Best Rack Mount Ups

Best Rack Mount Ups. The most popular rack-mount ups can now be more easily installed in the office or at home.

This convenient device is attractive to people who want to protect their servers and network equipment as well as those who simply just want some peace of mind that comes along with protecting the desktop computer they use at home.

Since there are many different options, it’s important that you carefully select your device by making sure all features meet your specific needs.

Selection for the best ups models for the cost will provide a good insight into what we see as being valuable and beneficial to you, our potential customers.

6 Best Rack Mount Ups

1. Tripp Lite SMART1500LCD 1500VA Smart-UPS

tripp lite smart1500lcd 1500va smart ups

Tripp Lite SMART1500LCD 1500VA Smart-UPS, Rack-Mount protects electronics, communications devices, and data from blackouts, brownouts, surges, and line noise that can destroy data and damage electronics.

This line-interactive UPS enables you to switch between battery backup and line-interactive modes in milliseconds to back up your desktop computer, audio/visual components, and other connected devices without losing data.

Eight NEMA 5-15R outlets block surges as well as provide support for half load (450W) and full load (900W) UPS batteries for up to 11.8 minutes.

The Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) corrects severe under voltages as low as 75V without using any battery power, and severe overvoltages as high as 147V without using any battery power.

Your equipment will perform better and be safer with EMI/RFI noise filtering. Your equipment will be protected from damaging power spikes by surge suppression of 870 joules.

There is a 6-foot cord with a NEMA 5-15R socket connector and a 5-15P connector. At a glance, a big rotating LCD panel displays real-time voltage, overloads, AVR status, and battery life.

The SMART1500LCD uses Tripp Lite’s Power Alert software to provide auditory and visual notifications in the event of a power loss. This technique saves time, money, and prevents hard disc failure.

2. Tripp Lite 1000VA Smart UPS, 1U Rackmount

tripp lite 1000va smart ups, 1u rackmount

With the smart Pro 120V 1Kva 800W line-interactive sineWAVE UPS, you’re protected against blackouts, brownouts, and power surges, as well as line noise that could damage electronics or destroy data.

In addition to backing up data centers, VoIP systems, and network closets, the SMART1000RM1U switches to 1Kva/800W battery mode in milliseconds to ensure that your connected equipment keeps running long enough to save files and shut down safely without losing data.

A backup power shortage can be handled by remotely shutting off two of this product’s main sockets. This allows the equipment to be rebooted or non-essential equipment to be shed.

The accessory’s internal battery provides 14 minutes of support at half load (400 Watts) and 4 minutes at full load (800 Watts).

The energy star-certified 1000VA outlet comes with an external input rating of 125V 60Hz 8.3A single-phase and is supported by an operating efficiency rate of high 99%, as well as being able to be rectified with a maximum voltage ripple of 120mVpp under full load (100%).

With a 450-joule surge suppression rating, automatic voltage regulation (AVR) safeguards your equipment from harmful power surges.

Furthermore, EMI/RFI noise filtering can boost your equipment’s performance as well as prevent it from getting damaged.

3. Tripp Lite 2200VA Smart Online UPS

tripp lite 2200va smart online ups

System for critical servers, networks, and telecommunications equipment with an online, double-conversion UPS of 2200VA.

The rackmount form factor requires only 19 inches of space when installed.

Expandable battery runtime with optional BP48V24-2U, BP48V60RT-3U, and BP48V27-2US external battery packs that provide extended runtime and additional outlets without the use of elements in the primary capacity of the unit itself.

An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) with full-time sine wave output, double-conversion actively converts raw incoming AC power to DC, then converts the output back to completely regulated, filtered AC power.

When brownouts of 65V and overvoltages of 150V occur, the device continues operating without battery power. NEMA 5-20R input plug.

NEMA 5-15/20P and NEMA L5-20P output receptacles. Suppression of AC surges and noise at the network level.

There is no transfer time between battery and AC operation. A slot for network management interface options is available in addition to the USB port and serial port for simultaneous communication.

Built-in DB9 RS-232 port provides both enhanced monitoring capability plus contact closure monitoring ability. An HID-compliant USB interface permits UPS monitoring via the PowerAlert software.

4. CyberPower OR500LCDRM1U Smart App LCD UPS

cyberpower or500lcdrm1u smart app lcd ups

The CyberPower UPS is a compact, cost-effective backup power solution for small and mid-sized network servers.

