Best Pump Reservoir Combo

Best Pump Reservoir Combo. Contrary to popular belief, reservoirs are not made out of liquid rubber or latex. You probably thought that because your reservoir is filled with a white liquid, it’s actually just water mixed with food coloring.

As an avid enthusiast, you’d prefer to be able to play in pump mode, but alas, this will ruin your thermal paste each time.

The best way to prevent this from happening is by using good old-fashioned pump technology like the Pump Reservoirs.

Which take the form of a cylindrical container filled with thousands of microscopic pumps that force coolant around and circulate the system they are installed in.

The problem until now has been that most manufacturers produce cheap knockoff products that would eventually get stuck in one place and start leaking sometimes even causing irreparable damage.

To address this situation they’ve developed a list of legitimate Resale pump reservoirs which will last and perform for a long time.

6 Best Pump Reservoir Combo

1. Thermaltake Pacific PR32-D5 Plus

thermaltake pacific pr32 d5 plus

The 360-degree rotary cap lets you adjust G 1/4″ thread ports even after it’s mounted on your build, ensuring you can get the most out of your water cooling setup.

The addressable LEDs come in handy when creating plenty of lighting effects while syncing with your Razer devices and work with Alexa voice commands.

The included fan bracket lets you install the pump/reservoir combo on a whirlpool fan so that you’ll be able to enjoy water cooling even if you have limited space for a custom loop setup.

With 5 different speed levels and an impressive 1135 L/hr flow rate, the powerful D5 will help keep more demanding builds well cooled.

The new Pacific PR32-D5 Plus is another addition to the existing pump and reservoir line. As part of the ‘PR’ series, it comes with a rotary base cap which allows you to make adjustments to your G1/4″ port so that the tubing routes naturally.

It also comes with a bracket for mounting fans, allowing users to enjoy water cooling in cases where there isn’t any space for reservoirs.

The pump has five settings for just about anything you’re trying to do: set it at speed 1 for ripple mode or when only lightly cooling, move up to speed 2 for an extra boost of power, and then set it on 3-5 depending on your preference and performance needs.

2. Corsair Hydro X Series XD5 RGB Pump

corsair hydro x series xd5 rgb pump

They’ll be employing a high-performance Xylem D5 PWM pump with PWM control, which is ideal for correctly balancing fluid flow across your loop.

Ten individually controllable top-mounted RGB LEDs provide amazing adjustable RGB lighting for your reservoir.

The inbuilt 330 ml reservoir includes an anti-vortex insert and an integrated fill port, making it simple to add coolant when needed.

They’ve provided a way to manually or automatically check the amount of liquid in your system by adding a CORSAIR iCUE Controller (available separately) and powerful CORSAIR iCUE software, which allows for double profiles, polling rate modifications, and more.

Let’s have a look at this stunning system in its entirety now. A temperature sensor is included in the CORSAIR Hydro X Series XD5 Pump/Reservoir Combo, allowing you to monitor coolant temperatures inside the silently functioning pump.

Only real-time liquid cooling is heard thanks to the rubberized mounting method, which reduces vibrations and noise.

A 240mm Xylem D5 pump with RGB lighting and precise RGB color and speed control will power your most demanding bespoke design.

3. EKWB EK-Quantum Kinetic FLT 240 Pump

ekwb ek quantum kinetic flt 240 pump

EKWB EK-Quantum Kinetic Pump is a new 50mm combined pump and reservoir unit that’s compatible with the EK-XRES series of multi-port or single-port reservoirs.

The new flat-shaped D5 and DDC pumps are part of the brilliant EK Quantum series of products, including advanced RGB lighting features in select models.

This allows for dynamic split and merges color customizations with the incorporated addressable RGB LEDs from within the included EW3 software.

For users looking to do an even more customized system design, there’s a LED-backlit logo on the front of the unit as well.

The new pump/reservoir units boasts a total of six G1/4” ports for connecting to preferable tubing options making these all-in-one combo units suitable for all types of loop configurations and setups.

The D5 combo pack is compatible with a 120mm fan mount as well as a reservoir setup, allowing for versatility and excellent component compatibility.

The reservoir itself is manufactured from high-quality acrylic material, machined to perfection, and comes with an EPDM quality O-ring for 100% leak protection.

With the LED strip already sealed inside and connected to the PWM splitter by default, all you’ll need to do is hook up the strip via USB and you’ll be good to start adjusting color schemes through your motherboard’s BIOS.

