Best Power Washer For Car Detailing

Best Power Washer For Car Detailing. Taking your smaller vehicles like a car or truck to the carwash every day or even just a few times a week is an expense that can add up fairly quickly.

Alternatively, washing your vehicle by hand is a tedious process that can take up hours of your time frequently, so you may want to consider looking into the best pressure washers for cleaning cars and trucks.

While there are many pressure washers on the market, not all of them are created equal and some models aren’t very good at effectively cleaning these larger vehicles leaving those who own them less than satisfied with the results.

To help you cut through this dilemma we’ve created a comprehensive guide to pressure washers for cars and trucks where we’ll be covering our findings after testing different models and also explaining why there might be certain things you should look out for while selecting which one would be right for you.

6 Best Power Washer For Car Detailing

1. Greenworks 1600 PSI 1.2 GPM Pressure greenworks 1600 psi 1.2 gpm pressure 

If you want a solid all-around performer for your gardening needs, then we recommend this option by Greenworks which is an affordable surface cleaner that offers great value for its asking price.

This unit sweeps off dirt and water from concrete surfaces such as decks, patios, and driveways – perfect for cleaning up after the first rains have dried.

The 2000 PSI rating (which is the standard pressure when it comes to washers in this category) easily takes care of any stubborn mud or grime left over on your driveway and ensures a smooth surface for maneuvering vehicles.

Most importantly, this machine features a low horsepower engine that saves you money on fuel costs because it runs more efficiently than most other high-HP models out there and also offers an optimal blend of cleaning power and convenience features.

This particular model is intended for homeowners looking to clean anything from decks, patios and steps to furniture and driveways. This product from GreenWorks comes equipped with a soap dispenser which allows the user to mix their soapy water in the same device.

This particular model is designed to be used on surfaces that are already relatively clean and only need a quick spray or brush sweep in order to remove any dark spots or discoloration.

The tip nozzle carries a two-part nozzle that can be removed when necessary, cleaned and reinstalled for added versatility. A 35 foot power cord is included.

2. PAXCESS Electric Pressure Washer paxcess electric pressure washer 

The PAXCESS 2150 Electric Pressure Washer has multiple settings, making it ideal for household cleaning jobs or for helping a friend out.

The maximum performance figures are 2,100 psi at 1.7 GPM which means no matter what you need the pressure washer for, whether it is to help clean concrete, clean vehicles or spring cleaning in the yard, this unit will handle all of these tasks quickly and effectively.

This adjustable pressure nozzle it comes supplied with that makes it easy to change settings on the fly, quickly and easily giving you different ways to reach your goals without having to fiddle around with storing a slew of different nozzles elsewhere or spending your time trying to attach and detach them onto hoses yourself; hassle free.

The detergent dispenser also comes with a tank fitted in place. The tank makes it very convenient to fill the machine up with Tide without having to constantly refill the little container that breaks open on the back.

Moving soap into another room is no longer a struggle. You can leave out your old plinking bottles at home with their empty, stationary bottoms because this new device moves seamlessly (just like the water that flows through it) from one room to the next.

Not only does its lightweight design make it easy for anyone to move from one location to another, but it also isn’t prone to tipping over simply because of how steady the base is.

3. Karcher K1700 1700 PSI TruPressure karcher k1700 1700 psi trupressure 

The Karcher K1700 Electric is currently a top-rated pressure washer. It has some pretty specific strengths that make this power washer stand out among its competitors.

For example, the aforementioned foot controller enables you to turn it off at any point when needed in cases where there are interruptions during the cleaning process.

Furthermore, it also has three separate nozzles: one for heavy or particularly dirty jobs, another high-pressure nozzle for most general jobs and a final nozzle for mixing detergent with water as effectively and systematically as possible.

Of course, the machine does come equipped with a detergent tank so as to further optimize your cleaning ability too – the best feature which can be removed if enhanced cleaning is required or simply refilled when empty.

This amazing washer also comes with a neat accessory that we really love: a removable storage compartment specially designed to store any additional or extra nozzles you might have saved making it easier than ever before to store them.

This washer has been designed to provide powerful cleaning ability while ensuring the operator stays within safe distances. However, there were complaints about how short the electrical cord is on this product, which means it will be difficult for anyone to reach faraway places.

