Best RV Water Pump

Best RV Water Pump. One of the decisions you’ll have to make is which water pump to install in your RV. A faulty pump has the potential to destroy the RV’s entire water system. This is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best pumps designed specifically for RVs.

We recommend that you read through this list before making your final decision, as it may be useful in your search. But first, there’s something you should be aware of.

There are several factors to consider when determining a high-quality water pump: Power, price, and practicality – even a basic understanding of these factors will benefit you in the long run if you decide to buy one of these pumps.

7 Best RV Water Pump

1. bayite 12V DC Fresh Water Pump bayite 12v dc fresh water pump 

If you’re looking for a low-cost option, our first product might be just what you’re looking for. The Bayite Fresh Water Pump System is the ideal balance of price and performance.

It’s simple to set up and use, which means it’ll save you a lot of time and trouble whether you’re an avid traveller who enjoys fishing or boating.

To begin with, it provides a constant supply of fresh water to your sinks, showers, dishwasher, and laundry machines that never stops.

If that wasn’t amazing enough, we’ve implemented a patented design for this freshwater pump system, so you’re getting not only something compact but also something incredibly powerful.

Apart from ensuring that the pump is a high-quality product, this water pump also operates quietly concealing even the most basic fl plumbing noises.

Thanks to this, any prospective buyer can be sure they will have a deeply peaceful night’s sleep thanks to the silent nature of this pump. Moreover, it’s incredibly easy to install with only three simple connections required for proper and safe installation.

2. Flojet 03526-144A Triplex Diaphragmflojet 03526 144a triplex diaphragm

If you have a budget in mind, another well-established brand that’s been pumping hot water for many years is Flojet. They are known for having a great reputation for supplying high quality water pumps at an affordable market price.

The Flojet 03526-144A Water Pump has been engineered and constructed to meet the needs of heavy duty industrial use. It has an automatic triplex diaphragm that is working with pressure up to 200 psi or 13 bar.

The operating temperature of this powerful unit can reach 302 degrees Fahrenheit or 150 degrees Celsius. It comes with a pulsation eliminator as well as an integral strainer/filter which allows it to operate smoothly without the need for an accumulator tank.

The self-priming functionality hasn’t gone unappreciated either because it allows the pump to suck up water nine feet in the air. This water pump also has a 2.9 GPM rating – which is one of the highest on the market at the moment.

This rating along with not only its longevity but also excellent build quality makes me believe that this model could provide you with lots of years worth of high-quality performance.

3. Lippert 689052 Flow Max 12V lippert 689052 flow max 12v 

The Flow Max 12V Water Pump is among the best models out there because of its superior pressure performance. It has a 3.3 GPM rating and 45 PSI, which makes it highly effective and far more advantageous than many of its competitors.

The PSI rating is low enough that you won’t have to worry about high-pressured water causing damage to your pipes, but high enough that water won’t be flowing slowly throughout your system either.

Instead, the Lippert Flow Max 12V Water Pump ensures that everything is running smoothly at all times and helps to give you even more free time in an RV that’s already pretty comfortable by design of course!

it comes equipped with a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant motor that will ensure this product stays in pristine condition for a long time. It also has a self-priming feature that’ll make sure the pump is fully primed and ready to offer you top caliber performance.

And its noise level is so low that it won’t even bother people who sleep lightly either. Like a lot of products, this one also comes with two years worth of warranty coverage in case something breaks or an accident happens when using it.

4. Seaflo Water Diaphragm Self Priming seaflo water diaphragm self priming 

If you’re in need of a pump for your water, the Seaflo Water Diaphragm Self-priming Pump is certainly an option to consider. First, you’ll love how quiet this water pump is, with its operation rating coming it at only 49 DB.

Plus, this pump by Seaflo has a self-priming aspect as well, so it should easily fit into your current plumbing setup. As for more specifics about this model, you’ll be happy to learn about its thermal protection which will prevent your pump from overheating or catching fire.