It features simulated sine wave output, which allows you to protect your devices that use active PFC power supplies.

This UPS also comes with (2) surge-protected outlets and offers up to 15 minutes of run time in the event of an outage.

Finally, the CyberPower UPS can monitor the battery status and alert users to any potential problems before they become an issue.

The optional RMCARD205 management card enables remote monitoring via browser or mobile app ease operations or troubleshooting of the device itself.

Battery – Extended Life batteries increases runtime when the power goes out, which can be extremely helpful during a long outage so that you have sufficient time to safely shut down systems and equipment.

Moreover, they ensure seamless power to workstations so that you can keep communicating during an outage or brownout.

Keep your communication lines open and running during power outages in order to mitigate any potential data loss from your smart devices and IT equipment.

Utilize UPS surge suppression products to protect mission-critical IT equipment and data centers from potential data loss and costly business interruptions.


tripp lite sm1000rm1utaa 1000va 800w ups 

With the Tripp Lite SM1000RM1UTAA, a 1000VA / 1kVA / 800-watt sine wave UPS in a 1U rack configuration, critical network applications can be protected from power outages.

When there’s a power outage, this Tripp Lite product will supply long-lasting sine wave output to your networking equipment allowing you to finish the task at hand while ensuring that your IT infra is still running on battery power.

Not only will it keep you up and running by supplying reliable AC battery backup when you need it most, but it also comes with a lifetime warranty, so if anything goes wrong with any part of this product within the 10-year period just send it back.

This Tripp Lite model can protect one computer, 11 pieces of hardware, and/or 100 file servers. UPS SM1000RM1UTAA from Tripp Lite carrying 1kVA, 1000VA, 800W power.

Includes mounting brackets for two and four-post rackmounts; optional 4POSTRAILKIT1U is also available for additional support. Five NEMA 5-15P inputs, six NEMA 5-15R outputs.

Only 16.75 inches deep when installed. Sinewave output with battery backup capability. With Line Interactive UPS, the nominal output voltage will be maintained at 120V to 83V during brownouts and overvoltages to 147V without using battery power.

6. CyberPower PR750RT2U Smart App Sinewave UPS System

cyberpower pr750rt2u smart app sinewave ups system

In addition to line-interactive topology surge control and battery backup, the PR750RT2U is Cyber Power’s smart app-enabled rack/tower convertible UPS.

The sine wave output of the Sinewave Series ensures that equipment can’t detect power gaps, resulting in unexpected shutdowns.

Through battery equalization technology and automatic voltage regulation (AVR), Sinewave PR750RT2U improves battery life without having to switch to battery power.

The PR750RT2U’s improved design includes tool-free front panel captive screws for battery access as well as color-coded rear panels to make battery swaps as simple and quick as feasible.

The UPS also features a unique LCD display that rotates 90 degrees for greater viewing angles, as well as 47 distinct choices such as UPS data, UPS setup and control, management, testing functions, and more.

CyberPower is dedicated to providing high-quality items at reasonable costs. Their new PR750RT2U series provides a straightforward and cheap solution that includes APC Universal Rack Mount Kits for rapid installation in standard 19″ racks, as well as remote Web Management with direct access to the Switch Management Interface via an Easy-to-use Standard Web Browser.



Can you mount a UPS vertically?

UPSs can be installed in a variety of positions depending on their make and model. UPSs generally do not function as efficiently or generate as much heat if they are mounted in a horizontal position versus a vertical one.

However, it is possible to install a UPS that isn’t suited for horizontal mounting. In doing so, you risk the unit being damaged early and failing completely.

Can I put UPS sideways?

Yes, but make sure you evaluate how much ventilation the UPS unit will get if you want to orient it in a non-standard location. It’s best to keep at least one of the fan vents on the rear and one side clean to ensure optimal airflow.


Best Rack Mount Ups. The best thing about this rack-mount enclosure is that it is so easy to use and can be set up in no time.

If you want to protect your servers or network equipment, this device can be set up in no time at all and doesn’t require any special skills to set up.

So if you want to give your servers and network equipment the protection they need, make sure to check out this rack-mount ups device.

This device is great for those who might want to give their servers or network equipment the protection they need and it is also great for those who just want to protect their desktop computer as well.

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