll be the talk of your next camping trip. This powerful yet attractive projector from AAXA is suitable for family/group presentations as well as corporate applications in the workplace.

6. BenQ EH600 Wireless 1080p Portable

benq eh600 wireless 1080p portable

BenQ takes making wireless projection easier than other brands in the market today.

Now, you can directly connect your smartphone, tablet, or computer to this EH600 projector seamlessly with none of the frustrations that can come with other wireless devices.

This eliminates a lot of frustration – previously there would be difficult to figure out what port your device needed to go into and all the others issues that arise from friction.

BenQ really does make the process simple and saves you time, so you don’t have to waste hours of the day fiddling around with cables when should be spending that valuable time actually presenting your ideas.

With this feature, you’ll also get a slew of software (onboard) to use freely whether it’s getting rid of any computer locks by installing auto source which converts your Windows PC into a safe zone, or allowing focus group collaboration on presentations by having surface share installed.

With BenQ EH600 Wireless, you gain the freedom to connect with colleagues and clients through video, chat, and audio conferencing.

Keep everything organized and on schedule with agenda management tools, shared web-based calendars, and more.

Gather participants from around the world in seconds with our comprehensive Global Address List of integrated apps included in BenQ, Video conference using Full HD 1080p technology that delivers ultra-clear visuals from over 80 miles away. Plugin your mics and cameras for crystal clear calls so you’re heard loud and clear.



Best Portable Projector For Powerpoint Presentations. When you’re looking for the best portable projector for PowerPoint presentations, one of the things you’ll want to consider is the projector’s brightness. Brightness is measured in lumens and the more lumens a projector has, the more light it can project.

Generally, the brightness of a projector is measured in a standard environment, like a meeting room. This can be useful when comparing projectors of different sizes, but it’s not always a good indication of how a projector will perform in the situation you’ll actually be using it in.

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