Best Projector Alarm Clocks

Best Projector Alarm Clocks. Projector alarm clocks are available from a lot of different manufacturers but before you purchase one, you’ll want to make sure that it’s going to work well for whatever purposes it will be used.

For example, if you’re looking for an alarm clock that doubles as a radio, the number and types of stations the device can pick up will be important considerations.

Or if your regular job keeps you on the road for days or weeks at a time, special features like having an adjustable backlight and battery backup capabilities may be things to look out for when choosing which projection alarm clock is right for you.

Best Projector Alarm Clocks

1. Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clockbest projector alarm clocks

This is an average, on-the-normal-side kind of clock. It has a large display that’s backlit, which uses the lens-LED projection system.

It features a white glow that blends in well with the overall aesthetic of the clock but isn’t anything special to stand out visually. To be honest, I’m not wild about the blue and white color scheme when it comes to this specific device.

The buttons are okay, but could use some more options as far as sleep timer options go in my opinion – it always seems difficult to set certain numbers of minutes upon clocks like these.

Simple, easy-to-use alarm clock radio that has a blue LCD display large enough to read from across the room and can be dimmed (at the end user’s discretion) to provide complete control of the brightness one finds most comfortable.

The projection screen is 180 degrees so you’ll never have to roll over again to get a glance at the time! Easily adjust for daylight savings time as well and even pre-program one alarm for you, and another for your partner so you’ll both wake up on time without having to manage communication or confusion on who is setting what!

2. La Crosse Technology 616-146 Color Projectionla crosse technology 616 146 color projection

The La Crosse watch shown here is powered by an atomic clock which locks onto a time signal received via satellite.  It is very similar to SMARTPRO, with the exception being that it does not have a humidity monitor for display in the clock face.

And furthermore, this model has an additional feature of wireless sensor transmission from remote sensors over longer distances without line-of-sight obstruction – in comparison to SMARTPRO.

There are adjustable projection brightness settings available – high, low, or off so that you may customize your desired setting.

La Crosse is a well-known and trustworthy brand known for its quality weather stations including radios and clocks! This clock radio is a great investment!

It allows you to view multiple types of data at once, including indoor temperature (F/C) and outdoor temperature (F/C). Additionally, the projection function allows for you to project atomic time and date onto your ceiling or wall. When it comes to accurate timekeeping, this clock certainly does not disappoint!

3. Sony ICFC1PJ Clock Radio with Time Projectorsony icfc1pj clock radio with time projector

Sony projection clocks are different from most of the alternatives presently available because of their square models, with buttons easily accessible at the very top of each.

They have LCD displays that make it easy to read time, even in dim lighting and with brightness settings (low, mid, high). This clock radio can pivot to any position, precisely at 90 degrees to suit a variety of angles or tilts so that you can view your time clearly.

It has a sleep timer feature and you have the option to listen to sounds of nature or your choice of AM/FM radio stations as you go about your daily activities.

This feature will slowly increment to help rouse you gradually when morning comes around. If you’re looking for an easy-to-set, user-friendly clock radio that will add more functionality to your morning routine than just waking up then look no further.

The Sony ICFC1PJ Projection Alarm Clock Radio does everything to make a user’s life easier. It has a simple design so you won’t be overloaded with complicated options only used by other people who aren’t as new to using alarm clocks.

4. LIORQUE Projection Alarm Clocksliorque projection alarm clocks

LIORQUE Projection Alarm Clock is a digital alarm clock that is easily accessible with buttons.

What makes this clock compact and advanced is the fact that it has a clear display of blue whiteness with 4 settings that make things easier to read from any angle, as well as high contrasts in the main digital colored screen.

Projection Alarm Clock has 180 degrees projection option with 0.5 to 5 meters distance from walls and ceilings, which lets it be a unique LCD projection alarm clock for most bedrooms or offices.

It operates only through an AC Adapter and not on batteries all the way due to its battery backup system for time memory, so you don’t have to worry about your alarm settings getting erased (though we would still recommend setting up backups of your own just in case).

