Best RC crawler shocks

Best RC crawler shocks. You would know the importance of shock absorbers only if you are an enthusiast.

And just like that, you should know that locating high-quality RC Car Shocks is crucial to having a vehicle that can perform excellently and provide the finest ride possible in all terrains.

Just as there are various types of vehicles out on the road, so too will shock for RC cars differ in design and durability based upon their intended purpose as well as other specific criteria.

So let’s take a look at some of the best RC Car Shocks currently available within this guide and delve into each pro/cons.

6 Best RC crawler shocks

1. Traxxas 5862 Big Bore Shock Set

traxxas 5862 big bore shock set

These shock absorbers from our range of Aftershock Covert Ops will help your car tackle even the biggest jumps.

Their PTFE-coated T6 aluminum shocks will handle city streets and mountain terrain alike with shock-softening competence so that you do not have to worry about losing control over time.

These components are just part of our amazing reputation for quality which makes us one of the best brands in the industry.

As a result, progressive-rate springs absorb all the road bumps and prevent bottoming out while big jumps are in progress.

In order to maximize the performance of your 2WD Slash, we recommend adding progressive springs for the Rustler, Bandit, Stampede, Craniac, and Skully models, in conjunction with these models.

It’s time for a new suspension system on your RTR vehicle. Traxxas Big Bore Shocks are an excellent choice because they’re made to be extra large and absorb a great deal of shock for increased stability, traction, and impact absorption.

These shocks can be used as a replacement or in addition to the ones already found on your RTR vehicle, which means you can have one set with long-travel suspension for speed (for dusty tracks) and another standard length to save weight while racing on the pavement (so there is less material getting in the way).

2. Hobbypark 4PCS Aluminum Front & Rear Shocks

hobbypark 4pcs aluminum front & rear shocks

Other compatible models consist of two silver alloy front shockers (each approx 100mm in length) and two silver alloy rear shockers (each approx 115mm in length) with screws included.

These heavy-duty shock absorbers are designed to take a beating while maintaining control while you’re jumping over your bike.

These shocks can handle big jumps without losing their spring or getting damaged.

To ensure these Shocks work properly, you must first wire them up by plugging the threaded end into the threaded connection located on top of your Jump-N-Carry Jump Starter.

The color of this product may vary slightly due to each computer monitor / SmartPhone screen display settings and lighting in the room where it is placed.

One option is a 22 mm-diameter shock, which really shines on rough off-road trails. A smaller diameter shock may offer up more wheel travel than you need, which can make your ride harsher and less fun day in and day out.

3. Que-T 4 Pcs Aluminum Suspension Shock Absorbers

que t 4 pcs aluminum suspension shock absorbers

The QUE-T 4 Pcs Aluminum Suspension Shock Absorber is ideal for car shocks. They are made of shock absorbers for cars.

The QUE-T 4 Pcs Aluminum Suspension Shock Absorbers is an as well anodized aluminum blue color.

It also features a hole center to hole center of 100mm and springs outer diameter of 15mm.

Upgrade the dampers on your 1/10 RC D90 SCX10 Crawler Car with this set of dampers with built-in outer springs.

These high-quality and long-lasting pieces will make a great addition to any SCX10 Crawler owner’s parts collection.

The shock absorber with outer springs for your vehicle provides a flexible cushion that absorbs and dampens vibration caused by bumps in the road thus providing enhanced ride comfort.

Shock absorbers are devices that allow the wheels to move up and down, even when stationary.

If you have weak or damaged ones then it might be worth getting some replacements soon because when they go wrong they could potentially have safety concerns resulting from damaged impact absorbers.

4. RCLions 4pcs RC Shock Absorber

rclions 4pcs rc shock absorber

In the new release CNC Aluminum shock absorbers with outer springs, can not only be installed on 1/10 1:10 rock crawlers like SCX10, and D90 but can also be customized very easily.

Despite the droops, your truck remains lower to the ground at all times than with a standard spring and shock setup.

The truck’s center of gravity is lowered and stabilized, ensuring that it will not be pushed over by uneven terrain because all four tires are in contact with the ground.

RCLions 4pcs RC Shock Absorber is specifically designed to lead a better performance and more enjoyment to your car’s rear end.

Hole center to hole center can be 80mm/90mm/100mm/110mm/120mm Easy installation, these Shock Absorbers will fit almost all popular 1:10 scale RTR Cars such as Tamiya, HPI, Walbros, etc.

shock absorbers are oil-filled and have a pressure adjustable. This shock absorber has an aluminum alloy case and with durable steel spring. Package includes:4 X RCLions Shock Absorber.

5. Hosim Front & Rear Shock Absorber

hosim front & rear shock absorber

This Hosim Aluminum Body, Redcat Volcano ABS R/R Heavy Duty Shock Absorber is designed to meet your needs. It provides maximum stability and balance to the car.

This Aluminum Body, Redcat Volcano ABS R/R Heavy Duty Shock Absorber is manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure long life durability but still remain lightweight and easy to handle.

The package contains 4 shock absorbers, each with a length of approximately 3.94″.

This means that the hole centers on one end should be approximately 3.94″ apart on the other end so that they fit flush against one another without buckling inwards or outwards. The springs used to cushion the shocks have a diameter of approximately 0.67″.

You need at least 5 screws, washers, and nuts in order to mount them, but you may need more depending on which application you’re trying to use these for.

Inside the shock absorber are different tubes with specially formulated oil, which will change its viscosity depending on how much pressure is currently exerting force against it.

When you’re using your car for long distances, such as long-distance driving or Sunday afternoon road trips.

One should ensure there is an adequate amount of liquid left in their shock absorber to perform at optimal levels – and you can only do this by checking it regularly and adding more if necessary.

6. Shock Absorber Damper 130mm

shock absorber damper 130mm

It includes a set of front and rear shock absorber springs 130mm alloy aluminum.

This kit includes oil-filled/oil-free front and rear aluminum alloy shock absorber damper springs marked as “Filled by Consumers”.

The Shock Absorber Damper Package includes 2x Alloy Front Shock Absorbers. And 2 Alloy Rear Shock Absorbers (Total length: 190mm / 7.48 inch) with Piggyback Reservoirs.

but they can be easily converted to oil-filled once installed. In addition to HPI, Traxxas, Losi, Axial, Tamiya, and Redcat products, this set is compatible with some other brands.

Some of these trucks maybe a little more delicate than others thanks to their low-grip or hard-charging treads, which is why it’s vital that you choose the right set that’s up to your style, whether you’re into bashers or racers.

Fitted Well. Perfect for oil-filled shocks with adjustable tension and very smooth and durable aluminum alloy in the front shock absorber. Each pack is fitted with approx. 4 shocks.




What should I look for in a RC rock crawler?

On-road or off-road, ground clearance is necessary to ride through certain areas. One needs suspension that is comfortable, cushioned, and durable since it goes over rocks or whenever the terrain gets tough.

The type of suspension should be consistent in performance and have a long droop so as to ensure contact with the surface so you can proceed to ride along smoothly.

How full should RC shocks be?

Before you add the oil, put about a quarter of the shock shaft into the chamber. Now, we create a vacuum and on top of that, we put some pressure from above.

This might make oil leak out of the chamber without air bubbles coming into it. In case this happens, clean all parts again and start over or try to push less oil with your finger so only 2/3 of the shock shaft will go into the chamber.

Slowly pump the shock shaft up and down 10-20 times to release air bubbles from underneath the piston.


Best RC crawler shocks. We are dedicated to making sure that you have the best information about crawler shocks and what might be the best option for your needs.

We hope that this article has helped you make an informed decision about crawler shocks and if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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