Best Rice Cooker Wirecutter

Best Rice Cooker Wirecutter. Rice cookers are designed to help you make rice as easily as possible.

If you’ve never used a rice cooker before, then there might be a small learning curve in order to get the exact texture of rice that you’re looking for, but afterward using one is relatively simple and does not take too much time either.

Although it’s best to choose an inexpensive model, many cheap models are not worth the money and can hurt more than they help.

So if you’re after a quality cooker for a low price then have a look at our reviews below for some great options! Also check out our other kitchen product roundups, like microwave ovens, slow cookers, and toaster ovens.

6 Best Rice Cooker Wirecutter

1. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

instant pot duo 7 in 1 electric pressure cooker

The Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker is easy to use, easy to clean, fast, and convenient, but it’s not the only one.

In fact, this popular model started a trend that set the bar high when it comes to more imaginative recipes.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, we recommend a few of these other models as they’ve got all the diverse functions you need plus a few extra features that might make your life easier.

Plus, they’re very good in some departments which The Instant Pot is not so much.

For example, slow cooking or rice cooking. Some enhancements have also been made in exclusive models – like sautéing capabilities.

The Instant Pot Duo has a durable design with fingerprint-resistant features for more convenience and functionality.

This device is not only capable of preparing delicious one-pot meals up to 70% faster than conventional cooking techniques or slow-cooking your favorite traditional recipes exactly as Grandma used to prepare but it is also ideal for sautéing.

The tri-ply bottom distributes heat evenly throughout the pot, allowing you to enjoy your meal cooked to your liking.

This device includes over ten safety features, including an overheat control system and a lid that locks securely.

Cook for up to 8 people, which is ideal for bigger families, as well as meal preparing and bulk cooking for singles and small families.

This flexible device is made of food-grade stainless steel, allowing you to prepare any cuisine at any time.

2. Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD Digital 

aroma housewares arc 914sbd digital 

The Aroma 4-Cup/ 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker & Food Steamer is a great way to enjoy restaurant-quality rice right at home.

This convenient cooker cooks up to an 8-cup of any variety of rice with specialized functions for both white and brown rice, which helps blend the best of both kinds into a single dish that your family will love.

The Aroma Digital Rice Cooker also gives you the versatility you need to steam healthy meals from veggies, fish, or meat with its digital settings so you can prepare flavorful one-pot dishes.

Finally, this convenient cooker also lets you take care of other tasks around the house such as homework with its automatic.

This cooker will automatically switch to warm once the rice is done, and no more monitoring is required. Even while rice cooks below, the steam tray enables for healthy steaming of meats and vegetables.

Oatmeal, chili, jambalaya, soups, and other similar meals can all benefit from it. Furthermore, regardless of when your rice is done, the cooker will automatically switch to a keep-warm option, giving you more flexibility in meal preparation.

This implies that no matter what happens in your life, you’ll be able to return home and eat a wonderful supper prepared just for you.

Cleanup is simple since everything the inner pot, the accessories, and all of the utensils can be handled quickly and effectively.

3. Zojirushi, Made in Japan Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker

zojirushi, made in japan neuro fuzzy rice cooker

The Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology in the Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker & Warmer lets the rice cooker to “think” for itself and make modifications that may appear little but may make a big difference when it comes to cooking the right serving of rice.

It has a black spherical pan for excellent heating and uniform heat distribution, ensuring that your rice cooks perfectly every time.

The Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer cooks 10 cups of cooked rice in 5 1/2 cup increments and has multiple cooking modes, including white, mixed, porridge, sweet, semi-brown, brown, rinse-free, and quick cooking.

And before we forget to mention there is also an extended warming feature which keeps food warm until it’s ready to serve. Zojirushi Rice Cooker & Warmer is an easy-to-use rice cooker that keeps rice warm once it has completed cooking.

Porridge that has been blended, cooked quickly, is semi-brown, and does not require rinsing. For a party or for the entire family during the week, the settings allow you to cook 3 cups of uncooked rice or 5 cups of cooked rice.

This flexible rice cooker, like many other rice cookers on the market today, features a spherical nonstick inner pan made of aluminum alloy that uniformly heats and cooks your rice flavorfully with each usage.

