Best Sectional Sofa Covers

Best Sectional Sofa Covers. If you’re looking to create a fresh, but welcoming home environment, you can use a sectional couch cover to give your new sofa, loveseat, and/or chaise the professional look that it deserves.

If you already have a sectional sofa in your home but are tired of trying to get stains and scratches off it by yourself. But Installing a fitted couch cover can protect your sofa from more than just spills.

Fitted sectional couch covers are an attractive and economical way to protect your valuable piece of furniture from everyday accidents and mishaps, including dog hair and stains while simultaneously getting some extra years out of their use.

To make sure that you’re making the right choice when investing in a new sectional couch cover, here are a few quick tips to remember when choosing the style that will best suit your lifestyle goals.

8 Best Sectional Sofa Covers

1. CHUN YI 4 Pieces Stretch Sofa Cover

chun yi 4 pieces stretch sofa cover

Using the finest materials available, including a sturdy blend of 85% polyester and 15% spandex, this sofa set will help to keep your furniture protected for longer with its durable design that’s gentle on your skin.

A great way to protect both the fabric and feel of your furniture at once. While moving, it’s important to take precautionary measures in order to safeguard one’s possessions.

Purchase furniture blankets from our store and protect your most prized possessions.

The premium styling makes it suitable for most home decors but makes sure you’ve got the space before ordering.

The covers measure 57″-72″; 72″-84″; 92″-112″, respectively after the couch is wrapped around the front and back 5 times covering all four sides giving you a perfect fit.

Set contains 2 chair cushion covers measuring 20-25 inch length; 20-27.5 inch width; 2.5-3 inch thickness per cushion cover. Before ordering the product, please refer to the sizing guide image for more information.

Wash only in warm temperatures (under 100 degrees). Launder using mild detergent recommended for use on similar fabrics.

Drying flat or line-drying only; do not tumble dry, machine dry, or iron. Compared to our competitors’ products they may shrink over time and change colors (lose vibrancy).

They are proud to offer you a more durable product with a more thoughtful design that has been carefully crafted.

2. TAOCOCO Couch Slipcover L Shape Sofa Cover 

taococo couch slipcover l shape sofa cover 

The TAOCOCO Sectional Couch Cover is ideal for an L-shaped sofa. Made with 100% polyester microfiber and cotton filling.

It employs a three-layer construction design to make this couch cover presentable, durable, and strong; making the product breathable, soft to touch, and comfortable.

The perfect fit of this Sectional Couch Cover will bring you an unforgettable experience when using it on your sofa. It not only protects you from unwanted dirt such as stains.

Daily wear or spills also makes cleaning your furniture easy with only mild detergent. You can choose from different colors/types/styles that best suit your personality to make your living room feel more welcoming than ever.

L Size Sofa and Ottoman Cover is available in the following dimensions: Width of the main sofa: 67 inches, width of the chaise couch: 50 inches, and width of the backrest sectional sofa: 94 inches.

These covers are great for use on either side of a L shape sofa or a U shape couch due to the reversible design.

When it comes to furnishing your home as if it were your own little castle, you deserve to have a room that feels like it was designed just for you.

If you’re going for an overall classic look, then brown might be exactly what you need- especially when you think about just how many different ways everyone puts this color up depending on the kind of style they want to create.

Sometimes brown can be used together with other colors that are either monochromatic or at least very similar even though there are also plenty of things that will appear completely gray when using brown in them.

3. subrtex Sofa Cover Velvet Plush Sofa Slipcover

subrtex sofa cover velvet plush sofa slipcover

The Subtex Sofa Cover Velvet-Plush Sofa Slipcover is made of 85% cotton and 15% stretchy. It is a fresh, smooth velvet material that provides you with long-term use.

Renowned for its strength and elasticity, this fabric ensures no matter what outfit you put on your sofa; it will always fit perfectly.

It truly offers style in the form of convenience when used to cover up your sofa’s worn cushions or minor tears from spills or pet scratches so that they are ready to welcome you every time you return home after a long day at work.

Better than getting new furniture or fixing up old furniture, Subtex sofa covers bring new life to fabrics that might be seen as flawed by most because they have been cherished by generations of owners and are still loved today.

This blue slipcover is one of six colors available here at SubtexInc and comes with not only one sofa cover but several additional cushion covers; accommodating deeper seats.

 It offered us not only high quality but also an excellent price for what it was worth in the end. This sofa cover by subtext surprised everyone with the stunning design and made from velvet fabric.

Allowing it to look very rich inside and stand out against other things or furniture around it.

They were also impressed that this cover managed to make the sofa not just look better but actually feel softer too because now every single part of it gets covered with separate cushions which are separated entirely when washing them separately as well.

4. CAMZ Velvet Sofa Slipover Sofa Cover

camz velvet sofa slipover sofa cover

The Sofa Protector is available in a variety of sizes to fit a wide range of sofas. It is sold as a single piece, not as a whole set.

Small (35-55 inches), Medium (47-72 centimeters), Large (50-74 centimeters), and Extra Large (50-74 centimeters) are the four sizes available for our Sofa Shield ( 74-90 inches).

Two components are required for L-shaped sofas. You’ll need three components to make a U-shaped sofa. To learn more about our Furniture Protector, click here.

Please see the images for the Measuring Guide. This Sofa Protector is constructed of a long-lasting satin fabric that is both soft and comfy.

Its high stretchability ensures that it thoroughly covers your sofa for optimal protection! The couch cover can be machine washed, however, it should not be bleached or ironed.