4. Phanteks Glacier R220C Combo Reservoir

phanteks glacier r220c combo reservoir

The Phanteks Glacier Combo Reservoir is compatible with the DDC pump found in liquid cooling systems and also allows for vertical or horizontal mounting options.

The translucent acrylic backplate allows for a more spacious look as well, which goes well with the integrated Digital-RGB lighting that can be used to provide an immersive effect.

Using vertical or horizontal fan mounting brackets, it’s easy to find the right fit and even easier to install. Not only do these reservoirs come with a universal 120/140mm fan installation bracket that can be used to secure a radiator if needed.

But it will also have the capability of synchronizing with the Digital RGB lighting on a switch accessible from your motherboard because this reservoir comes fitted with 3pin Digital RGB connectors.

What’s more, this product is made out of durable Viton rubber O-ring components so you know you’ll get great protection against unwanted leaks or bugs.

Phanteks Glacier Combo Reservoir connects to a variety of liquid cooling systems and features multiple ports for flexible water loop planning.

Phanteks’ universal Fan bracket allows for multiple mounting options and the Glacier R220C comes with a redesigned transparent backplate as well as an integrated Digital-RGB solution that seamlessly syncs with other chassis LEDs.

The combo reservoir offers two G1/4″ ports on either side, and one G3/8″ port on the bottom, allowing it to connect to a variety of liquid cooling systems depending on the user’s preferences.

5. Thermaltake Pacific DIY LCS PR22-D5 300ml

thermaltake pacific diy lcs pr22 d5 300ml

Pacific is a series of graphics cards featuring exclusive auto-extreme technology that delivers premium quality and reliability, producing a silent gaming experience with a 1x dual-ball bearings fan.

Just add a water block/pump combo and your PC will be transformed into an advanced, high-performance workhorse, capable of handling the demands of gaming enthusiasts or even overclocked CPUs.

Integrated with a Patent Pending Hybrid Auto-Extreme technology that employs Super Alloy Power II components with 12% better heat dissipation compared to standard alloy power delivery design.

You can expect these graphic cards to live up to their name and perform cool and quiet for an exceptionally long time. Thermaltake is proud to introduce the Pacific R360 Water Cooling Kit.

This kit comes with a durable, 6mm thick Heat-Resistant Acrylic Tank designed to sustain pressures up to 99 PSI. The tank also features high-quality acrylic which is crystal clear so you can see your coolant inside and out.

Thermaltake’s Pacific R360 Water Cooling Kit comes with everything that you need to get started building a custom liquid cooling loop in minutes by attaching its copper water block directly onto the CPU and installing two or three other components in vital locations of your computer that contain fans such as RAM and graphic cards.

6. IronBuddy Water Cooling Tank Reservoir

ironbuddy water cooling tank reservoir

Some water cooling reservoirs can end up looking the same. Sure, water cooling looks unique in and of itself, but when everyone has the same one, you can’t help but notice the similarities.

A lot of coolers have the same bends or angles as well so how would you stand out from them.

Well if you’re looking to stand out from this crowd it may be a good idea to take a look at IronBuddy Water Cooling Tank Reservoir.

Now keep in mind that it sounds like a word written by our 6-year-old friend who loves roleplaying games and they don’t think he meant for this to sound so strangely like an iron buddy and iron beds (since you get the more important part of your night’s sleep lying down after all).

But now that you know what you’re getting into here, it just comes down to whether or not IronBuddy could actually deliver on their promises as advertised.

Now without further ado let’s check things out. The IronBuddy Water Cooling Tank Reservoir from EKWB features six inlet and outlet thread holes, allowing for more creative and flexible installation.

The cylindrical design of the reservoir combines with the unique 360-degree “helix” shape at the bottom for additional aesthetics.

The reservoirs are made from quality materials, including 100% hand-bent acrylic tubing for the best possible durability.

They do not come with any plugs for the extra holes that aren’t being used to help you customize your configuration even further.

It is a stunning reservoir that has its drawbacks such as the need to hard-mount it and fill it manually since it doesn’t come with a pump or plug.

Best Pump Reservoir Combo


Best Pump Reservoir Combo. If you’re a serious PC gamer, you’ll need the Top Water Cooling Reservoir Pump Combo to keep your system cool.

The main feature of this combo is to keep your CPU cool at any given time. There are many models in the market with their own specific features that you should consider before buying a certain model.

Overall they highly recommend purchasing one of the two models mentioned above as they are both reputable and budget-friendly units that do a great job when it comes down to cooling your CPU or keeping it at an optimum temperature if accidentally overheated.

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