The snooze timer has 9 minutes maximum length, while weekend mode alarms give one more sleep time on weekend days!  Liorque alarm clock radio allows users to listen to 15 different FM radio stations, which can be selected and set at various volumes.

Users can either choose news broadcasts, talk shows, weater reports, or even music to help them fall asleep, with a 90-minute automatic shutoff.

5. WELLBOX Digital Alarm Clock, Projection Alarm Clockwellbox digital alarm clock, projection alarm clock

This projection alarm clock displays the time in large red font on a wall or ceiling. The bright but soft LED lights eliminate the need for a blindfold so that you can hit the snooze button more easily and thus sleep longer because suddenly you don’t feel like a prisoner to your own bedside table!

This 7-inch screen digital alarm clock can be set to display the time on the ceiling or on the walls with a 15-degree tilt, making it perfect for watching TV at night and reading in bed. It has an extra loud snooze of 9 minutes.

The slow charging USB port charges a smartphone up to three times faster than normal chargers. This digital alarm clock features simple touch controls and battery backup (in case of power outage) that holds the time and date for one week so you won’t lose any settings.

This clock radio projector is not radio controlled, but always has the correct time, even when it’s unplugged. Moreover, if you don’t feel like setting up your bedside clock every night, this digital clock with a battery backup will make sure you never oversleep again!

You’ll get an extra 9 minutes of sleep every day! It can also be used as a flashlight in case the power outage occurs at nighttime.

6. SZRSTH Alarm Clock for Bedroom, Radio Digitalszrsth alarm clock for bedroom, radio digital

This is perhaps the most stylish and unique among all the projection clocks that we have listed here. It is a 7.4-inch LED dual alarm clock device with an acrylic mirror on the back, allowing you to use it as a makeup mirror.

The front of the device features an LED display screen with a soft red light which will project time onto any surface you choose in your room.

It will automatically dim itself at night so as not to disturb your sleep or to cause irritation when you check your time during the night.

This projection alarm clock comes equipped with multiple different modes, making it even more useful within the home; 3 brightness levels, auto dimmer mode, dual alarms and snooze functionality, plus a USB charging port + built-in radio feature so you can enjoy music right on its 1080p quality display screen!

This digital alarm clock from ABC business features a 7.4-inch mirror LED display that allows you to read the time clearly even if you are 30 feet away from your bedroom.

At the same time, this alarm clock doubles as a makeup mirror, ensuring that you look great all day. This projection alarm clock projects time on the wall in a mellow red glow that is bright enough to see the time but not so strong that it disturbs your sleep.

7. Mesqool Projection Digital Alarm Clockbest projector alarm clocks 2022

The Mesqool digital clock is a unique kind of clock specifically designed to provide you helpful information even when you’re in your sleep. The Mesqool digital clock helps you while you’re asleep!

So if you’ve ever had trouble waking up or have noticed yourself sleeping through an alarm before, this innovative technology may be exactly what you need. You’ll never miss another appointment again because the Mesqool digital clock will see every time you try to sleep-in past your set wake up time.

The way it works is pretty simple: it emits a short, low frequency sound that becomes gradually louder once the designated wake-up time comes around. Since most people can’t hear anything below 1KHz, the alarm sound It has a 180° tilt projector design for easy projection on walls or ceilings. Just mount it and its ready for bedtime use.

This display clock is the best way to display time across the room. It can either be displayed as a ceiling display or large wall-mounted clock.

With 4 feet on each corner, you can simply plug it in to any power source preferably one with a voltage converter for international use and you’re good to go! Indeed, this is an amazing product for anyone who wants to have the ability to view time from across the room without having to get up from bed.


Best Projector Alarm Clocks are well-suited for use in the many situations in which a conventional alarm clock will not work. They’re especially useful for people with hearing impairments, aging parents in nursing homes, or anyone else who may need a little visual reinforcement in order to hear an alarm. They’re also a good option for kids who may not be able to hear an alarm clock over noise in a shared bedroom, or for anyone who wants the convenience of a projection clock but doesn’t have any open wall space to accommodate it.

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