A non-slip sofa cover is perfect for anyone who has an animal that they love to spend time with while relaxing, or small children

. Made with a non-skid and elastic surface, this slipcover can easily be adjusted and will fit most sofas and armchairs, seeing as it comes in two pieces.

The fabric of the Nonslip Sofa Cover is lightweight yet incredibly durable with a brushed polyester fabric that covers the outside of the case for extra protection against wear, spills and toddler accidents like those little chocolate bunnies you’ve been keeping in your top drawer before Easter.

5. SureFit Home Décor SF44054 Ultimate Stretch

surefit home décor sf44054 ultimate stretch

To create a sleeker, more minimalistic look with Sure Fit Home Décor Ultimate Stretch Leather Individual Cushion Sofa Four-Piece Slipcover.

You should start off by taking the chaise and using throw pillows to fill out the space and make the room glow with radiance.

The first piece is an oversized white harlequin diamond pillow; followed by a high-back chevron stripe pillow made of polyester mix fabric that is silk-screened based on my custom-defined color choices.

These are the perfect examples of what you are looking for in the next addition to your room that needs love.

SureFit Home Décor is highly effective for most furniture and can fit up to 90 inches in diameter when measured across the sofa arms.

It has a ratio of 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex which makes it easy to clean with laundry machines where you can just put them on a cold wash cycle whenever it gets dirty or wrinkly so that you don’t have to iron anything.

You can either separately cover your seat cushions with the seat cushion cover with the adjustable back band which comes with the slipcover or use the slipcover itself as your cushion cover.

This product is designed with high-end straddle stitched detailing which you can clearly see up-close.

6. Paulato By GA.I.CO Sectional Sofa Cover

paulato by sectional sofa cover

There are many ways to go about protecting your furniture. Sectional couch covers can help make this process easier for those who aren’t looking for a more permanent solution like encasements.

These covers are made of patented stretch bi-elastic fabric, which means they provide an easy fit on small and large sofas.

They also have straps to keep the cover in place, as well as special buckles that will help make sure the cover stays where it is supposed to be while also limiting wear and tear.

Couches should be covered with these covers especially if there are kids or pets running around because they offer really good protection against spills and pet hair.

Make sure you check out the other purchases though including high-end furniture covers at Red Carpet Divas.

Paulato by GA.I.CO Sectional Sofa Cover is capable of preventing slipcover from sliding around corners when pulled on or pushed against and can work effectively as long as the sofa cover is folded correctly onto the sofa once in place.

Best way to maintain such a high quality of the product would be to read instructions provided upon purchase carefully, avoiding mishandling that could lead to splintered corners that take away from the aesthetic appearance of this product.

For those who want their sofa covers for living room to appear brand new for a longer period of time, care should be taken during cleaning process when it’s machine-washable only in cold water, using separate cycles and not bleach or use heat beyond low temperatures.

Tumble drying isn’t advisable as it may de-stretch seams or shrink lining, ironing is out of question and dry-cleaning can ruin zippers or straps so special care needs to be taken just like with any other goods after washing.

7. TOPCHANCES Premium Quality L Shape 

topchances premium quality l shape 

Topchances offer a wide array of items to choose from, with something to suit almost everyone’s requirements.

This includes portable speakers that are sure to please any music lover out there. However, we are more than just a speaker retailer.

They also carry other types of high-quality products for your convenience.

A prime example is this cushion cover from TOPCHANCES, a store specializing in offering car accessories and items for your home as well.

Available in a variety of sizes ranging from XX-Large up to Jumbo, you’re sure to find the size you need.

Made from cotton, spandex, and polyester and with an adorable pattern combining both red and black hues, not only does it look good but is also very comfortable to sit on.

This item features 360 degree coverage so you can use it on chairs or sofas of any size or shape.

As a standard rule, one should make sure to measure the length of a couch that one owns by keeping in mind where the front and back ends of the piece would be.

One can do this by measuring from the top of the backrest portion of any couch or sectional sofa that they own all the way down to where one might consider being able to “land” on their behind.

This simple measurement can then be used as a sort of cheat sheet when looking for covers like TOPCHANCES Premium Quality L Shape Couch Covers.

8. OstepDecor Couch Cover, Sofa Cover

ostepdecor couch cover, sofa cover

OstepDecor fabric furniture covers are created from the highest quality velvet fabrics.

They are sold by piece but not set so you can order more than one and have them shipped straight to you without dealing with a bunch of extra pieces.

As for washing instructions – OstepDecor claims that these pieces can be washed any number of times in your washing machine with other clothes or simply by placing them in the washer with no problem.

These velvets are meant to protect your furniture from spills and stains while also providing support if your sofa happens to lose its shape over time.

This hider is a great solution for anyone looking to protect the furniture in their living room or bedroom. This custom-made design not only protects your expensive sofa but also enhances its look while adding comfort and coziness.

These fashion covers go over your sofa, recliner, bed, couch, and love seat; making it simple to slide them on and off as necessary.

There are plenty of reasons you may need to have access to a protective cover that can be whisked away at a moment’s notice.

The possibilities are endless! You may choose any color(s) depending on decor requirements.

For example, if you’re getting new carpeting or wanting to add a pop of color in an otherwise dull room this beautiful throw pillow will complement the environment nicely.


Best Sectional Sofa Covers. Sectional sofas can be a great addition to your home. But, if you ever have to move, you will find that they are not easy to store or transport.

It is a good idea to invest in a sectional sofa cover that will allow you to protect the sofa and keep it in top condition. This article will discuss the benefits of sectional sofa covers and how to choose the best one for your situation.

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