Best Red Light Headlamp

Best Red Light Headlamp. Red light headlamps are a simple yet innovative solution to the oftentimes over-the-top lighting associated with standard headlamps.

Although red light is technically not invisible to animals, it reflects less well off of white snow and other light surfaces than traditional headlamps do.

This means that you don’t have to shine the light directly into an animal’s eyes in order for it to see you in its surroundings, which is often much safer for both parties involved.

While all red light headlamps offer some basic functionality in terms of brightness and ease of use, there are factors that users should take into account when shopping around.

7 Best Red Light Headlamp

1. Zebralight H502pr Photo Red AA Floodzebralight h502pr photo red aa flood

Introducing the Zebralight H502pR headlamp, an extremely bright yet compact red light headlamp! Whether you are camping, hiking, or working on a project in your garage or workshop, this lighting device will instantly revolutionize your standard routines.

Equipped with a pocket-sized body and weighing only one ounce it still contains all of the power you will ever need for any nighttime activity.

Unlike many of it’s competitors the H502 helps you to focus the beam on specific targets so that you can always find exactly what it is that you’re looking for even in the darkest of areas.

This bright idea was created by utilizing cutting edge engineering techniques with traditional headlight technology to ensure that only high quality and reliable products make it past their initial design steps.

From top to bottom this device has been built to last, ensure peak functionality and usability as well as provide customers with great value over time.

The Zebraligh  Protac HL-X features a C4 LED that emits up to 600 lumens of light using just 1.5 watts of energy. The durable and elegantly simple body feels great in any hand, and the streamlined tactical tailcap allows for a variety of different uses, including self defense if necessary.

The Streamlight Protac HL-X is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship.

2. Nitecore NU25 360 Lumen Triple Outputnitecore nu25 360 lumen triple output

Let’s get one thing straight: the Nu25 headlamp is not a 360 lumens headlamp. While it is capable of 360 lumens, it only does so in 30 second bursts. As a result, it’s actually a 190 lumen headlight.

Apart from any uncertainty regarding lumen output, it’s a very bright and efficient headlamp for whatever you could need it for in the field, such as taking too long to make camp or becoming terrified on a pitch-black night trip.

It comes with three modes: a light but wide beam mode that is great for setting up groups, finding your tent at night without blinding others, and an astronomy-specific red LED mode that is great for taking photos of the stars or doing astrophotography, given that most digital cameras can see in lower light using red after all.

The second light is called an auxiliary white light and is a diffused flood beam that is useful for lighting up your equipment without affecting your night vision too much.

This time there are three selectable brightness settings (Low, High, and Strobe). The red light at its lowest choice of luminosity (0.9 lumens for use in astro photography at night) has enough brightness to see what you are doing without overly brightening the area around you or affecting your night vision too badly.

The third light is admittedly the brightest and can be used as either a traditional spotlight or flooding device depending on whether you turn it onto high power at 1 lumen or low power at 7 lumens when lighting up things like tracking orbs/mounts etc.

3. VITCHELO Black Headlamp Flashlightvitchelo black headlamp flashlight

The VITCHELO V800 has two different buttons on the headlamp, which is something they did right. That is, there is a separate button for dazzling white and a separate button for red.

It’s crucial to highlight this feature because some dual-color headlamps need you to cycle through all of the available lights before returning to your night vision, but this isn’t the case with the V800.

The light is also adjustable, so if you need to rapidly aim it down or at a different angle, rather than constantly looking down or adjusting your cap, you can keep your hands free of unpleasant movements thanks to the light’s versatility in shifting angles.

The Vitchelo V800 Headlamp has 4 different modes (On, Off, On+Blinking, and Blinking) – however it lacks an “OFF” option. The High light level is great when you need to illuminate larger areas, while the Low & Medium light levels are sufficient for more localized tasks.

The blinking red option comes in handy when you want to be able to walk around in dark places without blinding others with a constantly-lit device. Overall, this is a budget headlamp that provides good value for money.

The VITCHELO V800 headlamp provides in excess of 2 watts of light and is super bright (360 ft). It has a simple, easy-toggle button that allows the user to simply choose from the white or red light,

4. Black Diamond Storm Headlampblack diamond storm headlamp

Black Diamond’s innovative Storm Headlamp is one of the best performing multipurpose headlamps currently on the market. The Storm gives you four different options for output: white, red, green, and blue.

Using its Easy Select function, simply swipe your hand to toggle through these various colors for use in a variety of applications.

