Best Rolling Garment Bag

Best Rolling Garment Bag. Choosing a suitcase that helps prevent unwanted wrinkles on your business suit or evening dress is often difficult to do these days.

As airline restrictions get tighter and luggage space shrinks, it’s sometimes hard to believe how you can pick the perfect rolling garment bag without worrying about packing size and weight limits.

To help you with this daunting task, we have reviewed carefully hundreds of the best rolling garment bags so that you don’t have to. There are many options available when it comes to purchasing best rolling garment bags, but it is important that you do enough research to enable you to make an informed decision.

We have researched and compiled a list of brands that are popular as well as user-friendly and have met the needs of thousands of happy customers globally.

7 Best Rolling Garment Bag

1. Travelpro Crew 11-50″ Rolling Garmenttravelpro crew 11 50 rolling garment

The Travelpro Luggage Crewgard bag is ideal for long-distance travel. This garment bag measures 25 x 25 x 15 inches and weighs approximately 19 pounds.

The interior volume is a generous 97 litres. It has two good-sized mesh pockets in the front for smaller items, and the roll bars allow it to expand to accommodate larger items.

It can also easily handle hanging shirts without becoming snagged. Another advantage is that it is not prone to tipping over, as some bags are, even when checked or handled by baggage handlers using all of their strength; therefore, you do not have to worry about your clothing creasing due to poor handling.

Some of the key features that make this garment bag durable enough to withstand years of daily use include reinforced crash guard wheel housings, skid guards on the bottom, and moulded corner guards that are strong but lightweight because they are made of plastic rather than metal, as well as shatterproof zippers to protect delicate clothing.

Travelpro’s internal testing team is made up of product testers who conduct extensive research on real-world travel through their personal travels and those of an unidentified network of associates.

2. Samsonite Silhouette 16 Duet Spinnersamsonite silhouette 16 duet spinner

The Samsonite Garment Bag is a garment bag that has been made for long term travel, which comes with decent quality materials, but it’s smaller than similar cases from the same manufacturer.

You can sort up to 5 suits or 10 dresses in this case, with other accompanying accessories and items like shirts, socks and underwear.

It’s important to know that if you’re taller you won’t be able to carry as many of your suit jackets and trousers because of its reduced internal size.

The bag weighs about 20 pounds. This garment bag has wheels that turn just as easily on laminate floors as they do on carpeted surfaces, moving quite well both ways under almost all circumstances and not catching in place or getting stuck very often.

The telescoping handle is surprisingly durable and makes pulling out the bag very easy. The materials used to make this laptop backpack are pretty good – they don’t get scratched as easily during travel and can last for up to 10 years without needing some serious fixing from the manufacturer.

3. Modoker Convertible Garment Bag modoker convertible garment bag 

This is my personal favorite garment bag for preventing wrinkled rolled-up clothes on a weekend trip. It has enough space for all of the extras, and it has a clever system that allows you to roll your clothes while keeping the design simple.

The idea is that after you’ve packed your suit or even your dresses inside the bag laying flat, you’ll fold up the bag and zip its sides, essentially creating a huge pocket that can fit any other necessities.

On one side of the garment bag, there is a handy shoe pouch, and on the opposite side, there is another pouch that can be used to store small 5 inch accessories. This pack is 22 inches long, which exceeds most airline restrictions, but you can simply push it down further if necessary .

Modoker Business Clothes Hanging Bag, with its high-tech design that combines the best of both worlds, is both an overnight travel duffel and a garment bag you can rely on to keep your suits wrinkle-free.

This Modoker Garment Weekender Duffle Bag will come in handy. This Samsonite clothes hanging bag is the ideal combination of style and functionality, with numerous compartments to keep all of your belongings safely stowed away inside and easily accessible.

4. Briggs & Riley Baseline-Softside briggs & riley baseline softside 

The Briggs & Riley Baseline Deluxe Wheeled Garment Bag U176 is made of ballistic nylon with a honeycomb frame for lightweight durability, flexibility, and shape retention. It also weighs 12.6 pounds and has a telescopic handle that works well whether extended or retracted.

This bag’s wheel set is also quite impressive. There are sturdy inline skate wheels that work well on a wide range of connecting surfaces, from polished tile to packed dirt, two wedged front feet, a cushioned top grab handle, a bottom integrated fabric handle made of stretchable rubberized webbing, and self-repairing YKK zippers with ergonomic zipper pulls – all secured with a combination lock.

