Best Reading Floor Lamp

Best Reading Floor Lamp. To prevent straining your eyes, consider purchasing a high-quality floor lamp for reading.

With many designs and styles available on the market today, it’s important to have a few things in mind when shopping for a floor lamp that meets your needs.

For example, finding one with an adjustable height or adjustable neck will allow you to adjust both the light height and the angle of the lamp depending on where you are sitting and how big of text you’re working with.

Consider a lamp with different brightness levels. This will be useful if you like to read at different times of the day when the room may or may not have a lot of natural light.

And if your eyesight tends to be better some days versus others, you’ll also want various brightness settings on a lamp if you want to read at a great distance or up close.

Another reason why lamps with several brightness settings are helpful is that it’s easier on the eyes and makes it easier to find one without being bombarded with choices so vast that it’s hard to pick one.

 8 Reading Floor Lamp

1.  Brightech Litespan – Bright LED Floor Lamp

brightech litespan bright led

The simple style LED lamp has a lifespan of 20,000 hours and is designed with 850-950 lumens to illuminate workspaces, hobbies, and more.

Made with high brightness and high contrast LEDs, the lamp shows fine color contrasts for hobbies specifically.

The flexible and durable neck allows you to bend the standing lamp at various angles so that it can be easily placed on any object without hassle.

Unlike floor lamps, this led lamp is portable so that you can twist it into different positions freely. This makes sitting back to enjoy a good book or TV series much less difficult to set up.

Brightech Litespan standing lamp is designed with a weighted, high-stability base that keeps the lamp stable and prevents it from being knocked over even by kids or pets.

The 6000K color temperature helps give you an exceptional viewing experience that reveals your clients’ lashes in high definition creating greater contrast for you something that ensures you can be efficient to your next client who’s waiting for her lash extensions to set more quickly.

At the touch of a button, this light also functions as a night light so that it stays on as long as you need it giving off an orange glow that will keep your surroundings well-lit without blinding you.

2. Simple Designs Home LF2000-BLK Floor Lamp

simple designs home lf2000 blk

The Simple Designs Home LF2000-BLK Floor Lamp gives you various options for lighting given its ability to be adjusted in terms of brightness, type, and intensity.

It comes with the main light and an adjustable reading/task light and allows you to use a 1 X 100W 3-way type A medium base bulb.

Both lights can be used independently or alongside the main floor lamp which itself is adjustable and therefore not only effective as a lighting tool but also versatile.

The Simple Designs Home LF2000-BLK Floor Lamp is a unique piece of home decor that functions as both a floor lamp and a reading light.

The separate reading light accompanying this lamp has three gooseneck arms, which can be placed in any position one might need them to be.

When used on slippery surfaces like wooden flooring, the base of this separate reading light is weighted down by three feet with an anti-slip coating for enhanced stability and safety.

What better than a little bit of elegance to any given space. These lamps can provide comfort and glamour while also creating that much-needed ambiance.

The shade measures roughly 3.25″ high and 7″ in diameter, while the base, which includes the wiring, measures around 5″ x 7″ x 6″.

Additionally, there’s a dimmer directly on the cord which is between 6 to 8 feet in length for effortless use as well as a convenient plug-in adapter for simple power access.

Another convenience this lamp offers is the built-in reading light with attached shade so you never have to go searching for your glasses or flashlight when you’re working late at night.

3. Joly Joy LED Modern Floor Lamps

joly joy led modern

The contemporary base and sunshine floor light arm are accented in full black, adding an eye-catching twist to your decor.

Producing a soft and cozy ambient light on one side of the floor lights, or blinding brightness from the other, this is perfect for relaxing or working under as part of a workstation design that can fit in even confined areas like corners.

For comfort and convenience, a simple control is immediately accessible.

With 5 brightness levels, 4 different color temperatures, and up to 800 lumens, it’s ready to go.

The Joly floor lamp comes in an eco-friendly package. The lamp itself is equipped with a flexible aluminum gooseneck, which can swivel 360 degrees, making it easier for it to pivot and be aimed wherever exact light is needed.

This sleek design goes well in both offices and homes and the durable construction ensures you have years of reliable use from this product.

The lamp itself remains tall despite its thin body that rests easily on top of any surface whether it be hardwood floors or carpeting.

Please note that this product does not come with LED bulbs included, so you must purchase those separately should you choose to pick up this floor lamp.

4. Catalina 18223-002 Transitional Metal Uplight Floor Lamp

catalina 18223 002 transitional metal uplight floor lamp

Catalina’s 18223-002 Transitional Metal Uplight Floor Lamp is a great option for a traditional-style home.

The dark bronze metal piece is reflective and the amber glass shades are also just as warm, complementing each other well.

With this lamp’s four-way switch, you’re able to control either light independently of each other or both together with ease.

Using your smart outlet or smart switch you can connect this with Alexa or Google Home so you can voice command the lights to turn on or off in the area you want.

This lamp works great if you need it to bring light into an area that doesn’t have much. Both lights use bright A19/E26 bulbs that emit 500 lumens or 1000 lumens to really get that ideal amount of light needed in whatever area you choose.

