Best SACD Player

Best SACD Player. An SACD player is a special kind of CD player that has the capability of playing Super Audio CDs (SACDs). A Super Audio CD can have up to 3 hours of music recorded on it compared with around 50 minutes for a regular CD.

This is because an SACD requires an SACD player in order to be played as it contains a high-resolution sound file so they’re often referred to as “high-resolution”.

But do not worry, if you want to play your existing collection at home, you can also incorporate your current CD collection into the new format through a process known as a multi-channel conversion and still hear them how you always have.

5 Best SACD Player

1. YAMAHA CD-S1000BL Super Audio CD Player

yamaha cd s1000bl super audio cd player

The Yamaha CD-S1000 offers the same high-quality sound as the more expensive CD-S2000, with its differential DACs that allow for higher precision with lower noise and its proprietary Silent Loader and High Precision CD Drive.

The difference is that unlike most other companies’ models, whose output conduits are balanced rather than single-ended, the YAMAHA’s designers have worked to “tune” it to give it a musician’s sense of hearing.

Unlike new format DVD players that are as close to being computers as being audio components, after all, this product was built by people who considered its design from a musical perspective.

The power supply of the CD-S1000 has four sections–for the audio circuitry, the digital circuitry, the drive mechanism, and the display–which are physically separated from each other and from the transformer.

This minimizes mutual interference that degrades sound quality while also ensuring an independent left and right structure of power supplies that contributes to superior channel separation.

The unit is equipped with a Pure Direct circuit, which is a popular feature found in YAMAHA amplifiers and receivers as well.

As this unit has two separate analog and digital circuits, it works just like a component hi-fi system; thus allowing YAMAHA’s amplifier technology to be effectively used in order to help achieve high sound quality.

2. Sony X700 – 2K/4K UHD – 2D/3D 

sony x700 2k4k uhd 2d3d 

It is compatible with any TV with an HDMI connection. You can enjoy Blu-rays, DVDs, and CDs in up to 4K HD quality now. You can stream 4K movies over the internet or over Wi-Fi.

A 4K movie offers 4 times the detail of a 1080p Full HD movie.

Connect your wireless devices in just a few clicks with the built-in Wi-Fi chip of the Sony UBP-X700 HDR UHD Blu-ray Disc Player, so you can stream content faster and enjoy a better online experience.

With the addition of 11.2 channel support, you can now enjoy true cinema-quality surround sound from this device straight into your existing audio system.

Sony X700 SACD is also HDR compatible and will support a future firmware update that supports Dolby Vision. The UBP-X700 has two HDMI outputs and digital coaxial output for versatile connectivity options.

One HDMI output is exclusively used to connect a non-ARC sound system or another audio device to the player so you can have audio and video on separate devices such as on a monitor and speaker.

The wireless internet access allows the user to stream from a variety of services in HD, 4K, or even 3D with fast streaming capabilities thanks to 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz / 5GHz).

3. Sony X800 – UHD – 2D/3D – SACD – Wi-Fi 

sony x800 uhd 2d3d sacd wi fi 

Sony X800S 4K High Dynamic Range Combined with the clarity of 4K, HDR allows for a greater range of color contrast and brightness, enhancing details from the original film format.

HDR signals contain up to 100x the brilliance of a standard (SDR) signal, increasing peak brilliance while retaining deep and detailed blacks.

High-End Audio Playback Like going from HD video to 4K, High-End Audio tracks are of higher quality than MP3s and CDs.

BT.2020 Color Space Support for the BT.2020 color space means access to a wider range of colors than conventional TV signals offer.

This means content creators can deliver more saturated and realistic colors, from deep aquatic blues to natural greens and vibrant reds as an example or whatever is available in your campaign’s context/universe.

Dolby Atmos Treats Sounds as Separate Objects Dolby Atmos improves the realism in movies, sports, and music by adding greater depth to the audio sound and placing audio anywhere in the sound field.

It can transport you right into the middle of the action taking place onscreen whether you’re watching gaming or playing in your own virtual world.

And best of all, Dolby Atmos is available over both HDMI and our very own UHD Blu-ray Disc format using the same simple setup procedure.

4. Sony DVP-NS775V DVD/CD/SACD Player

sony dvp ns775v dvdcdsacd player

Sony’s DVP-NS775V DVD/CD Player offers you the chance to relive the action and excitement of your favorite movies. Enjoy the benefits that this home theater player brings.

Enjoy unbeatable high-fidelity sound with analog multichannel and/or stereo playback.

As an anti-piracy measure, the DVP-NS775V performs its own decoding of SACD signals and passes them to your integrated amplifier or surround receiver in analog format.

This means you’ll need an audio/video receiver with multichannel analog-audio inputs to enjoy the superior sound from advanced versions of Super Audio CD music releases such as DVDs and SACDs playable on Sony Discrete Multichannel SACD Players.

Neither Dolby Digital nor DTS 5.1-channel surround-sound signals may be routed through the player’s digital audio output for easier connection with a compatible receiver if you are not going to utilize the SACD functionality to program multichannel music.

The DVP-NS775V DVD player from Sony is one of the best DVD players you can find, as it is tantalizingly inexpensive and has an array of advanced features.

In addition to playing DVD-Videos, audio CDs, and Super Audio CDs (SACDs) media, the device also plays music CDs, including MP3s, as well as picture CDs.

5. Sony SCD-CE595 5-Disc CD/Super Audio CD Player

sony scd ce595 5 disc cdsuper audio cd player

Playing your CDs, SACDs, and music is easy with Sony’s SCD-CE595 5-Disc CD/Super Audio CD Player.

Its multi-channel sound system allows it to provide an exceptional listening experience for those who enjoy the multi-channel sound.

The CD player can play both regular and Super Audio CDs, so it is the ideal platform for all of your musical requirements.

With the use of the control dials, you are able to directly select the track you want to play and perform a search within the album, which allows you to play over 40 albums at the same time with ease. There is no doubt that this is one of the best ways to listen to music in any regard.

A 5 disc CD carousel changer keeps your favorite audio discs from creating a stack on your floor.

The Time Alignment feature helps synchronize the sound waves coming from different directions in multichannel music recordings for the ultimate stereo surround effect.

A dual-laser assembly reads audio CDs, Super Audio CDs, and regular laser disks, as well as CD-R/CDRWs and SACDs when available.

Optical Digital Audio Outputs feed multi-channel receivers and amplifiers. The speaker management system helps you tailor your system’s output levels among front, rear, and center channels.



Best SACD Player. SACD players are specialized CD players that have the capability of playing Super Audio CDs (SACDs) and they can play both CDs and SACDs.

In comparison to a regular CD, a Super Audio CD can contain up to 3 hours of music, whereas a normal CD can contain up to 50 minutes of music.

Besides the longer running time of the Super Audio CD, the music on Super Audio CDs can also be recorded using a higher sampling rate and bit depth. As a result, the music will be of higher quality than the music on a regular CD.

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