There is a small single zippered pocket for any important documents you need to carry before entering the airport. There’s also a large u-shaped double zippered compartment at the bottom that can be used for a jacket, shoes or any other large accessories.

A slide pocket in this bag is perfect to conceal your car keys and there’s a D-ring to hook something to if needed. The real star of the show on this bag is definitely its design.

The main compartment opens to reveal numerous pockets and slots on both sides which are ideal for carrying anything from undergarments, casual clothes as well as things like footwear in one section, longer garments like trench coats or floor length dresses in another space and items like belts in yet another pouch at the top of the bag.

5. DELSEY Paris Chatillon Spinner Trolleydelsey paris chatillon spinner trolley

The Delsey Chatillon Trolley Garment Bag, with its 10.4 lbs weight, is the lightest and most comfortable garment bag to roll around with. Weighing in as lighter in comparison than the rest of the options, this bag comes in two colors: black and blue.

The outer fabric is made with a Duratec coating while Duraflex corner guards are also used on this trolley bag to protect it from wear and tear in case of travel mishaps.

Single spinner wheels maximize maneuverability and allow your clothes to shift smoothly while moving through rows while extending outwards thanks to their telescopic trolley handle that retracts back into its own pocket that’s located at the top of your trolley bag when not being used.

The Samsonite bag is similar to the Delsey bag, with the exception that the interior isn’t nearly as well organised. You can’t detach the sides like you can with the Delsey, so everything is a little more cramped, but it does include two strap hooks that hang over a closet rod or door using detachable side panels.

It also has a small-item organiser section with pockets for accessories and zippered sleeves for organising electronics up to six inches long (including cable management) and a variety of other small items. However, the exterior front side of the bag is where things get interesting.

6. Geoffrey Beene Deluxe Rolling Garment geoffrey beene deluxe rolling garment 

The Geoffrey Beene Hearts Fashion Rolling Garment Carrier – Black/Grey has everything you need and more for maximum comfort.

Previously, this model had one rolling skate wheel but that is not the case anymore. Instead, there are two inline skate wheels sturdier and able to hold more weight.

Furthermore, this rectangular bag features a telescopic handle reinforced with metal and padded, an adjustable padded strap for your shoulder and forearm security and a top grab handle for quick pick up before making your way through crowds of people at fashion week events.

The main compartment opens vertically then folds out like a book to display two mesh pockets inside for easy viewing access – perfect for organizing accessories or delicate items.

There is also a zippered front compartment fitted with gussets that expand so nothing falls out while being rolled around on the ground level. This is perfect if you want to pack some shoes safely without having anything slipping out accidentally.

The chain and hook at the top of the bag allow the entire garment bag to be hung on a closet rod. However, the bag can only hold clothing when it is completely closed, not folded up. Because it is a lightweight and small bag, you can pack for a maximum of three days with it, though it is not necessarily sized to be carry-on luggage.

7. Travel Select Best Rolling Garment Bagtravel select amsterdam business rolling 

The Travel Select Amsterdam Collection Rolling Garment Bag is made of polyester. It has a two-tone color and weighs 9.3 pounds but will still do the job of keeping you organized while travelling.

The wheels are reliable, with inline skate wheels, a regular internal telescopic handle, top carry handle and detachable and adjustable shoulder strap with adjustable pad to match.

There are two dual zippered pockets that offer added protection on the outside, one large and one small but long. The main compartment is less spacious than its counterparts here on the list but opens bottom to top and you’ll find nothing more than standard storage pockets within it as well as a restraining strap for serious clothes hangers.

The main compartment is at the bottom of the bag, and the top panels open nearly side to side. There is no hinged panel that would allow you to have one inside pocket, but you can use your own packing organizers to separate extra items like cosmetics or pyjamas from your hanging garments.

This bag can hold two suits or four shirts or dresses. Although with dresses, if they’re too long, they’ll crease at the fold, so stick to a maximum of 1-2 max length ones per each folding option allowed by the layout of this bag.


Best Rolling Garment Bag. We hope that with this blog post you are now better informed and able to choose a set of best r0olling garment bags that will help you on your next trip overseas.

With wheeled luggage, you can be sure that you have the best of both worlds when it comes to being able to roll your bag around the airport easily and being able to pack a lot of items into the bag without breaking the weight limit on most flights.

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