The motor also has an automatic restart if something bad happens and suddenly interrupts the flow of water through it. However, since disaster can happen at any time – like losing power while you have a Slurpee in the freezer – it’s good that Seaflo includes a battery back up that will keep your work flow intact during those times.

The SEAFLO non-automatic bilge pump line handles bilge water evacuation. They’re controlled by a panel or float switch, and come with Anti-Airlock protection and moisture tight seals with marine-grade blocked wiring.

A removable strainer base allows you to swap pumps with other SEAFLO models, so you’ll have no problems if you want to change up your tools down the line.

5. WFCO  Artis Series 3.0 GPM 40 PSI wfco  artis series 3.0 gpm 40 psi 

With a sleek and lightweight design, the WFCO Artis Series water pump does not leave a lot for a customer to complain about. It has four chambers which makes for an extremely low amp draw and it’s also one of the quietest models on the market today, making it extremely tolerable.

It seems like WFCO tried to create an efficient model that anyone could use; there is thermal and overpressure protection so you won’t be breaking anything if you happen to have dry runs with this unit.

Customers have found it easy to use because it’s very lightweight, allowing you to quickly install it in your recreational vehicle without experiencing any hiccups or frustrations along the way.

The 40 psi rating will keep water pressure constant so the unit itself can operate smoothly without any hassle or problems.

This model meets Underwriter Laboratory water pressure set standards of up to 40 PSI. The pressure that this pump can produce is moderate and won’t be too hard on your RV plumbing or fixtures. Affordable in its price, it’s the ideal choice among pumps designed especially for RVs.

6. IEIK 12 Volt Diaphragm Pump 3LPM ieik 12 volt diaphragm pump 3lpm 

The IEIK 12V Pressure Switch Sprayer RV Water Pump is a great option for those looking for a durable water pump that can service their vehicles’ needs. Due to its construction, it should prove to be long-lasting as well.

This model features an aerodynamic design as well that makes it easier to store in any vehicle! It also is specially designed for maximum durability – increasing overall longevity and product life.

This device should endure all you need from it without difficulty, too.  This sprayer has an array of applications: RVs, boats, caravans, trucks, motorhomes. The list goes on! Overall this product performs incredibly across the board – never sacrificing quality during different projects you might use it for throughout the year!

This particular water pump is rated at 116 PSI, which falls just slightly above the standard safe range of around 85 to 115 PSI. Therefore, it’s best to check the recommended PSI level in your RV’s manual to ensure it meshes well with this pump’s rating.

If it meshes well and you can expect this model to be an easy install as well due to its small and compact design. All of these features combine to make a great product that we are able to include on our list due its portability, durability and ease of use!

7. Remco Best RV Water Pumpremco (55 aquajet arv aquajet 

Remco RV Aquajet 5503-AV15-B636 ARV H2O Pump is a very advanced pump. What’s special about it? Well, there are many things Remco RV Aquajet can do that other devices on the market can’t offer – which makes it superior over them.

For example, this pumps has a variable speed motor that gets rid of the on/off cycling that often strikes standard RV water pumps. This variable speed motor also offers the customer to detect drops in water pressure with its pressure sensors installed on the pump unit itself.

If a drop is detected, these pressure sensors will automatically adjust and continue to provide high-quality and consistent water flows, because this motor doesn’t spin too fast and will only increase its speed when demand for water increases dramatically.

The RV Aquajet pump employs the very latest in electronic circuitry to control motor speed. The pump tracks how you adjust water fixtures – it will slow down or even stop if you open a pipe yet then forget to turn it off again and your motor could burn out.

This device is equipped with an automatic soft start feature, which eliminates all of those annoying rapid-cycling situations and this makes it perfect for an RV since you won’t have to worry about tripping over wires while walking around inside.


Best RV Water Pump. A water pump for your RV can be a confusing decision. There are many different brands, different styles, and all sorts of features available on the market today. That’s why it’s important to take your time and do some research when deciding which model is best for you.

In them, you’ll find information that can help eliminate the stress involved in what should really be a relaxing ordeal. Just remember to use as many of our resources as possible as it will make picking out the right unit much simpler.

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