If red light therapy is what you need most in your day-to-day life, then Black Diamond has included adjustable dimming to provide whatever intensity of red light you desire.

This can be extremely helpful when it comes down to treating those with seasonal affective disorder (SAD). So if you want a classic monochromatic white lantern-style lamp but with the option of colored lights this is hands down your best bet.

With Black Diamond Equipment’s Storm Headlamp, you can go wherever you want without worrying about finding your way in the dark.

With this headlamp, you can count on excellent illumination for your nocturnal treks and several different light settings.

You will always have the perfect light for whatever activity you have planned whether it be a bit of late night reading or when you’re out camping with friends.

There’s even a power meter built in so that as soon as you walk in your door, you’ll know how much battery life is left on your headlamp so that there are never any surprises .

5. Streamlight 61706 Bandit 180-Lumen streamlight 61706 bandit 180 lumen 

If you’re looking for an effective yet lightweight and portable headlamp, then Streamlight brand’s 61706 Bandit LED headlamp is the perfect solution.

The Streamlight brand has been in business since 1973 and over the course of these past four decades, they have learned a thing or two about producing mini lighting solutions that work.

The 61706 Bandit by Streamlight is no exception and it actually happens to be one of the most popular items to date due to its lightweight construction, durability, battery life and ability to adjust to your preferred light intensity setting with ease.

This headlamp weighs in at just 3.2 ounces so unless you’re running down a dark tunnel or deep into a cave, it’s not going to weigh heavily on your neck like other products.

The Streamlight 2aa red keychain light is probably one of the best deals currently out there on the market. The $9.99 price tag and $7 shipping costs mean you’re spending just less than 18 dollars total and getting a very bright, easy to use highly functional little light that at 3 ounces makes it about as heavy (maybe even lighter) as some pocket change.

This light is small enough to fit into your front pocket, but has a really broad diffused beam that will serve you well when looking for something in your car, or looking under your seat before going out to find your lost keys at night.

6. Princeton Tec Byte Tactical Headlampprinceton tec byte tactical headlamp

One more headlamp that made it on the list of our favorite headlamps that are ideal for everyday use is the Princeton Tec Byte Tactical Headlamp.

This lightweight and simple-to-operate model by Princeton Tec is perfect for those looking for something reliable without any unnecessary add-ons or inconvenience.

It features a single switch design with four selectable modes to choose from – white, red and high or low white light or red light.

This headlamp is also designed so that it’s extremely hard to accidentally change the white light mode to red by mistake – an added bonus if you’re one who actually tends to get real frustrated when dealing with such dilemmas.

Now that you have a better understanding of tactical flashlights and headlamps let’s take a look at some of their unique characteristics: This headlamp is great if you don’t want to ruin your night vision by exposing yourself to bright white light when out in the field.

You can also activate a digital lockout, so there won’t be any accidental button presses at night. You simply hold down the button for five seconds to activate or deactivate the lock.

The battery life is excellent and especially so if you’re not using the red beam at all.  If we were looking for downsides, the red range of light isn’t the best compared to some of the competition and is slightly dimmer than other models that come with two beams.

7. GaiGaiMail Best Red Light Headlampgaigaimall multicolor headlamp flashlight

For a less expensive​ option, GaiGaiMall released their XM-L T6 Tactical LED headlamp.

This particular headlamp does not have the ability to have multiple colors built-in rather it only has the white light LED bulb, and then two interchangeable red and green filters.

These filters are a pretty neat idea, but what impressed me was the extremely bright bulb that this headlamp comes with; in my opinion it’s bright enough for everyday use (if you get the right filters).

In addition, the headlamp weighs 10.50 oz (which is definitely still on the heavier side) although excessive sweating shouldn’t be a problem as these lights have breathable fabrics to block out moisture.

They feature tactical knobs that are really easy to adjust, which I thought was kind of cool personally. But I think my favorite part about this particular headlamp is how comfortable it is because of how evenly distributed weight is across your forehead.

The flexible head lamp features a zoomable beam that lets you switch between dim and bright light as needed. As a result, you will never have to fumble in the dark again.

The pivot stand also offers adjustable options to find exactly the right lighting angle for your needs since it can swivel up to 90 degrees. Batteries don’t come with the product but need three AAA batteries that last about a week before needing replacements.


Best Red Light Headlamp. Choosing the best red lens headlamp is necessary because choosing a suitable device can ensure that you’re buying equipment that meet your personal needs whether it be for tactical or recreational use.

Taking into account how much you wish to spend on your item, there are numerous options available to choose from along with several reliable sites where you can save money by ordering from.

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