It has a 60″ cord so it can move around wherever it needs to be set without worrying about being stuck permanently because there aren’t any plugs along the way, and both lights use bright A19/E26 bulbs that emit 500 lumens or 1000 lumens to really get that ideal amount of light needed in whatever area you choose.

Each piece chosen for your home should be carefully selected to stand out from the rest and complement other styles.

While you shouldn’t choose more than a few pieces for your home at the same time, it is important to include furniture that will make any house a welcoming place for friends and family.

A dark bronze metal base and a glass amber bowl shade with an exquisite flower design complete this traditional style.

This floor lamp will brighten up your room whether you use traditional or LED bulbs.

It uses one A19/E26 bulb or an equivalent LED or incandescent bulb (top shade) and one 40-watt incandescent bulb or equivalent LED bulbs (bottom shade).

5. Jenson Modern Metal Adjustable Floor Lamp

jenson modern metal adjustable floor lamp

If you are looking for an amazing reading lamp that can match your vintage and modern furniture, this aged brass finish lamp in a brushed gold design will help create the perfect atmosphere.

The finished metal base adds an exquisite touch whether it’s performing light or standing still.

You’ll never have to worry about the floor light being too tall or too short again because the height can be adjusted from 44″ and 54″.

It’s also worth mentioning that this lamp offers flexible swing arms so that you can direct light straight towards your reading scope.

A lamp with a modern design that is adjustable and upgradeable is great to have around your home when you’re looking to change things up.

The Jenson Floor Lamp has a smart touch sensor control atop the post, which gives it added mobility by making it easier for you to extend or trim its look as you please.

You can either choose from an energy-saving CFL light bulb option or an LED bulb option, each of which gives off a different type of lighting mood.

6. IMIGY Dimmable 9W Floor Lamp

imigy dimmable 9w floor lamp

This floor lamp features a weighted base to keep it in position as well as a bendable neck that can be adjusted to your convenience when working, studying, or reading.

The gooseneck is easy to adjust so that you can direct the light where you need it most. You can dim it with the use of its controller.

Aside from having five brightness levels, this lamp also has various temperature settings from 3000K (warm white) and 6500K (cold white).

You can find the ideal night time temperature for comfortable night time feelings whether for reading or other things, or you can set a brighter environment for working.

With remote control, you can make changes to almost any setting wherever you are, which means you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your seat or bed when it comes time to switch off the lamp after you’ve gone to sleep.

This lamp also has a timer function, so as soon as you put it on and fall asleep at night it is set to automatically turn itself off in either sixty seconds or ten minutes from that point.

1 x Lamp, 1 x Lamp Base, 1 x Remote Control (batteries included), 1 x Power Adapter, and 1 X Setup Instructions are included in this package.

7. Oypla Daylight 27W Floor Standing Reading Lamp

oypla daylight 27w floor standing reading lamp

Oypla’s floor-standing Natural Daylight lamp uses the latest in energy-efficient fluorescent light technology to fill the workspace with natural light.

Working 8 hours per day under a 6500-kelvin lamp could be better for your brain than working under office fluorescent lighting.

The daylight spectrum can reduce eye strain and headaches while reading which allows you to read or use the computer without feeling tired.

As if that weren’t enough when it’s time to sleep. Oypla’s bedside table lamps also produce true “daylight”. So, when it comes time to get some rest after a long day, you get the proper amount of light for healthy sleeping cycles (in 45 minutes or less).

The adjustable reading lamp can be maneuverer throughout the room thanks to its very unique design features, offering a wide range of brightness and styles to meet your specific needs and preferences.

The lamp comes with an energy-saving fluorescent light, which gives off approximately 150 watts of bright light. The light also lasts for 2-3 years with 8 000 hours of continuous use.

8. TROND Floor Lamp, Floor Lamps for Living Room

trond floor lamp, floor lamps for living room

The TROND is a new type of table lamp that combines unique design and multiple functions in one.

It is made to be put on your desk, but with another set of 3 metalheads, it can change into a floor lamp to illuminate wherever you want.

The LED light source emits low quantities of light vertically to avoid disturbing the surrounding area, allowing you to enjoy your reading or whatever task you’re working on without bothering anyone else.

It uses an advanced diffuser created by SKC Haas from South Korea to heighten brightness by 50% while consuming less energy.

The Daylight Products Floor Lamp is designed to help you get more light in a variety of ways, but it also has features that make using the lamp comfortable and safe.

The height of this lamp is a perfect addition to your home office or living room. It puts out 1800 lumens of light, too, which is the perfect amount needed for you to get quality work done without having to strain your eyes.

You can even turn off the automatic shutoff after 30 minutes if you prefer just to press the easy-to-use button.

The anti-glare properties of this lighting fixture make sure your eyes don’t become strained as easily during long days spent working or relaxing in front of it.

Best Reading Floor Lamp


Best Reading Floor Lamp. Take the average person, and place them in a room with only the lights provided by a reading floor lamp.

In an instant, they will be able to tell you how many different settings the reading light has, and how they can be used to optimize their reading environment.

This is since reading floor lamps have been around for a long time, and all of a sudden, are a very popular topic to be discussed.

One of the reasons for this is that reading floor lamps are more functional and versatile than other types of lamps.

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