Best root lifter

Best root lifter. All women love to have full, springy hair and the reason is that it makes them feel more beautiful and confident. Having thick locks can be a blessing while other people need to take care of their hair more often in order to make their hair look puffier.

If a woman constantly uses root lifter products, then she will surely get beautiful looking hair. For many decades now different types of root lifters are produced.

There are products like gels, mousse, powder spray lotion and many more. Some of these products have even been used from ancient days but now because of industrialization; the ingredients have been advanced with modern methods for better performance.

Best root lifter

1. John Frieda Volume Lift Thickening Spray

best root lifter

John Frieda Volume Lift Thickening Spray adds volume and texture to the roots of your hair. An Air-Silk Technology formula works to instantly plump up hair at the crown.

For lustrous, full-bodied results, simply spritz onto damp hair, scrunch dry and style as usual.

Volume Lift by John Frieda is safe for use on colour-treated hair, helping you maintain your gorgeous mane while also giving it some extra oomph.

With John Frieda Volume Lift Thickening Spray your hair will become denser and more voluminous, especially so during times when you want to create styles that hold their form for a long time. The John Frieda Volume Lift Thickening Spray is part of the John Frieda Volume Lift products collection.

It’s safe to use on color-treated hair and perfect for a voluminous blowout and style. Volumizing and weightless root booster spray leave hair soft with touchable movement and bounce.

Avoid spraying in the eyes; if this occurs, rinse thoroughly with water immediately. Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children.

2. BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray

boldify hair thickening spray

If you want to give your hair a boost at the roots that’s a little more natural, try this root lifting spray. This product features a super lightweight formula that doubles as a hair texturizer for thin, straight hair.

To use it, just mist directly onto damp roots and allow to air dry or blow dry. Your hair will feel soft and pliable without the hard “shell” left behind by other products that can be stiff and crunchy. And unlike other styling sprays, this one is paraben- and sulfate-free!

This product is Great for giving you the volume boost you need without weighing your hair down. Apply lightly and evenly to lengths of damp hair; tousle through, then double dry/style.

This spray also builds in spectacular volume while keeping your locks lightly conditioned, meaning it won’t feel gunky or sticky. Sprays in easily and gives a layered finish that looks great the next day and lasts all day long!

Boldify hair styling products proudly make their products in the USA under GMP guidelines, sourced from our qualified suppliers, and never tested on animals.

Rest assured that you’ll achieve thicker hair and fuller locks with this pure, potent formula which is free of parabens, a harmful chemical found in many hair styling products.

3. SexyHair Big Powder Play Volumizing

sexyhair big powder play volumizing

This root lifter powder packs a mighty punch without much maintenance. For one, it works wonders on dry hair, so you can use it between shampoos for both added volume and to absorb oil (sort of like a dry shampoo).

And although it comes out as a light white color, this powder instantly becomes translucent when you blend it into your roots, making it suitable for any hair color.

This volumizing powder is the best way to get volume into hair that’s lacking fullness.

A natural root lifter substance liquifies when it comes into contact with the scalp, providing a lift at the root that can be worn alone or used as a cocktail of choice when mixed with other products like gel or pomade.

This lightweight powder gives hair a healthy shine without weighing roots down and is colorless so there’s no visible residue remaining once it leaves the hair.

Put it into your roots and it’ll give you the volumized hairstyle you’ve been looking for. First, it frizzes out your hair, making even flat-ironed strands look wavy and alive.

Then with penetrating ingredients, like olive oil and coconut oil that moisturize hair shafts, it gives your locks a euphoric texture: smooth and easy to run fingers through.

4. Garnier Fructis Root Amp Root Spray

garnier fructis root amp root spray

This miracle-worker mousse is ideal for any and all types of hair. Just place a small dollop on wet hair and work directly into the roots, then blow dry your hair for tons of extra volume.

This budget-friendly mousse can be applied in mere seconds and won’t leave behind any filmy residue to weigh down your locks. Plus, you can use this wildly-popular mousse daily while still achieving amazing results every time!

Garnier Fructis Style Full and Plush Root Amp Root Lifting Spray Mousse. Having trouble getting volume right at the roots?

Helps boost volume with extreme volumizing power that builds all day mega-lift at the roots. No stickiness required!

With the new Garnier Fructis Root Amp Non-Aerosol Lifting and Volume Mousse, you can have pretty hairstyles whenever you need them.

Unlike other mousses that leave scalp too sticky after application, it’s easy to use, lightweight and made with cotton flower extracts for all-day hold without the stickiness.

Additionally, this product does not test on animals so you don’t have to worry about harming any innocent critters! This amazing non-aerosol root lifter is great for all hair types.

5. MATRIX Total Results High Amplify

matrix total results high amplify

Matrix Total Results High Amplify Wonder Booster Spray. This volumizing spray, which is trusted by professionals, has a patented applicator that targets stray hair at the roots to ensure even coverage and a full head of healthy-looking fullness.

The formula, which is alcohol-free, won’t weigh hair down but instead provides an instant lift – up to 35% according to manufacturers – helping you look your best if you’re headed out for date night or are running late for work.

Moreover, This hair spray is a lightweight, brightly scented item that is just right to provide lift to flat hair and subtly enhance the appearance of style.

This product didn’t weight down your hair, nor did it provide an exaggerated effect – it’s right on target for those who want a quality styling aid.

6. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Care Root Lift

best root lifter

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Care Anti-Thinning Root Lift Foam can help your thin hair look thicker and more attractive.

Using panthenol and cornstarch, this formula helps increase the volume of hair strands by providing a boost to their thickness.

By using a Regeniplex blend of kakadu plum, pea peptides, turmeric, ginseng, and clover flowers.

This formula produces botanically-based ingredients to give your thinning hair some needed body without also having to make use of harsh chemicals you don’t want near your scalp.

The first step is to apply the product directly to your roots and rub it in until it is evenly spread across your scalp. Once it is absorbed, work the product through your hair to help achieve those extra inches we all desire.

Just make sure not to overdo it though because too much hair product can result in dry, unmanageable hair. Those days of working our hands through our freshly washed locks while half asleep are behind us. Best root lifter.


What does root lift spray do?

Kenra Professional Root Lifting Spray 13 is a spray that makes your hair big using root-lifting technology to make sure it stays like that all day.

The product is lightweight and won’t build up in your hair, no matter how many times you use it, so it’s perfect for people with highly active lifestyles.

How do I give my hair volume more roots?

There are a lot of ways to add volume to your hair but one easy way is to start off with a volumizing mousse at the roots followed by brushing through your ends evenly.

From there use a high-quality drying tool and brush where you want the height to be in order to achieve lifted strands while locking that volume in.

How to apply volumizing root lifter?


Best root lifter. These days, women are very particular about their hairstyle. They want something new every day and they want to experiment with different hairstyles.

If a woman uses any type of root lifter product and she is not satisfied with the result, then she will not go to any salon or a barbershop to get her hair styled the way she wants.

Instead, she will buy the product again and again in order to get the results she desires. Hair root lifters are now considered as a must-have product in every woman’s cosmetic bag.

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