4. Aroma Housewares Select Stainless Rice Cooker 

aroma housewares select stainless rice cooker 

Enjoy do-it-yourself restaurant-style meals with the AROMA 6-Cup (Cooked) Select Stainless Rice Cooker. Restaurant quality rice.

Healthy, mouthwatering steamed meals. Delicious one-pot dishes, just like a chef would make but now you can too.

Preparing home-cooked meals doesn’t have to feel like a chore when Aroma has solutions for your hungry family and friends all in one spot in your kitchen.

In fact, preparing delicious dishes has never been easier, faster, or healthier.

The easy-to-use controls make cooking delicious homemade food a snap and cleanup is a breeze with a non-stick coating.

With the simple press of a button, it’s possible to make delicious rice that is fluffy, healthy, and beyond compare.

We love how convenient it is and we know you will too. Whether you’re in the mood for comfort food like jambalaya or some rice with veggies, or even a rich and creamy rice pudding this modern unit allows you to prepare all of that easily with just one pot.

Say goodbye to plastic, aluminum, and Teflon pots filled with harmful chemicals that adversely react when prepared in them.

Make your meals with peace of mind by using steel – top quality stainless steel that is both strong, durable, and easy on your health.

5. IMUSA USA GAU-00011 Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker 

imusa usa gau 00011 electric nonstick rice cooker 

The IMUSA Rice and Multipurpose Cooker will make a fine-grain dish for you when you want it to.

The lid is made of glass, which enables one to keep an eye on their foods as they cook.

It’s easy to clean with the detachable nonstick stainless steel pot, which means your rice and other stuff won’t be sticking.

With your IMUSA Rice and Multipurpose Cooker, make all kinds of rice – ok perhaps not that kind of rice.

This cooker is perfect for those lead-thumbed folks. Programming time is nigh effortless with this appliance! Your rice can be ready in a matter of minutes. When you get home from work or school and need to cook dinner, this is a fantastic tool.

It also means that you’ll use less energy in the kitchen on days when you don’t have time to cook but still want to be able to eat something tasty and fresh.

The Rice Cooker features an easy on/off button and can accommodate 3-cup cups of uncooked rice, which will double in size when cooked, yielding 6-cup servings each batch. This means you can feed up to 2 people without having to prepare numerous meals.

6. Toshiba Rice Cooker 6 Cups Uncooked 

toshiba rice cooker 6 cups uncooked 

Toshiba has been innovating since its founding in 1875 and they continue to create appliances meant to improve your life.

The Toshiba rice cooker was created nearly 60 years ago to preserve the integrity of the rice, and the brand has long been committed to the creation of innovative rice cookers.

If you’re looking for a perfect cup of grains every time, this is the appliance for you.

It’s perfect for busy families because you can cook enough rice for an entire meal with just one pot.

Versatile functions allow cooks to enjoy 12 cups of delicious white or brown rice, as well as porridge, mixed rice, and more.

A fast rice setting is available on the Toshiba rice cooker. The sensor will reduce the cooking time to 30 minutes, making it a fantastic and time-saving solution.

When Mise/prepared is finished, the keep-warm feature kicks in, keeping the contents at the perfect serving temperature for up to 24 hours.

You may set the timer ahead of time and arrive home to hot ready-to-eat rice just in time for supper.

The rice cooker doesn’t have a messy overflow because steam rises via the vent without bubbling over, and the lid design flows water out of your pot without making a mess.



How do I choose a rice cooker?

A 3-cup rice cooker would be the most acceptable size for you if you only cook around 2 cups of rice every day.

A 5-cup cooker would be ideal for cooking roughly 4-5 cups of rice. Finally, if you want to cook more than 5 cups, a 10-cup cooker would be ideal.

Why is my rice sticking to the rice cooker?

Many individuals believe that friction and heat have an effect on rice specifically. The rice rubs together while it is packed and delivered, causing some of the starch to rub off.

This granular coating makes the rice stickier, which will result in a fluffier end product when cooked. It’s also safe to assume that this method adds a little additional taste as well.


Best Rice Cooker Wirecutter. A rice cooker is an excellent choice if you want to create flawless rice. This equipment is made to make rice preparation as simple as possible.

If you’ve never used a rice cooker before, there may be a tiny learning curve to obtain the precise texture of rice you want, but once you get the hang of it, using one is pretty straightforward and doesn’t take long.

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