This will limit its range and therefore make this machine less versatile than other options currently out on the market. Still if it’s not something you need your machine to function as then this pressure washer might be perfect for your needs!

4. Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPMsun joe spx3000 2030 psi 1.76 gpm

The Hydroshot High Pressure washer W/ HANDLE offers everything you need to clean large areas with ease. With a nozzle that pivots at right angles, dual detergent tanks, and multiple spray nozzles in your package.

This floor cleaning machine is perfect for cleaning concrete, decks, driveways and patios. By attaching the wand to our 4-in-1 garden hose adapter it makes access easier and adds length to clean difficult to reach portions of your wash area.

This unit has a 22 foot 3/8 inch high pressure hose that can make quick work of jobs around the yard or house while washing siding, decks or patios from top to bottom.

You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to detach the hose from this device so you can deal with drainage problems or keep it nearby for gardening chores like planting seedlings.

The product you are about to purchase will allow you to work much faster than you would if you did not have it. This is because currently, the best surface cleaner on the market is equipped with a quicker and more thorough cleaning process that helps guarantee its longevity even when being used for daily household chores.

This Surface Cleaner Adapter gives your tool an extra boost by connecting it with a gas pressure washer. It’s also designed to handle heavy-duty jobs like eliminating grime from your garage floors, concrete driveways and pretty much wherever else soil tends to build steadily without being properly cleaned off.

Furthermore, it comes at a low price that makes this product highly affordable for those who wish to add it in their first aid kit or wherever else it might come into good use.

5. Homdox 2950PSI Electric Pressure Washerhomdox 2950psi electric pressure washer

One budget pressure washer that falls flat is the Homdox pressure washer with model number DX52001. The lowest price you’ll find it online which isn’t too surprising is $90, but for that price, we can hardly believe 2,600 PSI peak performance in testing.

It still manages a good enough job at cleaning due to decent output and an adequate design though feels entirely low-end, as all parts are made of hard plastic from nozzles to the frame on which it stands.

Cheaper than other budget options without question, but a selection on this list for just how cheap. With one major gripe: a short hose that made moving about difficult with less surrounding space.

Next downside: the lack off a detergent reservoir or foam cannon which could have possibly helped alleviate the situation had it included these items to help during automobile washing tasks.

This pump is terrific foaming cannon detachable from the soap dispenser and pressure gun, you can wash your car clean and shiny, and I think it’s the best option to save money.

The pressure of 1500 PSI allows you to deep clean your car, RV truck boat SUV or even drive way or patio with ease and quick results. This high-pressure washer possess 3 spray nozzle tips(0º, 15º, 40º )and come up with a soap dispenser as well as high-pressure felt blower wand that are universal type that fit most standard 1/4’’ quick connect fittings on most garden hoses.

The spray tips included: 0 degree reaches out 20 feet direct water stream;15 degrees covers 16 feet for all-purpose cleaning;40 degrees reaches out 10 feet to hit hard -to-reach areas, just like which we usually use in daily life.

6. Stanley Best Power Washer For Car Detailingstanley shp2150 electric pressure washer

The Stanley Water Heater Timer is an excellent tool, which will help you have consistent, timely showers without having to constantly remember to turn the water on or off.

This digital timer’s countdown cycle provides up to 120 minutes of heat, and can be set 24 hours before activation whenever you wish to take a shower. Simply use the timer for that purpose, and it’ll automatically activate when you want it to.

We understand how busy life can get sometimes so this product is perfect for individuals who are looking for a handy way to save water and money. This water-pressure, which is small in size but powerful to use on a tap or faucet that is notoriously hard to get at.

The head on this particular item is not much longer than others of its type, however and can actually prove difficult to use if you are aiming for a more remote destination or want to reach something further.

There are other options available such as ones that don’t necessarily need to be screwed into place fully and so will let you choose the way your water comes out the end rather than being restricted by the design of the wand itself.


Best Power Washer For Car Detailing. As we mentioned previously, the Homedox is our favorite of the three – by a hair. Although all three have their respective benefits, the Homedox managed to edge out its competition and steal this spot.

The reason being is because it also packs a foam blaster and five spray tips as well as two onboard detergent tanks. This makes it incredibly versatile! Similarly, the SunJoe SPX3000 brought up the rear due to being slightly pricier but still an excellent option for people on a tighter budget thanks to its vast versatility in areas such as nozzle selection and soap tank size.

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